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The saddest truth in politics is that people get the leaders they deserve

No, Obama wasn’t bad. Obama was Obama. Romney was BRILLIANT.

Written By: Bob - Oct• 10•12

Remember, kids, that jokes stop being funny when they’ve been in office for four years. Ace and Ann Althouse shared an observation so obvious today that I kick myself for not noticing it at the time.

Obama wasn’t that bad at the Denver debate. We saw, for the most part, the same Obama we saw in the Democratic primary and Presidential debates of 2008. Obama was Obama.

What we saw, and what the polimedia is trying to keep us from a)realizing, b) acknowledging, c) crowing; is that Willard Mitt Romney was just light years better than Obama on every level. That’s why the media has been pushing the “Obama was bad” meme as hard as they have been. I sort of bought into it myself after hearing to repeated. but that wasn’t what really happened.

What really happened is that Mitt Romney simply was that good, that dominating, and there was nothing Obama could have done differently. He did bring his “A” game. He just isn’t in the same league as Romney was. There was nothing Obama could have done to change his fortunes that night short of running down the Republican challenger with his armored limo before the debate began.

This leads to the next obvious question. Ace says Romney was great… but was he? What if Mitt Romney just had a decent night, maybe a “B” or “B+,” but not an an “A” or “A+”?

What I’m asking—with a Matthewseque tingle—is, “What if that wasn’t the best Romney can do?”

Romney will easily win the remaining debates no matter what the moderators try to do to stop his momentum if he comes out remotely as well as he did in Denver, because we have seen Obama at his best, and know he has no reserves to call upon.  He’s a completely known quantity, a bike with one gear and a steering wheel locked hopelessly in a hard left turn.

If Romney has more horses under the hood, and the cascade of scandals continues to fall against Obama, is a 400 electoral vote victory a real possibility for Romney?

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  1. John Jacobs says:

    I’ve always been impressed with Romney’s debating skills. I think he could put a fork in Obama if he came at him in the next debate from the left (of all places) on the Wall Street/ Banking issues. For all of Obambi’s rhetoric about getting tough on Wall Street there are exactly 0 banksters in Jail and 0 prosecutions. The banks remain too big to fail and BHO’s administration is crawling with the same pieces of sh*t who got us in this mess like Bernanke, Summers and Geithner. An attack from the left would take BHO by surprise and revive the Tea Party populist enthusiasm Romney needs to win this thing.

  2. tracy coyle says:

    My opinion immediately after the debate (written into my posts online) was that it was a win for Romney but barely, certainly no blow out or knock out. I paid attention to the person speaking and I didn’t see all the Obama looking down until near the end when it seemed ‘he gave up’. I was very surprised by the claims of a blowout, even by the Left. From an expectation that Obama would dominate to the result may be described as a significant failure on Obama’s part, but I do not, nor ever have, believed that Obama was even a competent speaker – is performance was, as suggested…Obama being Obama. The theme I heard over and over during that debate was:
    Obama: I agree with Mitt on most of that, but I’ll do it better.
    Which was fine 4 years ago, delusional for someone that has BEEN President for the last 4 yrs.