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The saddest truth in politics is that people get the leaders they deserve

Oil and Vinegar

Written By: Bob - Nov• 28•12

Conservatives have occasionally mocked President Obama as “the One,” or the “Messiah,” or with similar titles for the cult-like fervor of his followers. Actor Jamie Foxx proves at the Soul Train Awards on BET that we grossly underestimated just how surreal that cult has become, as Foxx gave thanks to, “our Lord and Savior Barack Obama,” and the crowd cheered.

It makes you wonder: how can some give Barack Obama so much support, when household income has declined 11.1% during his Presidency? Sadly, I think Mitt Romney may have been dead-on accurate when he said that Obama voters want “free stuff.”

Barack Obama is carrying out Cloward-Piven to it’s designed end: he wants to so overwhelm the American public welfare system with demand that it collapses capitalism in the United States.

People who don’t work can derive a stunning amount of “free stuff” out the federal government, as long as they are willing to trade their liberty for slavery.

Newark, NJ mayor Cory Booker just recently made headlines by promising to live for a week on a food stamp budget of roughly $4.16 a day. They made it sound miserable, almost inhumane. That comes out to be $133.26 per person monthly. For a family of four that’s a whopping $533.04 a month, just on food. That’s more than many middle class families spends now, and food stamps are just supposed to be “assistance?”

This same average family of four can concurrently apply for and receive other federal and state benefits on top of their food stamps. An example of one of those programs is the free or reduced lunch programs for school children. School-age children can either get breakfast and lunch “free” or at a reduced rate of $0.40 total for both meals, and that cost is paid for by ever-mounting government debt. Younger than school-aged children and pregnant women are eligible for WIC. If the two children in this family are under 18-19 (school age), this same $533.04 is paying (at most) for two adults, and maybe one meal a day for the children.

Now do you grasp the draw of “free stuff?” Now do you understand how someone can be “poor” in the United States, and still be grossly obese? They system has been carefully, shamelessly rigged to create a culture of dependency where votes have been exchanged for the currency of government largess.

Why should able-bodied people look for work, when by not working, they can actually live better in this government-created alternate economy?

The graft designed into the system is so bad that it isn’t just the poor who could live better from the Cloward-Piven plan. Families in certain situations can work legally within the system to almost completely “replace” an $100,000/year income with government assistance, and those willing to bend or break easily-ignored and poorly-enforced rules relating to these programs can live quite high on the hog, with designer clothes and fancy cars and lobster tails for dinner. You’ve seen it with your own eyes.

Barack Obama isn’t the architect of this scam… don’t give him the credit he doesn’t deserve. It’s been going on for decades, since his mother was a bleeding heart liberal bent on giving away the money of the hard-working to the lazy and undeserving. Obama has merely discovered that he can expand the programs, and that cowardly Republicans are terrified to challenge him for fear of being called “racists.”

It’s all quite insane, designed to destroy destroy the very capitalist system that supports it, in hopes of building a socialist utopia in the aftermath of the death of the American dream.

We are not a United States. We haven’t been since at least Johnson’s “Great Society,” and maybe even as far back as FDR’s ruinous run during the Great Depression where he created so many of the federal programs bleeding us dry today.

We are a nation of makers, being dragged down by a parasitic nation of takers. We have two completely different views of the world that simply cannot be reconciled any more than oil and vinegar can be mixed. You can shake up a bottle of oil and vinegar and they will appear mixed for a short time, but it isn’t really mixed. They are simply two fragmented solutions forced to coincide by circumstance. They will separate. They are too dissimilar to remain together.

It is only a matter of time.

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  1. Ann jeffcoat says:

    Thoughts of a wise man!

  2. david7134 says:

    The other day, USA Today had map of the US with colored sections representing either loss or gain of income in the last 4 years. What was amazing is that the colored areas almost exactly matched the election map. But what was even more significant was that those areas with a 4 to 23% drop in income consistently voted for Obama. I don’t get it.

  3. WhatWouldFounding Fathers Do says:

    This is the era that a soundbite is more popular than honor, Executive diviciveness trumps unity, and jealousy via class warfare is at the core of decision making.

  4. Nate says:

    I had the misfortune of living/working in Cook county, IL for a few years and I witnessed the horrors of elections there.

    I recall going to a polling place to vote in 2004 and being laughed at when I attempted to show the poll worker my ID (as was my habit from my native Indiana). People in Chicago simply walk into a polling precinct, cast a ballot or two, then walk a block down to cast more at another precinct and no one ever calls them on it. I imagine the case is the same for other large urban centers across the country.

    Now, commiting vote fraud is illegal. And I don’t condone lawbreaking. But, perhaps a bit of civil disobedience is in order?

    I don’t believe (correct me if I’m wrong) that casting a ballot for a fictional candidate is a crime. So, how about this…

    What if, hundreds of conservatives strolled into various polling places in large urban centers across the country and cast ballots for write-in candidates such as “George Washington” or “Thomas Jefferson”?

    If enough invalid ballots started popping up with names like this, do you think that the Demo-rat party would start to take the prospect of voter ID laws seriously?