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The saddest truth in politics is that people get the leaders they deserve

The last battle lost, the next battle begins

Written By: Bob - Nov• 07•12

Well, that certainly didn’t turn out as we’d hoped.

Despite his record of domestic and foreign policy failures, a cascade of failed green energy companies, the flop of his Stimulus, and a bitterly small and a bitterly small and petty campaign, Barack Obama backed into a second term as President of the United States.

I have to admit that I was stunned.

Mitt Romney was a better candidate and a better man than Barack Obama. On issues of character,  policy, and record, Romney was far superior to Obama.

In the end, it didn’t matter.

The man who improbably ran on a theme of “revenge” against his own failed record, riding the coattails of an impeached and proven liar, beat the better man.

It bothered me deeply… for a very brief time.

By the time I arose this morning the reality of the situation began sinking in. Barack Obama didn’t “win” anything. He didn’t even turn out as many votes as he did the first time. What happened is that the entrenched leftists in our culture won the battle upstream from politics, where Andrew Breitbart long warned us where the battle must take place, and our “experts” once again fought the last war, and lost.

Obama didn’t have to do much when Hollywood and the mainstream media did the bulk of his campaign’s work for him. Obama spent more than a billion dollars to get fewer votes than he did in 2008, but he received in-kind donations worth several times that from slanted media coverage.

I find myself quite hopeful that having identified our enemy, we will beat them at their own game.

We can win in the end, because we know their tactics now, and how best to defeat them:

What won last night was marketing. What won last night were communications strategies. Our ideology didn’t lose. Our ideology was never heard. It was drowned out by a media more focused on gotchas and Big Bird and binders and feeding a narrative created by the masters of marketing: Obama For America. The media won’t allow an ideological battle because every time they do, they lose.

We lost in 2008 and 2012 because our pundit class never recognized nor countered their strategy. These failed experts will not be called upon again. We will recruit and build up a base of support of those who know how to fight and win this modern battle of culture, upstream of politics. We will fight with clear eyes, better ideology, better strategy and better tactics.

Once the mainstream and Hollywood media are dismantled or idled, we will be victorious.

Of that I have no doubt.

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  1. GreyBeard says:

    I deeply hope your are correct, and hope it’s not to late. As for myself, I intend to go DARK. I am not a politician, or leader, nor do I want to be, I just want to be left alone.

  2. Ann jeffcoat says:

    Very well written and oh so true. I truly think the people that voted for him do not know the truth. They read and listen to main stream media. They have been taught not to believe anything that they hear from Fox or conservatives. But on the other hand we do not believe anything from MSM or liberals. That is really where we are divided. At some point we have to get together and get this country back from the press and the elected on both sides.

  3. hiscross says:

    let;s see both Romney and McCain ran poor campaigns. That is a fact. I just left the government and a year or so ago I worked with a person who left the Consumer Financials Protection Bureau to work on the Obama campaign. I was a bit taken back by this, but the person who I helped get bank data wrote to me personally to let me know his intentions.My hat is off to him since we ended up supporting the winning team. I also got the meet Liz Warren and Obama himself at Coraday signing in. Those people understand how to get what they want. They can’t run a thing after that, but they have the ability to keep things away from their enemy. Their time is now, but it doesn’t have to be that way. If people want to take back America then they need to get away from blogs, Fox News, and people like Rush and get out and do something. I can tell that person (and I met more like him the past 3+ years) who worked on Obama campaign worked 24/7. America needs a political leader like Steve Jobs, not some old rich guy that doesn’t have a clue what a machinist life is like. Until that happens, looks for Joe B to be your next useless president.

  4. Martin says:

    We need to get around the media, because they pose as referees, but they are actually calling the game and simultaneously tackling our Quarterback.

    We seems unwilling or unable to even identify this, and are utterly incapable of actually doing anything about it.

    To start with, every conservative on any political show or news interview MUST, with a winning smile and cheerful demeanor, include the words “well, I know you approach this as an advocate for Obama, but in reality….”. Make them deny it, and smile when they deny it.

    We need to identify and maintain public website records on all the MSM gang of 500, which they kindly provided to us during the Journolist incident. Collect and publish all their Tweets, Facebook posts, any information material or otherwise that will reveal their biases.

    Start an Annual Walter Duranty Award, not the half-hearted version we see now, but something presented at CPAC (in absentia, naturally), start a Facebook page for it, raise money for it.

    We’re fighting two opponents every election, and we need to do something about it. Whining about it is OK, but holding these people to account and making it an everyday rap on the media is much more productive.

    You know how every time they describe a conservative there’s usually some unfounded accustaion of racism/sexism/homophobia etc., well, every time a conservative talks to the media, he must describe them as a liberal, and an advocate for our political opposition.

    That would be a start.

  5. orbitup says:

    It happened last time and we didn’t learn, why would it be different now?

  6. John Jacobs says:

    Just my two cents, maybe nominating Richie Rich who owns a dancing horse wasn’t the most clever plan 4 years after the great recession. Also I think the American people recognize and appreciate authenticity. Romney is a Rockefeller Republican masquerading as a Tea Partier. People prefer a real liberal to a fake conservative so in 2016 we need a charismatic ideologue like Rand Paul or Marco Rubio, not Paul Ryan who may be smart but looks like the hall monitor who wrote you up in junior high.

