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OMG! Romney cheated! Obama wasn’t an overmatched idiot! Oh? Err…

Written By: Bob - Oct• 06•12

These are PROFESSIONAL morons. Don’t try this at home.

Something called Deborah Newell Tornello at a blog called “LitBrit” has upped the “Romney used a cheatsheet” meme with a new claim, that he used a cheat notebook:

This camera angle clearly shows a small notebook on Romney’s podium. It was not there at the beginning of the debate, as you can clearly see in the early seconds of the YouTube video below: only a few large, clean sheets of paper are set out for each candidate’s note-taking during the debate–no notebooks whatsoever. ¬†As Katie Ann suggests, it may have been a day planner, or else a Moleskine journal like the ones I like to use–you can get them at any Barnes & Noble or Target, and they’re slim enough to put in your jeans pocket .The excuses they keep attempting to convince themselves of to absolve Obama of the worst debate performance in modern history is hilarious.

But next week, I’m sure it will turn into a tablet computer of some kind, probably from a company owned by Bain Capitol, manufactured with Chinese slave labor.

It’s really quite the psychological display, watching the community-based reality try to manufacture a distraction from Obama’s flaccid performance. Not all liberals are this deeply in denial however, and I found it particularly amusing when Bill Maher accused Obama of blowing his $1 million campaign contribution on weed.

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