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The “success” of leftist gun control in the United States

Written By: Bob - Nov• 25•12

Firearms are far more widespread than they were just decades ago, and violence crime has fallen. Mike Vanderboegh, the grumpy old militiaman,is more than willing to rub the failure of gun control into leftist faces, and does a masterful job today, citing the spread and acceptance of firearms in our culture in recent decades as shown in Congressional Research Service Report RL32842 (PDF).

Not only has the aggregate number of firearms increased but the number of firearms PER PERSON HAS DOUBLED! Well, all I can say is “Give me some more of that old time (gun control) religion.”Now, with Obama’s re-election, we are in the middle of another buying frenzy. But do these citizen disarmament freaks learn? Why no. They are busy proposing another more onerous AWB and other restrictions, and if they can’t get these through the Congress, it is believed that ATF rule making can accomplish the same results extra-legally.

In military affairs, quantity has a quality all its own.

This quote has been variously attributed to Clausewitz, Lenin and Stalin. Wherever it came from, it is certainly true. Applied to our present situation, it means that after forty-five years of modern American gun restriction efforts the citizen disarmament advocates have managed not only to fail at their primary purpose but THEY HAVE CREATED A STRATEGIC MILITARY FACT that no predatory government can afford to ignore.

Way to go, you collectivist mokes! Keep it up and you’ll find out what we’ve been buying all those firearms for.

He’s winning no friends on the left, but he wasn’t looking for their support in the first place.

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  1. Mike says:

    The Leftist opposition have indeed fueled a call to arms among our “Patriotic US Citizens”.

    I say Patriotic because there is a willingness to show them just how important we believe our rights are!

    If your trying to put out a fire maybe you should put down the gas can.

    But this fire is going to burn bright forever!

  2. L. T. Rupert says:

    I am legally armed in Illinois (FOID), planning to move to Iowa or MO to get out of the inevitable restrictions on ownership (and no chance of carry law). Isn’t it worth a broader discussion about how liberal progressives for decades have been wrong – cf. Rachel Carlson. But under this guy bad times are coming. The nuts have control.

  3. redc1c4 says:

    on election night, the happy Koolade drinkers i was running a precinct with got on the subject of gun control, and, before they gave up and silenced me, since i wouldn’t bow down to their inevitable cliches, i was asked if i really thought Ear Leader was going to take my guns away.

    i said “No, but he’s dumb enough to try. I’m just not sure who he thinks is going to come get them for him or what he’s going to do when he runs out of those people.”

    they were horrified.