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The animals of Hamas

Written By: Bob - Nov• 20•12

CNN’s Anderson Cooper witnessed Hamas terrorists dragging a body of a man they said was an Israeli spy.

There is no place for barbarians in the modern world. Gilad Sharon’s recommended course of action was correct: Flatten all of Gaza. Reduce it to dust, as the the American Army Air Corps reduced both Hiroshima and Nagasaki to dust to break the same sort of death-cult mindset prevalent in Japan.

Israel is on the front lines, but these same barbarians desire to kill us just as much as they do the Jewish state.

Hamas must be dealt with as the British Army dealt with the Thuggee.

No quarter can be given. Eventually this will be realized, and I hope it is before they detonate a nuclear weapon on behalf of Iran.

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  1. Capt_Gregg says:

    These are the “innocent civilians” that the mainstream media is so sympathetic towards.

  2. Stanley H Stewart says:

    im sure not all are bad in GAZA but turning gaza into a parking lot sounds good

  3. NotClauswitz says:

    And consign all the #OccupyGaza types and their flotilla of little boats to the Davey Jones’ parking lot beneath the waves.

  4. captainfish says:

    I thought we were against all terrorists. Yet, we treat these like children. Giving them food, money, energy, weapons.

    All aid to Mid-East non-friendly arab nations must stop!

    But, the chance of that happening is as likely as the 47% of American leeches giving up the teet.