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Slung rifle positions

Written By: Bob - Nov• 19•12

I wrote in A citizens kit about the essential nature of a good military web sling to accurate rifle shooting, but suspect that if you are a visual learner like me, it probably went in one ear and out the other. It helps to see it done.

Luckily, an Appleseed instructors in Arizona has posted a couple of videos showing slung rifle positions. Here’s the sitting position using a “hasty” sling.

It isn’t as fast to get into, but if you have the time, I’m a huge fan of the stability of a loops sling, as the same instructor cadre shows here. If all your other fundamentals are sound, you can hit targets using a loop sling from the prone position out to (or past) 500 yards.

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  1. mac says:

    I was actually at that Appleseed. My buddy and I practiced with the sling quite a bit beforehand. I’d highly recommend that, because we were able to get more out of the demonstrations, instead of messing with the sling.

    Using the loop is significantly more stable. The doctrine advocates altering the sling length for each position, but I found I didn’t have time during the actual runs. I set it for one position and altered my pose for tension in each of the other positions.

    While the loop is more stable, I think it’s more practical to use the hasty sling. Getting in and out of the loop is not quick nor easy.

    Do you have any comments about the dangers of putting too much tension on the sling with an AR pattern rifle? Most of the reviews I’ve seen say that it can bend the barrel enough to make a difference in shot placement. The bend is only when it’s under tension, not permanent, of course.

  2. Lazarus Long says:

    The significant drawback to the Hasty Sling method is that the sling is still attached to the butt of the stock. As tension is applied to the sling to stabilize the position the downward vector at the butt pulls the butt of the stock down in the shoulder area. This causes yoiur shooting position to get altered. You could see this happen each time the video instructor got into position.