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The saddest truth in politics is that people get the leaders they deserve

Addressing inbreeding depression in the polimedia through remedial kinetic action (updated)

Written By: Bob - Nov• 05•12

It has been a brutal week, in a Presidency that has been brutal, savage, and base.

We’ve discovered that President Barack Obama personally denied cross-border authority to a force or more than 100 Recon Marines that had been launched to help a large number of American diplomats and CIA operatives that had been attacked in Benghazi, Libya. In so doing, President Obama abandoned between 24-32 Americans to fate.

He then went to bed, so that he would be well-rested for campaigning in Las Vegas the next day.

We also now know that CBS News covered up Obama’s early response to the terrorist attack, helping the President lie. This is the same CBS News that attempted an”October surprise” against President Bush with poorly forged documents, forcing the firing of Dan Rather and Mary Mapes.

It is par for the proverbial course.

Several weeks ago, long-time Democratic Strategist Pat Caddell gave a stunning speech entitled The Audacity of Corruption that is an unsettling read, only trumped by the deserved outrage in his voice when he describes the deadly, treasonous, incestuous relationship between the mainstream media and the Democratic Party.

“The press’s job is to stand in the ramparts and protect the liberty and freedom of all of us from a government and from organized governmental power. When they desert those ramparts and decide that they will now become active participants, that their job is not simply to tell you who you may vote for, and who you may not, but, worse—and this is the danger of the last two weeks—what truth that you may know, as an American, and what truth you are not allowed to know, they have, then, made themselves a fundamental threat to the democracy, and, in my opinion, made themselves the enemy of the American people. And it is a threat to the very future of this country if that—we allow this stuff to go on. We have crossed a whole new and frightening slide on the slippery slope this last two weeks, and it needs to be talked about.”

Caddell’s warning isn’t the lament of a red-eyed crank on a bar stool. Had we desired such an opinion, we were told that Randi Rhodes needed the money and was an enthusiastic proponent of the methodology we would ultimately adopt.

Caddell worked on four Democratic Presidential campaigns between 1972-1992, and midway through this period saw the press abdicate it’s role as defender of the people once it saw an opportunty to crown itself king and master. Politicians in both parties come and go, but the mainstream media remains, ever more radicalizing the parts of society it can, and more recently, instituting a frightful censorship and highly effective that most citizens choose not to see.

The legacy newspapers, the network television and cable news, NPR,  and syndicated news providers like the Associated Press and Reuters cannot be trusted to provide even an approximation of the truth. In the last month, Many have fled domestic mainstream news almost entirely, determining the media untrustworthy on a Soviet scale.

They have instead fled to independent, alternative online news organizations, along with news from Canadian, British, and other foreign news agencies.

Domestic media that has recently made the leap from filtering the media through a lens of bias, to determining that they will refuse to provide you with any news at all that they do not like.

Writing at PJ Media, Roger L. Simon describes what he accurately calls a media coup d’ état:

Coup d’états come in a variety of forms.

Some are violent with arrogant colonels pointing forty-fives at the temples of their predecessors and blowing their brains out; others are stealthy with the citizens awakening on an ordinary morning to find their whole world has changed yet not a drop of blood has been shed.

The latter is what has happened in America.

We are the victims of a media coup d’état and are currently living under it.

You will see that clearly in evidence on Wednesday night when the debates commence, each one moderated by a member of the liberal media nomenklatura. It is under the guidance of this liberalism, under their own version of sharia, if you will, that the debates will be conducted and Mitt Romney judged.

We have long lived under this assumed reign of liberalism – in our media, in our schools, and through our entertainment. It is as pervasive as the air we breathe and as unquestioned. Fox News, even the Wall Street Journal, important as they are, exist under this reign and more often respond to it than initiate their own programs and investigations.

Barack Obama is a product of this coup d’état. In a very real sense, he helps them cement it, but he has, at most, four more years to reign. The real coup plotters, the New Media Class (to cannibalize Milovan Djilas), can go on in perpetuity. And that has always been their intention.

Take a few moments to contemplate what both Simon and Caddell are telling us.

