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On deck from Savage

Written By: Bob - Nov• 20•12

These coming in for review once they are available. My wife bought me a 111XP a number of years ago for Christmas, and it has always been a tack-driver. It will be interesting to see how these precision versions of the Savage action improve upon the basic package rifle.

There are a couple of short-medium range scopes on the closet shelf that I may end up using, but I’m going to talk to Vortex Optics and see if they’d be interested in providing some of their precision optics for the review. They make good glass at a good price (no, I am not compensated for endorsements).

It was their Strikefire and VMX3/FTS mount that I reviewed last month at Shooting Illustrated. I had hoped to do some additional standing/sitting/prone shooting with that combo at the known distance range in Ramsuer (which is the range shown on the cover of my book, So You Want to Own a Gun) during the November Appleseed shoot, but we had so many people attend that I wasn’t able to step off the line.

December looks to be fun, if chilly.

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  1. Dan says:

    I’m chomping at the bit myself to pick up a Mark II FV-SR.
    My application for an SWR Spectre II should be approved any day now, for which I have a Ruger 22/45 host, but really I think the suppressor would be even more fun on a long gun. When do you think you’ll have the Savage Mark II in hand?

  2. Chris says:

    The Mark II looks wonderful. Not so enthused about the centerfire rifle as it is only offered in .223. A .308 chambering would be much appreciated.