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Vice Presidential train wreck a victory for Romney

Written By: Bob - Oct• 11•12

I’m not sure if it was the format, the moderator, or the clash of personalities on stage, but the one-and-only 2012 Vice Presidential debate was an ordeal more than anything else.

Without getting bogged down in the weeds, it seemed that Ryan built a steady, consistent lead over Biden, who was angry, combative, and constantly trying to talk over both the moderator and Ryan.

What really matters, however, is that the Democrats were desperate for a Biden knockout of Ryan to counter Romney’s destruction of Obama in Denver, and they did not come close to getting it.

The best case scenario for Democrats is that Americans became disgusted with the format and cut the debate off. If they watched the whole thing, they saw a young congressman hold his own and occasionally out-point a veteran for a minor victory.

Vice President Ryan.

Get used to saying that.

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  1. louielouie says:

    this will be reported as a victory for team hussein.
    team hussein is back.
    this is the msm we are talking about.
    they have covered for gun walking/running.
    they have covered for benghazi.
    team hussein is back.

  2. rumcrook says:

    basically what I saw was the dem version of what they thought romney did the other night. it was a cartoon. biden did all right. what hurt him was being so over the top in grinning mugging and being disrespectful that it comes off like biden was doing debate pro wrestling.

    if I had been ryan I would have pounced the moment biden said they didnt know anyone had been desperately asking for reinforcements in bengazi.

    I would have torpedoed him by interjecting right at that moment to say “and thats why obama is a leadership failure, they didnt know, were not in command and now we have a dead ambassador becuase of the presidents failed leadership.