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Special Operations PAC hits back at Weinstein’s pro-Obama propaganda film

There’s a very simple way to describe this: real SEALs are hitting back hard against the fake ones. As the political propaganda controversy surrounding Harvey Weinstein’s “SEAL Team Six: The Raid of Osama bin Laden” continues, OPSEC (Operation Security) told to FOX411 that it will air ads in key battleground markets during its broadcast on […]

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Obama Admin to sue National Weather Service for voter suppression caused by ‘Frankenstorm’ Sandy

Bolstered by the recent manslaughter convictions of seven Italian scientists who failed to predict an earthquake that took more than three hundred lives, the Voting Rights Division of the Department of Justice is preparing a case against the National Weather Service for steering Hurricane Sandy towards vulnerable, heavily Democratic areas in the northeastern United States […]

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Obama could not look SEAL father in the eye after abandoning him, others to die in Benghazi guns-for-terrorists plot

President Obama’s apparent gun-for-terrorists plot in Benghazi got American Ambassador Chris Stevens and diplomat Sean Smith killed, presumably early in the terrorist attack that the Administration tried to blame on YouTube video. Two former SEALs that were security contractors attempted to defend the other American consulate staff during the course of the seven-hour battle where […]

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Harvey Weinstein’s TV movie on bin Ladin raid is a possible FEC violation

Harvey Weinstein’s TV movie on the SEAL raid that killed Osama bin Ladin has apparently been cut in such a way as to grossly overstate and inaccurately represent the role of Barack Hussein Obama. At the same time, the movie had artificially introduced Governor Mitt Romney into the film as a villain. This film, airing […]

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Registering displeasure

Ed Morrissey at has always had a good eye for media bias, but I can’t recall him—or anyone else—ever finding an example as in-your-face as this: On the left we have a photo of President Obama, seeming annoyed by the crowd around him, above the headline, “Obama sharpens criticism.” The President is a small […]

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