  7. Cole says:

    Two points: Do we have time to change things and how do you create that change.

    We don’t have the century that the progressives had to change the country slowly. The greedy beast has risen and thinks it can vote itself unlimited freebies. With the economy the way it is we won’t last long. Total collapse is coming. Do we make it to the next election? Will there be a next election? I’m not sure we can strip the MSM of it’s power and change the majority opinion significantly in less than 4 years.

    Also how do we strip them of their power? People 18-29 have essentially gone through Hitler Youth camp at public schools. 60% voted for Obama. That’s some hard brainwashing to erode. How do you change that? Letting them know our ideology is useless when they’ve willingly sold their freedom – and ours – for free stuff. Messaging alone isn’t a sound strategy against socialism. And the Progressives have the edge because they usurped the MSM. They know how it’s done and can work to prevent it. We can’t even get Libertarians and Social Conservatives to play nice. Will we really create a subversive program to cause radical change? Even if you take out the time factor I’m not sure something that sneaky is in our conservative nature. We play by the rules because we believe in the rules. Are we really going to steal the MSM and Hollywood out from under the Progressives’ noses?

    In the end I truly hope we find an effective strategy for radical change in a timely manner. Otherwise we’re at tyranny and/or civil war.

  8. wolfwalker says:

    “We can win in the end, because we know their tactics now, and how best to defeat them:”

    Yes, we do. They are bullying cowards who attack when they know you won’t fight back, but run away if you do. The way they react to American conservatives and islamist terrorists respectively has proven that.

  9. Roz Smith says:

    Sandy was the October Surprise. Obama got to look competent, caring and bipartisan. For a few days he was the Obama of 2008 again. The kind of women who always let the loser back in their lives because he’ll change ate it up. He followed it up by flooding the weekend NFL games with Colin Powell’s endorsement. Active Republicans know Powell is rotten to the core but he still has credibility with Independents. It may not have won him a lot of votes but it effectively undercut Romney’s “I have a record of bipartisan leadership” pitch.

  10. melensdad says:

    Frank Luntz is a smart man, he has analyzed voters for years. He said that the ‘conservatives’ lost the election because of the words they used, not because of the ideas they hold dear.

    He has come up with 20 words that we need to adopt in our discussions/arguments with others, those 20 words, if used instead of other words, will swing the opinions of the undecided and uneducated voters to our side.

    Remember when “Liberal” was a bad word so they changed it to “Progressive” when they referred to themselves? This is what Mr Luntz suggests that conservatives need to do. Adopt words that are less threatening but mean the same thing.

  11. Joe Doakes says:

    Second step – decline to debate on legacy media. The incremental exposure and publicity is undermined by the moderator and set-up questions from fake Undecideds. Podcast instead.

    Third step – pick three problems, propose realistic solutions, stick to them. Hammer them every day.

    Oh yes, first step – don’t nominate a moderate, nominate a pre-vetted, likeable, intellegent Conservative like Paul Ryan. Start flying him around the country giving talks today to build exposure and credibility.

  12. david7134 says:

    I am glad that a number of you are so optimistic. Perhaps you did not hear the cell door clanging shut. This was not an ordinary election. It was an effort to shift the direction of the country and it failed. It had little to do with the men running other than the fact that Obama is still the worst president we ever had. So we are now firmly socialistic. You officially do not own a thing, it is all the proterty of the government. The constitution is a piece of paper. I don’t think many of you understand this.

    In my area of the country, people are crying at work. They are setting up safe houses and hording. You can not get a gun locally as they are sold out, ammunition is in short supply. All, I repeat all the small business owners are planning firings. The investiment companies are indicating that it is going to be rough.

    What can we do? My friends from both parties want a third option. They don’t like the Republicans trying to dictate our social lives and going on about abortion (which they obviously don’t understand). They don’t like the socialism of the Dems, but will vote that way due to the pressure from the Republicans. This election was bought. That is clear to anyone. It is also clear that 50% of the US hates the other 50%. Voting is not working and it is time to consider alternatives.

  13. david7134 says:

    Progressive is a term that was coined in the 1800’s. I described Wilson and even Teddy Roosevelt. Currently both Rep. and Dems are progressive as both parties want to use the govenment for forcing us to do their bidding. That is the problem.

  14. rechill says:

    If the media is so good at controlling the masses and the media is owned by Leftists, and ANY type of censorship has never worked here, how do you suppose the demise of Hollywood and mainstream media is going to occur?

  15. Minh says:

    The Democrat have work for the last hundred year slowly undermining and taking over our institutions. Forget about the election. Its a losing game. We need a permanent standing shadow government, a more structure and discipline membership. We must have dependable memberships and a group of people that can deliver this membership to the voting booth. The Democrat not only have this in their unions but these unions are support and pay by every tax payer in America in one way or another. Find out the organization of the Democrat support structures and work to destroy it. 100 years of Progressive and socialist propaganda machines have to be destroy, then we can talk about election.