Bob Owens

The saddest truth in politics is that people get the leaders they deserve

Violent Obama supporters push for Romney assassination, race war. Mainstream media shockingly mute.

Written By: Bob - Oct• 08•12

The polimedia does little to discourage the violent left, and in many cases, encourages it.

I took no pleasure last night in referring what appears to be a teenaged boy to the Secret Service for investigation after he made multiple threats via Twitter against the life of Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Sadly, this young man is part of a trend of violent Obama supporters egging each other on to commit acts of violence in “support” of the 44th President.

One month ago I posted about the digital orgy of assassination threats and overt racism that was the #IfObamaDontWin thread on Twitter.

It appears little has changed, and if anything, the threats are increasing after Romney destroyed the President in the first 2012 Presidential debate, which most are calling the most lopsided victory in a televised debate in American history.

Twitchy reports new threats against Romney this morning, once again barely literate, once again couched in racist views against Romney for daring to be a white man running against Obama.

The media’s interest in shaming such would-be assassins and tamping down the rhetoric directed against political candidate runs decidedly one-way. The polimedia got out in front of the nonexistent threats against Barack Obama when he started gaining popularity in the 2008 Democratic primaries. The source of the so-called threats? The media themselves.

The same polimedia—the unelected political media that seeks to assert power for statist elites regardless of who the American public prefer— are nearly dead silent in 2012 when Mitt Romney is deluged by hundreds of threats, often dozens a day, directed at him and his family.

The polimedia that couldn’t wait for real threats against Barack Obama in 2008 and instead manufactured them, is turning a blind eye to the Leftists, primarily African Americans, who continually threaten Mitt Romney with assassination, and Ann Romney with rape and murder.

It’s “hope and change” at gunpoint, the dirty truth of Democratic politics.

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