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A face of gun control

This is Ladd Everitt, my fellow Americans. He has a very low opinion of you. [tweet] I don’t know any anarchists, and I know a lot of shooters. While I’m certain that there are anarchists that own firearms, we typically find that anarchists align themselves socially with the radical far left. You know… Ladd’s […]

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Police nearly rob woman at Hartford, CT gun-buyback program

Gun-buyback programs are usually wastes of taypayer money, where rusted-shut guns that aren’t fit for scrap are given to police in exchange for cash or gift cards, and police chiefs crow that “crime guns” are “taken off the streets.” Every once in a while, though, there are diamonds in the rough: A World War II […]

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Stained Glass Masquerade

This ties in, I think, with the last post about so-called Christians reveling in their bigotry. Nobody is perfect and no one is sinless. Bless their hearts.

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I can never be that kind of Christian

I was disheartened to see this morning that a group of social fundamentalists calling themselves “One Million Moms” has decided to pick a fight with one of the few celebrities in this world who seems to be a truly decent human being. It wasn’t over something she said, or did, but rather, is was because […]

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Preppers, Pissants, and Police

I had a busy day at PJ Media yesterday, posting a pair of articles I hope you might find interesting. First up is my review of this week’s episode of National Geographic Doomsday Preppers. It’s not established enough to call it a column, nor me a television critic, but I’m enjoying critiquing the show, despite […]

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