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Billet Templar Custom for sale

I’ve mentioned several times before my affinity for Templar Custom AR-15 rifles. I wrote about the Templar MCWS for Shooting Illustrated, and was impressed enough to pick up one myself. While I didn’t have the cash to go all Victor Kiam and buy the company, I did just sign on to rebuild their website and […]

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It’s been a depressing day. As most of you aware aware by now, yesterday a defective 22-year-old missed a flight to Hawaii, or got his girlfriend pregnant, or maybe just realized how retarded he looked with idiotic gaping holes in his earlobes. Said douchebag stole an rifle from an acquaintance and shot up a mall […]

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Comedian Steven Crowder repeatedly attacked by union thugs in Michigan [video]

Come for the spittle-flecked anger, assault, and threats of mass homicide. Stay for the lack of intelligence and hygiene!

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The terror of the anti-liberty movement

It has been instructive to read articles like Joel S. Hirschhorn’s Gun Hypocrisy, and to listen and watch as gun control zealots panic over the number of American purchasing firearms. These sad individuals seem utterly terrified that the 200+ million firearms and untold billions (if not trillions) of rounds of ammunition in civilian hands will […]

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Would you recommend a firearms purchasing consultation to a friend or family member interested in purchasing a gun?

My darling wife pointed out last night that I have a fairly regular stream of family, friends, and acquaintances coming to me to ask me questions about purchasing guns. Indeed, that was part of the inspiration for my $0.99 eBook, So You Want to Own a Gun (which you should purchase now, for everyone […]

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