The media has gone from reporting the news, to slanting the news, to censoring the news, to fabricating an entire new power structure where they hold power over those we have elected our leaders. Worse, media and politicians have cross-bred and re-bred to the point of being indistinguishable.  The revolving door between politics and the media is now complete, with the elites slipping back and forth between the two once distinct professions without a wrinkle or a raised eyebrow… just the way they want it.We’ve spent many hours attempting to discern a viable path out of this morass, but it comes down to simple matters of biology.

Inbreeding depression has reduced the hybrid polimedia class to vicious, aggressive, self-worshiping narcissists unable to have original thoughts, and yet has left them convinced that they know better how to do anything better than those outside of their clique. It’s a manifestation of a kind of intellectual royal disease. It threatens not just the increasing ignorant and homogeneous members of this inbred flock, but every species on the planet through their dead certainty that they are experts on every aspect of every subject, from how to “cure” poverty, to what schoolchildren must eat, to controlling the very rise and fall of the oceans.

It is self-evident that the result of this vicious cycle of inbreeding has resulted in a lethal mutation, a cancer that threatens our Republic and our very lives.


Decades ago—ironically, in the very same time period that Caddell identifies as the start of the inbreeding of the politimedia—I was a young deer hunter in eastern North Carolina. One winter I was part of a special hunt on a farm in Halifax County where the deer had become so numerous that a farmer was forced to obtain a special culling permit. The goal of this hunt was “herd management,” and in this particular instance, it was an opportunity to inflict a localized genocide (if there is such a term) upon a population that had interbred so heavily that the genetic malformations such as malformed jaws led to a long, cruel death through starvation.

Example of whitetail deer with underdeveloped lower jaw, similar to the kind we harvested.

It was our responsibilities as stewards of the land that we should thin this herd, culling at that we could so that they would not continue to pass these recessive traits to another generation where the resulting mutations would only get more deadly and grotesque.

It was brutal, and bloody, and nothing remotely like sport as we harvested these damaged members of the species. I recall forming something like a skirmish line in a frozen river-bottom, and releasing a pack of dogs to force the panicked deer to run through us. We shot down as many as we could. There was no joy this hunt, no sport. It was a responsibility that we had to bear, a bitter sort of conservation. As I recall that hunt more than 20 years ago, it was a duty.


Today, as Simon and Caddell and others have warned us, we face a grotesque mutation of an inbred polimedia, and research indicates a similar resolution is warranted.

Sadly, this polimedia would assert that their incestuous habits somehow make them superior to all others. From Washington to Wall Street to Hollywood, they see no fault in themselves even as they threaten to destroy the Republic for which tens of millions of American men and women have suffered, fought and died.

Any short hope we had for a willing divorce of the media from the government was,  of course, a pipe dream under present circumstances. The victims of mental diseases often don’t recognize their maladies, and instead imagine themselves normal… sort of a reality-based community, if you will.

In either event, this inbreeding has led to cancers on the soul of a nation, and a cancer that must be excised if the nation itself is too survive in a non-mutated ad weakened form.

This leads us to a sad conclusion that the only way for us to survive is to cull the defective herd, to split apart and remove these defective genetic lines. It is an unpleasant conclusion to which we have arrived, and there is no joy in it.

After all, those afflicted with the polimedia royal disease are still people. They laugh and love and occasionally willingly breed when they can overcome the reflexive urge to murder their offspring. Many even worship something approaching idols, if nothing similar to an almighty God.

Thanks to the political arm of the polimedia awarding themselves special protections—Caddell notes that even unelected political adviser has been awarded Secret Service protection for her fidelity to the cause—and the equally important fact we do not want good and legitimate public servants forced out fearing for their lives—the most logical way to separate the incestuous blood lines is to eliminate the most cancerous part, which are composed of the heavily politicized and unelected mainstream media.

Out of consideration for their remaining humanity (and our own), the culling should be as ethical, humane, and using methods as precisely targeted as possible.

Unfortunately there is disparity of force caused by the polimedia coup d’ état and subsequent control of otherwise legitimate military and law enforcement organizations that we must work around to affect change in a less conventional manner. Instead of orderly removal of the cancer, we are therefore forced to consider ad hoc solutions… including covert remedy. Many solutions were screened for merit using the following guidelines.

