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“So You Want to Own a Gun” is doing well. I hope it fills the need.

Written By: Bob - Oct• 20•12

24 hours in, ‘So You Want to Own a Gun” is doing well.

I put So You Want to Own A Gun together in hopes of filling what I saw as a gap in shooting publications. There are plenty of books about advanced techniques and specialized training. There are relatively few geared toward providing simple instructions for people who aren’t yet shooters, but who would like to be.

Hopefully, this short and inexpensive ($0.99) book helps fill that gap.

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  1. Steve Skubinna says:

    Okay, downloaded it. Never know when somebody might ask my advice on that topic, although I live in rural America where nearly everyone carries already.

    BTW, how much of the 99 cents do you get?

    • Bob says:

      Thanks, Steve.

      Amazon has two publisher’s options, the least expensive of which enables me to give the book away for free from time to time.

      I went with that option, which is 35%.