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Tarheel Red: Early voting points to Obama catastrophe in Old North State

Written By: Bob - Oct• 06•12

Slip-slidin’ away…

I love the smell of socialist defeat in the morning:

More than 25,000 North Carolinians have already turned in their ballots, according to a website that tracks voting.

N.C. Vote Tracker reports that 25,263 North Carolinians have already cast their votes. Among those, 13,459 were Republicans, 7,130 were Democrats and 4,630 were unaffiliated.

At this same point in 2008, there were 16,560 ballots returned in North Carolina. Of those, 9,513 were by Republicans, 4,568 by Democrats and 2,472 by unaffiliated voters.

Historically, early voting is dominated by Democrats. That has completely flipped in 2012, suggesting that Obama is not only going to lose North Carolina, but stands a very good chance of getting blown out. I’m going out on a limb and suggesting that Mitt Romney will pick up at least 52% of the vote in NC, and that many disappointed Democrats are going to show their displeasure by simply staying home.

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One Comment

  1. louielouie says:

    that has completely flipped in 2012,

    i may not be understanding your post.
    it appears to have flipped in 2008 as well, and my math says a larger percentage of repubs voted in 2008(57.4%) than have in 2012(53.3%).
    what am i missing?