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The saddest truth in politics is that people get the leaders they deserve

On the stump, Clinton says the military is “less racist, less sexist, and less homophobic” under Obama

Written By: Bob - Nov• 05•12

When I think about the military, my primary concerns are that they are getting the training, equipment, civilian support and leadership that they deserve.  Bill Clinton has other concerns of more dubious value and truthiness:

“One of the things the decider-in-chief has to do is decide whether he’s going to bring this country together across all its diversity or let it drift apart. Look at how much stronger the American military is because it is less racist, less sexist and less homophobic and we’re just looking for people who can do the job,” said Clinton.

I’m sure all of that mattered to the dozens of Americans pinned down by terrorists in Benghazi on 9/11 of this year who were praying for the rescue force of 100 Recon Marines that were en route when Barack Obama turned away by personally denying them cross-border authority.

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One Comment

  1. Martin says:

    So it was more racist, sexist and homophobic when Clinton was CinC? What an admission. I don’t recall him saying that very often at the time.