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Tarheel rifle kaboom with injuries

Written By: Bob - Oct• 15•12

My 12-year-old daughter came home from school today, informing me that one of her classmates had been shot.

When I pressed her for more detail, she explained (to the best she could relate) that he had gone to a shooting course during the weekend, and was beside an instructor on the firing line who was apparently demonstrating, or just taking a turn on the line.

When the instructor fired, the gun appears to have catastrophically detonated.

My daughter’s friend had a chunk of metal removed from his chest, but it wasn’t too deeply embedded since he was back in school today. I’m assuming the metal was part of the cartridge case.

His instructor wasn’t so lucky. While this is admittedly third-hand, she reports he took the brunt of the detonation to the face, arm, and hand, and the injuries were fairly severe. Based on the scant details, it sounds like it either fired out of battery or he had a double-charged round.

Please say a prayer for both of them.

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