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So You Want to Own a Gun has a cover

Written By: Bob - Oct• 23•12

I didn’t want to wait to publish So You Want to Own a Gun until I had a ├╝ber-fancy cover, and so pushed it out “naked” to last week, where it has sold/been borrowed better than I expected.

Last night I was going through some photos I had, and finally decided on one that I thought would make a simple, but excellent cover.

So You Want to Own a Gun” features a photo of a M1903-A3 rifle on the firing line of the known-distance range at the RWVA’s home base in Ramsuer, NC.

There was a Service Rifle shoot going on that day, and as I recall the weather is perfect.

Easter egg: There are roughly eight shooters and a truck on the 300-yard line checking their targets in this photo. Can you see them?

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  1. Lazarus Long says:

    What, no target pits? How many firing points on the line?

  2. Steve Skubinna says:

    Cool, M1 Garand! I have two of those, plus an M1 Carbine. Fun to shoot.

    I also have bayonets for them as well. When I first got the rifles I discarded the idea of getting bayonets, figuring since I didn’t intend being a WWII reenactor there was no point. After a while I decided I wanted to assemble more bits of the excellent history those weapons represent so ended up buying cleaning kits, bayonets, ammo belts, and historically correct slings.

    Likewise I have a bayonet for my K31. Just a part of having a piece of military history.

  3. Lazarus Long says:

    I think there are more bayonets out there than the current president can even imagine.

  4. Steve Skubinna says:

    I know I have more bayonets than Obama does, anyway.