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Petraeus throws Obama under the bus

Written By: Bob - Oct• 26•12

I wish I could have been there to hear the crunch:

Breaking news on Benghazi: the CIA spokesman, presumably at the direction of CIA director David Petraeus, has put out this statement: “No one at any level in the CIA told anybody not to help those in need; claims to the contrary are simply inaccurate.”

No one at the CIA.

Thump, thump.

Meanwhile, Obama refused to answer repeated direct questions on whether or not help was denied.

Ty Woods’s father suggests that whoever made the “gutsy call” was guilty of murdering his son.

With tears in my eyes, I wish I could tell him he was wrong.

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  1. Dusty says:

    Thank you Bob for staying on top of this. I too have tears over this loss and the father who feels deeply wronged by Obama. I read the updates on Blackhawkfive and know this was a total Presidential call. But most of the voters will not see this or know about it unless we tell them. This needs to be blown wide open. It seems evey time Obama runs for election someone dies…

  2. melensdad says:

    So why is the media ignoring this?

    NOTHING on liberal websites like Huff Po or The Hill. NOTHING on the boob tube from the networks that I have seen. Heck its barely on Drudge, lost down the page on conservative news websites like Town Hall and Daily Caller. I don’t think this has made a blip on the radar, and certainly has not affected the election, despite the fact that it should!