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The saddest truth in politics is that people get the leaders they deserve

Registering displeasure

Written By: Bob - Oct• 25•12

Ed Morrissey at has always had a good eye for media bias, but I can’t recall him—or anyone else—ever finding an example as in-your-face as this:

Compare and contrast: the power of photos and headlines.

On the left we have a photo of President Obama, seeming annoyed by the crowd around him, above the headline, “Obama sharpens criticism.” The President is a small man in a sea of faces, occupying a position in the lower half of the photo. The tone is pointedly negative.

On the right, we have a photo of Governor Romney, seemingly relishing the crowd in front of him, above the headline, “Romney expresses optimism.” The governor dominates 3/4 of the image, and is literally head and shoulders above the photo of Obama to his left. The tone is decidedly buoyant.

We’re all very well aware of how media can project bias through their selection, composition, cropping and juxtapositioning of photos. We’re equally aware of the power of suggestion in a choice headline. It’s a rare treat to see a newspaper go out of the way to make their ability to shape the perception of candidates as obvious as what we see here.

If you assume that this bias has a back story, you are entirely correct. It has long been common knowledge that you never pick a fight with someone that buys ink by the barrel.  This is a stunning reminder of precisely why that wisdom holds true.

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