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I sort of want this, though I’m not sure why

Written By: Bob - Oct• 05•12

The sexiest plastic add-ons this side of West Hollywood.

Via SayUncle, photographer extraordinaire Oleg Volk found himself a nice-looking bullpup stock for the Ruger 10/22, that seems based off the FN P90 design.

It comes from Red Jacket, the gun drama people.

I’ve always liked the theory of a bullpup, but practical execution of most of the aftermarket designs I’ve seen always seemed claustrophobic hack jobs, with some controls ending up being awkwardly-placed and hard to access. I like the safety placement and shape on the triggerguard. Until I get a better angle on the mag release I’ll reserve judgement on that feature, but if it is executed as well as the safety this has the potential to be an example of an aftermarket bullpup done right.

Did I mention it was printed using a 3D printer?

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One Comment

  1. shreck says:

    I’d have to shoot one before I passed judgment on a bullpup but it just looks awards. Ain’t Volk’s site nice.