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The saddest truth in politics is that people get the leaders they deserve

Obama’s chickens are coming home to roost

Written By: Bob - Oct• 12•12

Bird in a breadline, as seen on several leftist sites. Is this what Obama’s electoral hopes are pinned on?

Obama bombed in Denver, Biden heckled in Kentucky, the scandal deepens over Benghazi, the economic reports strike most Americans as doctored, another failed green energy scandal unfolds…

Four years of incompetence are coming to a head at exactly the wrong time for the President.

On the upside, that mansion they’re buying in Hawaii sure looks nice.

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One Comment

  1. Neo says:

    Notice how in the first segment of the VP debate, Biden projected Mitt Romney’s statement on the Cairo embassy’s apology to cover Libya.

    Didn’t we hear that there was no MSM coverage of Libya because they had been so busy bashing Romney for his Cairo statements ?

    But now, “Mitt jumped the gun before he knew about the deaths in Libya”, when that’s not what Romney even talked about.

    Clearly, the “misunderstanding” about Benghazi was a political stunt to use the Cairo incident, and the MSM bashing of Mitt Romney, to shield this Administration from further scrutiny by linking the Benghazi attack to Romney’s earlier statements on Cairo.