It is an ethical responsibility to cull the excess polimedia in a manner that is:

  • instantaneous
  • avoids undue psychological stress
  • physically painless or creates only a brief transitory discomfort
  • as sanitary as involuntary termination will allow.

Chemotherapy was rejected as a possible solution, as neither alkylating agents nor anti-metabolites were designed to rapidly and humanely dispatch the entire creature, just the more metastasized cells. With this approach would certainly achieve the desired end state, the proceedings would be uncomfortable and traumatic for both parties as field expedient dosing schemes have proven to be unreliable.

Likewise, conscious exsanguination is uncertain, slow, and potentially terrifying to those being culled, and leads to an unnecessary mess for those custodial services that must sanitize the area afterward.

The use of captive bolt devices, in their penetrating, non-penetrating, and free-bolt variants met all the criteria for humane dispatch that was desired, and proceeded to early stage field trials.

As you will note from the testing footage included (above), this method:

  • was instantaneous
  • came as a complete surprise
  • was physically painless or created only a brief transitory discomfort

However, the method wasn’t quite as sanitary as we’d hoped. While all three variants of the device damages the cerebrum and part of the cerebellum to varying degrees, the penetrating and free-bolt variants expose the device operator to the possibility of blood-borne pathogens carried by those being culled. Considering the lifestyle choices and career advancement opportunities chosen by many in the polimedia, the risk of contracting disease from this method was deemed too great a threat to the health and well-being of the operator.

Further, non-penetrative bolts did not always have their intended effect on older culling subjects, as the frontal and parietal bones ossify rapidly and continue to thicken consistently over a lifetime of polimedia association. If subjects for culling had been so altered, the subject may be stunned or merely traumatized by non-penetrating captive-bolt devices, which leads to makeshift and unfortunate alternatives that were satisfactory for neither of the involved parties.

Field trials also revealed that as polimedia became aware of culling efforts, they would become skittish, and were likely to make the process of using bolt devices more time-intensive and difficult than the interests of efficiency allow.

In the end, based upon several hundred years of extensive field trials, especially in eastern Europe and large swathes of Asia, it has been determined that the use of small-bore to medium bore firearms was the most advantageous culling methodology.

Vintage Makarov 9x18mm pistols threaded to take modern silencers provided physically exceptional characteristics, but their political provenance proved problematic. Surprisingly, several of those culled immediately recognized the tool, one even remarking that he used one in a previous career.

The use of suppressed firearms, especially handguns, allowed the culling agent to approach his subject to intermediate range without raising alarm and causing discomfort for the cullee or the people in nearby homes and businesses.

Cold War-era Makarovs were an inspired initial choice, having been used for this specific purpose by culling pioneers in Eastern Europe for the later half of the previous century with unparalleled success. Unfortunately, the deployment of such systems in such a random, slipshod and frankly unethical way made this system an unpleasant option, and it was therefore abandoned.

Instead, higher-quality, American-made companies was selected as vendors of choice.

Unsurprisingly, an interest in “buying American” proved to be popular with the patriotic members of our test team.

The .22 rimfire-based system has been proven to be ultra-quiet compared to the Makarov, which allayed fears of our test team that this methodology could result in unnecessary environmental noise pollution.

A final variant of the system was recommended by researchers at a friendly foreign embassy, who had used the technology to address large herds at moderate ranges in their own land.

Filed trials showed that suppressed, optically-enhanced .22LR rifles enable humane culling at moderate distances, sometimes affording the opportunity to cull multiple subjects in a single operation.

It was heart-warming to know that these systems were also made by American craftsmen, and that they could be disassembled for discreet transport from one assignment to another.

A fine alternative example of a medium range, American-made polimedia culling device.

With the methodology chosen, our next challenge before beginning the culling process is to find a beneficial way to dispose of the remains of the recently culled. One has suggested the pioneering work of a Irish doctor could lead to an adequate solution for that part of the equation, leading to a swift conclusion to the problem in the foreseeable future.

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