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The saddest truth in politics is that people get the leaders they deserve

In defense of Erik Loomis

Written By: Bob - Dec• 19•12

Erik Loomis, an assistant professor of history at the University of Rhode Island, has come to attention in recent days for an outraged series of Twitter comments in the wake of the mass murders at an elementary school in Newtown, CT last week.

Here are some of the comments Loomis made before deleting his Twitter account:

“[I] want Wayne LaPierre’s head on a stick,” Erik Loomis, a professor at the University of Rhode Island (URI),tweeted.

It “looks like the National Rifle Association has murdered some more children,” he added.”

Can [we] define NRA membership as dues contributing to a terrorist organization?” he  asked in a separate tweet.

Loomis’ comments come on the heels of the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School, which left 20 young children and six faculty members dead.

The professor contended Democratic lawmakers should exploit the tragedy to force more restrictive gun control measures into law.

“You are goddamn right we should politicize this tragedy,” Loomis tweeted. “[F]**k the NRA.”

“Dear Republicans, do you know the definition of family values?” he continued“It’s not having our kids F**KING SHOT AT SCHOOL! F**k the NRA.”

I took the liberty of slightly editing the f-bombs to be PG-13. I hope you don’t mind.

I can’t say that I’m a fan of Loomis or his writing at the far left blog, Lawyers, Guns and Money. Quite frankly, it appears that left-wing lawyers created the conditions for this and other massacres in the first place by making it all exceedingly difficult to institutionalize the dangerously insane.

That stated, I empathize with Mr. Loomis.He was reacting in the heat of the moment, emotionally. Hyper-emotional, highly educated individuals often react to tragedy by lashing out violently against their imagined foes, even if their “foes” have done nothing wrong.

Wait a minute…

Anyway, how could Loomis grasp the seemingly alien fact that the Founding Fathers created the 2nd Amendment to ensure that this nation’s citizens would always have access to arms of contemporary military utility, to ensure our precious liberty against would-be tyrants, foreign and domestic?

How could he have known that that right has been exercised as recently as 1946 in Athens, TN (the McMinn County War) to depose a corrupt and tyrannical government as the Founders intended?

As Eleanor Roosevelt wrote at the time:

We in the U.S.A., who have long boasted that, in our political life, freedom in the use of the secret ballot made it possible for us to register the will of the people without the use of force, have had a rude awakening as we read of conditions in McMinn County, Tennessee, which brought about the use of force in the recent primary. If a political machine does not allow the people free expression, then freedom-loving people lose their faith in the machinery under which their government functions.

In this particular case, a group of young veterans organized to oust the local machine and elect their own slate in the primary. We may deplore the use of force but we must also recognize the lesson which this incident points for us all. When the majority of the people know what they want, they will obtain it.

Any local, state or national government, or any political machine, in order to live, must give the people assurance that they can express their will freely and that their votes will be counted. The most powerful machine cannot exist without the support of the people. Political bosses and political machinery can be good, but the minute they cease to express the will of the people, their days are numbered.

This is a lesson which wise political leaders learn young, and you can be pretty sure that, when a boss stays in power, he gives the majority of the people what they think they want. If he is bad and indulges in practices which are dishonest, or if he acts for his own interests alone, the people are unwilling to condone these practices.

When the people decide that conditions in their town, county, state or country must change, they will change them. If the leadership has been wise, they will be able to do it peacefully through a secret ballot which is honestly counted, but if the leader has become inflated and too sure of his own importance, he may bring about the kind of action which was taken in Tennessee.

Yes, a woman who was just recently (at the time) the First Lady of the United States condoned insurrection to restore Constitutional law, and against corrupt local representatives of her own Democratic Party at that.

You’d almost have to be aware of this nation’s history to know that, though. Why would Loomis be exposed to history?

Oh. Yeah.


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  1. david7134 says:

    I have worked in hospitals that serve the indigent. I can assure you that their is a population that is about 10-20% of our country that are animals. Without guns, these people will be like a Hollywood movie in their violence and ability to do harm. I can also assure you that the cops are a joke and more afraid of them than the bad guys are of the law.

    Lets do away with guns when our betters do away with their security details. Especially the president. Then we will know we are safe.

  2. rumcrook™ says:

    below is a quote from a commentor at another blog and I found it truly relavant to the statements by the anti gunners who I have seen say over and over arming people in the school wont help or would make it worse, I would add to the below that this is exactly what the anti\’s said about nation wide spread of concealed carry permits, it would make it worse and bullets would fly indiscriminately like the wild west, this has been proved false hands down but the antis never give up on failed ideas, just look at what a dog with a bone they are about bringing back national socialism….

  3. rumcrook™ says:

    heres the quote

    \”We have been systematically trained in society to be passive and let the “authorities” handle it. We have been asked to be victims who await rescue by the agents of a benevolent state. Yet we ignore the fact that the agents of the state were already there. I maintain that if you don’t trust the teachers and the principal with guns, you shouldn’t trust them with your children. This principal proved she could be trusted with the children. It’s sad that our society makes her prove it by getting murdered instead of allowing her the tools she needs to win.\”

  4. Larry Sheldon says:

    How did he delete his twitter account? I tried to do that and they reopened it.

  5. Mikey says:

    Terrific essay. I would recommend to all your current article at PJMedia, \”For \’A Well-Regulated Militia,\’ What Firearms, Gear, and Skills Should You Own?\”