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A face of gun control

Written By: Bob - Dec• 10•12

Ladd Everitt, Director of Communications, Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (Twitter: @CSGV)

This is Ladd Everitt, my fellow Americans. He has a very low opinion of you.


I don’t know any anarchists, and I know a lot of shooters.

While I’m certain that there are anarchists that own firearms, we typically find that anarchists align themselves socially with the radical far left. You know… Ladd’s people.

While anarchists oppose law in general, legal gun-owners, concealed carry permit holders in particular, tend to be more law-abiding than the average citizen. That CCH holders are more law-abiding than the average citizen is an objective fact not open to interpretation. Ladd’s assertion that gun-owners promote or condone anarchy is absurd on its face, but that is to be expected from a man who lies as a profession.

The statement “Criminals don’t obey laws, so why should we have any?”he cites is a lament repeated for decades not just by gun owners, but by small businessmen, homeowners, people who drive cars, are sexually-molested at airports by federal employees, and just about anyone else who has seen intrusive government regulation strangle the law-abiding, as real criminals go unpunished.

He’s also no student of history, or at least he’d prefer to rewrite it.


If I thought it would make any difference at all, I’d point Ladd to David Hackett Fischer’s Paul Revere’s Ride, from which I will be teaching this upcoming weekend.

We would not have a United States of America at all if the Founding Father’s had not been stockpiling musket balls, gunpowder, cannon and muskets throughout the early 1770s. It was the “powder alarms” of General Gage’s regular forces that spurred so many American patriots into action. The events of April 19, 1775 that led to the fabled “shot heard round the world” was the direct result of British Regulars attempting weapons confiscation that Ladd Everitt would have cheered to the depths of his totalitarian heart.

Lessons in patriotism from Hancock, Madison, Adams, Revere, Coxe, Henry, etc? Sir, I will have them. Feel free to take your false cries of treason against this generation of patriots with you as you ride back to England to profess your loyalty to the monarchy, Ladd.

Like most left wing totalitarians, Everitt wants Americans disarmed. He confuses—purposefully—loyalty to specific regime with loyalty to the Constitution.

No American has ever wanted war with his government, not even the militiamen at Lexington and Concord. When we teach the “Three Strikes of the Match” at Appleseed (please, make it a New Year’s resolution to attend one in your state, and thank me later), we note our forefathers did not strike first against the Crown. It took three attacks by British forces on Patriot militiamen guarding their homes, families, and communities before the war was well and truly joined at the North Bridge.

Today’s American Patriots are little different than our forefathers. We seek peace. We honor the rights of men endowed to each of us by our Creator, and are slow to anger. We fear war as an evil, but not the worst of evils, which is slavery to tyranny.

Ladd Everitt and the totalitarian mindset he represents demands fealty not to our ideals nor our Constitution, but to government… specifically, “his” government (when non-totalitarianism once again occupies the White House, he his rejoin the “dissent is patriotic” bandwagon). Listen to him at your children’s peril.

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  1. shreck says:

    Good post but I think REAL anarchists don’t ally with the left. The don’t ally with anyone. I actually know one, nice guy, gun owner who believes we should privatize everything, military as well and completely do away with the .gov.
    He makes persuasive arguments and is fun to argue with. He just wants to be left alone.

  2. BillC says:

    Thanks for the tip on Fischer’s book

  3. rumcrook™ says:

    soul patch, instant indicator of a thorough dooshbag.

  4. Neo says:

    “Concealed carry permit holders” are pretty much the definition of law abiding. Most others don’t bother to get the permit.

  5. Linoge says:

    Ladd shows his true nature through his response to dissenters – abuse them, bully them, threaten them, and use every underhanded tactic available to him, up to and including threatening their families, to silence them.

    Are those the methods one would expect to see from an individual convinced of the right-ness and justice of his position, or are those the methods one would expect from a petty totalitarian who fully comprehends that he is rightly losing the battle? Since his threats and attacks failed to produce the response he wanted, he has been reduced to nothing more potent than schoolyard namecalling and other such childish idiocy.

    If he were not so busy trying to undermine my Constitutionally-protected, individual rights, I might almost feel bad for him.