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So, this gun consulting thing is happening

A couple of weeks back I proposed a simple consulting idea: help folks who didn’t know anything about guns find a firearm that meets their basic needs. While most of the people reading my blog are either shooters themselves or at least know someone who is, there are many people who don’t have the luxury […]

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After Newtown, politicians and media suffer a vote of “no confidence” from the public

On December 15, 2012, Pete Wiliams of NBC News was emphatic that multiple police sources told the network that the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooter used four handguns in this rampage through the school, and was equally confident that the AR-15 rifle was recovered from the shooter’s car. It never made it into the school. […]

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An open challenge to the news media on the intent of the Second Amendment

In the wake of a mass shooting tragedy, the media reliably records “man on the street” interviews with individuals that “can’t understand why anyone would need” a “assault weapon” for home defense, hunting, etc. In a dumbed-down nation, the uninformed are easy to find, and the informed easy to edit out of a broadcast or […]

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National Rifle Association offers a practical, workable solution to reduce the threat of spree killers attacking schools. Media, Democrats go into full meltdown.

After a week of respectful silence following the school shooting in Newtown, CT, at an elementary school, and a full week of political opportunism by the media and Democratic Party, the National Rifle Association has comes out with a practical solution: putting trained law enforcement officers in the nation’s schools [full text below the fold]: […]

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Feinstein’s new “assault weapons” ban means to rip the guts from the Second Amendment

I’d heard that California gun-grabber Dianne Feinstein was going to attempt to use the tiny caskets of the victims of the Newtown school shooting to reintroduce a revised “assault weapons” ban for more stringent than the original bill that was in effect from 1994-2004. That law that failed so spectacularly that it has the effect […]

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