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High Speed, Low Brain

Written By: Bob - Nov• 13•12

I’ve never felt comfortable with the flippant disregard to basic gun safety rules applied by some that fancy themselves operators. This is why.

Sonny Puzikas is really, really sorry he shot Gene Smithson, but the simple matter is that you don’t pull the trigger in a darkened room when you can’t be sure of your target, and that’s something even a novice understands.

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  1. BillC says:

    My suspicion is that this is not the first time the shooter and shootee have worked together. I also suspect that this isn’t the first time the shooter has displayed less than desired safety skills in front of other instructors. If I am right, why is anyone still working with Puzikas?

  2. Green Eagle says:

    That is something a novice understands, but not apparently all of the gun rights lunatics that, after the Aurora theater shooting, were lamenting that things would have been a lot better if there were lots of armed people in the theater.

    • Steve Skubinna says:

      Ah, excellent point. Sorry guys, we gotta scrap the Second Amendment. Green Eagle just explained it to me.