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The story of a hole

Written By: Bob - Nov• 19•12

One photo, of one airstrike. Two radically different explanations of what took place.

I present to you two radically different stories.

The New York Times tells us of the story of an errant Israeli attack that massacred three generations of an innocent Palestinian family.

The Washington Times tells us the story of the Israeli airstrike that took out the top Hamas commander in charge of the terrorist rocket attacks hammering Israel.

Both stories describe the exact same event.

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  1. redc1c4 says:

    legitimate military targets hidden in otherwise protected areas (civilian residences, hospitals, churches, schools, etc) are still targets, and the protected locations lose their status due to their being used for a military purpose.

    and yes, leadership figures are legitimate targets.

  2. Ann jeffcoat says:

    Very interesting! Shows how divided our country and our press are on this issue and also every issue. I do think more people will get a clue as the economy continues to go down or maybe not.

  3. Steven says:

    Dang the intertubes – wrote a 3 paragraph post on the press and their biass and it went poof as I was about to hit “post comment”

    Ok, I’ll sum up :

    I no longer have any faith in our collective press to relate any news story that can, in any way, be political, in an honest way.