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Obama’s friend claims he was a coke dealer in college

Written By: Bob - Oct• 23•12

A young Barack Obama. Nice hat.

One of Barack Obama’s college “friends” that is attempting to cash in on claims that the President was a coke user and dealer in college.

My gut reaction is that Obama wouldn’t have any moral problem with cocaine (he was self-admittedly a heavy marijuana user), but that even if the President Obama had been a cocaine dealer long ago, that evidence would have come out long before now.  I think this former “friend” is just a guy just trying to turn a fast buck, and maybe score some “hush money” so he’ll simple go away.

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  1. Steve Skubinna says:

    Not a big deal even if true. It’s not only old news (or rather, old in the sense that the event is ancient history), it’s irrelevant considering that we’ve had four years to assess this President’s character and accomplishments. What he did in college has no bearing at this point (although our of curiosity I would still like to see those transcripts).

  2. emdfl says:

    Why on earth would you think that “…evidence would have come out long before now…”?
    Please list anything NEGATIVE you know regarding obumble’s life before Chicago.

  3. harp1034 says:

    Obama admitted in 2008 that he had done some blow. So yes, he has used cocaine. However, it is old news.