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A President so small: Obama curses at Romney

If he weren’t so arrogant, I could almost bring myself to be sorry for Barack Obama. He’s never had to earn anything in his life, never had a real job, and managed to talk his way into the White House, still assuming he’d have to do nothing (and with 105 known rounds of golf under […]

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That about sums up the state of the election

I have to say this image is unrealistic. The Romneys know how to ride, and there is no way Mitt would miss a stirrup.

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Discovery Channel finds more embarrassing militia types for “Militia Rising”

Why, oh why, do people agree to going on these agenda-driven crockumentaries? Discovery found a trio of militias clinking to the “Watchmen” moniker and gave them the opportunity to mock themselves, much as National Geographic has done with Doomsday Preppers. Fat guys in camo with guns, discount web gear, and no clue what they’re doing. […]

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Beck: Obama was using Stevens to run guns to terrorists

Glenn Beck is taking a long walk down a dangerous path here. He’s asking us to believe a web of relationships and chain of custody of U.S. military weapons that suggests the strong possibility that Barack Obama was actively arming and using terrorist groups to further his foreign policy. Read the link above. Watch the […]

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A hate crime in Louisiana

It was a horrible story. Sharmeka Moffitt, who is black, claims she was walking in a park in Winnsboro, Louisiana, this past Sunday night about 8:00 PM when a group of three men in white hoodies doused her with a flammable liquid and set her on fire. She also claimed they wrote the letters KKK […]

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