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Tactical. Revolver. Shotgun. WTF.

Written By: Bob - Oct• 03•12

And you thought all the good ideas were taken.

An a over-sized, under-bored, slow-to-load, aesthetically-displeasing attempt to capitalize on an inexplicably popular handgun.

They’ll sell millions.

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  1. STW says:

    Isn’t English wonderful? You say inexplicably and I’d say stupidly and we still end up at the same place.

  2. Phelps says:

    Actually, I used one over the 4th at my grandparent’s land to deal with about a dozen cottonmouths that had decided to gather in some standing water about 40 yards from the house. It wasn’t the tacticool one, though, it was nickel with nice wood furniture.

    It performed very well, and was good for the job. Gave me a little spread, was easier to track accurately than a pistol, and the trigger was smooth enough for quick followups. I didn’t need them on the one I was shooting at, but half the time, you would hit one and two more that were out of sight a little deeper in the water would start fleeing for the rocks.

  3. Roadkill says:

    The 410 handguns are niche guns. Really only good for dealing with snakes. However, a full sized 410 has the velocity to permanently ruin someone’s day and be very manageable in recoil for the sensitive or just physically weak people. Some folks don’t have a lot of arm strength to deal with pumping a shotgun either. Also, I’m thinking of a giant HKS speedloader.

    • mikee says:

      Or perhaps a very large Bianchi Speed Strip to keep those shotshells nice and flat in your pocket.

  4. Stretch says:

    The Judge and its rifle counterpart are popular in the Fla. Panhandle. The mix of .410 loads and hot .45LC makes sense when dealing with snakes and hogs.

  5. chaz says:

    I like it!