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Special Operations PAC hits back at Weinstein’s pro-Obama propaganda film

Written By: Bob - Oct• 26•12

There’s a very simple way to describe this: real SEALs are hitting back hard against the fake ones.

As the political propaganda controversy surrounding Harvey Weinstein’s “SEAL Team Six: The Raid of Osama bin Laden” continues, OPSEC (Operation Security) told to FOX411 that it will air ads in key battleground markets during its broadcast on the National Geographic Channel two days before the election.

After learning of the suspicious timing and Weinstein’s instruction to make the President a key character in the movie that spotlights the detailed process that went into the killing of bin Laden, OPSEC, a group of former Intelligence officers and Special Operations members concerned with the impact of increasing informational leaks, immediately sought approval to run their commercial “Bump in the Road.”

Harvey Weinstein is a huge Obama supporter, and the push to air his propaganda film over-selling the President’s role in the killing of Osama bin Laden two days before the election is arguably an illegal in-kind campaign contribution that the National Geographic Channel has still not adequately addressed.

The OPSEC ads feature a real Navy SEAL hitting back against the President’s record and the fake Hollywood SEALs in the movie should turn the film into a laughingstock.

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