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On BlogTalkRadio tonight at 7PM EST

For some reason @biasedgirl wants to have me on to make a fool out of myself. Join us if you can.

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Sign of the times: ‘business defense training’ class being offered

I thought churches offering concealed carry classes was a relatively novel idea, but Pulse O2DA Firearms Training, Inc. is apparently seeing a near for more serious training: AT PULSE O2DA, WE BELIEVE THAT THE NEXT SEVERAL YEARS ARE GOING TO GET DANGEROUS. Disgruntled employees, organized gangs, domestic and foreign terrorists, union thugs, and rioting mobs […]

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Another advantage of a CCH permit

I’m not sure how it works in other states, but in North Carolina, if you have a concealed carry permit, you don’t have to mess with getting a federal background check for gun purchases (since your CCH permit did a much deeper background check). That would have really turned out to be useful on Black […]

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Sh*t shovel AK

Because you can, in fact, make a weapon out of anything.

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SPLASH ONE: Head of Chinese carrier aircraft program dies of heart attack during plane’s first carrier landing

[tweet] Copying old Russian designs must be nerve-wracking.

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