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Sign of the times: ‘business defense training’ class being offered

Written By: Bob - Nov• 27•12

I thought churches offering concealed carry classes was a relatively novel idea, but Pulse O2DA Firearms Training, Inc. is apparently seeing a near for more serious training:


Disgruntled employees, organized gangs, domestic and foreign terrorists, union thugs, and rioting mobs have all placed businesses in their cross hairs. Half of the United States of America now view business as the enemy, spurred on by a political class fanning the flames of class warfare. Conventional mechanisms like law enforcement, the judicial system and business insurance coverage will not cope with these increasing dangers, and will no longer provide the level of security that business owners have come to expect. Prudent business owners understand that they need to provide for their own defense and security.

Pulse O2DA will teach you and a select group of your employees how to defend your lives and livelihood. You will learn three weapons systems – handgun, shotgun, and rifle, and the small unit tactics necessary to operate as a cohesive fighting unit. The training you receive from us will be equal to, and in many cases better than the training provided to your local law-enforcement SWAT teams. Our instructors all come from significant military and law enforcement backgrounds. We start by teaching you how to eliminate the threat before the authorities arrive. We train you on exactly what to do from identifying the threat and the firing of the first shot, to the arrival of the first responders.

Some might claim that they aren’t expressing a lot of faith in Obama’s second term; I’d argue that they’re merely reflecting that uncertainty.

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  1. Phelps says:

    It’s funny, but when I saw the headline, I thought it was going to be a class on how to protect your business from being destroyed by the tax raises, crushing regulation, and Obamacare coming in the next few years. Honestly, they are more of a threat to a business than robbery or riot.