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What you’ll see in the rebellion

Written By: Bob - Dec• 28•12

Let me explain, gun grabbers, how your confiscatory fantasy plays out. Let us imagine for a moment that a sweeping gun control bill similar to the one currently suggested is passed by the House and Senate, and signed into law by a contemptuous President.

Perhaps 50-100 million firearms currently owned by law-abiding citizens will become contraband with the stroke of a pen. Citizens will either register their firearms, or turn them in to agents of the federal government, or risk becoming criminals themselves. Faced with this choice, millions will indeed register their arms. Perhaps as many will claim they’ve sold their arms, or had them stolen. Suppose that as many as 200-250 million weapons of other types will go unregistered.

Tens of millions of Americans will refuse to comply with an order that is clearly a violation of the explicit intent of the Second Amendment. Among the most ardent opposing these measures will be military veterans, active duty servicemen, and local law enforcement officers. Many of these individuals will refuse to carry out what they view as Constitutionally illegal orders. Perhaps 40-50 million citizens will view such a law as treason. Perhaps ten percent of those, 4-5 million, would support a rebellion in some way, and maybe 40,000-100,000 Americans will form small independently-functioning active resistance cells, or become lone-wolves.

They will be leaderless, stateless, difficult to track, and considering the number of military veterans that would likely be among their number, extremely skilled at sabotage, assassination, and ambush.

After a number of carefully-planned, highly-publicized, and successful raids by the government, one or more will invariably end “badly.” Whether innocents are gunned down, a city block is burned to ash, or especially fierce resistance leads to a disastrously failed raid doesn’t particularly matter. What matters is that when illusion of the government’s invincibility and infallibility is broken, the hunters will become the hunted.

Unnamed citizens and federal agents will be the first to die, and they will die by the dozens and maybe hundreds,  but famous politicians will soon join them in a spate of revenge killings, many of which will go unsolved.

Ironically, while the gun grab was intended to keep citizens from preserving their liberties with medium-powered weapons, it completely ignored the longer-ranged rifles perfect for shooting at ranges far beyond what a security detail can protect, and suppressed .22LR weapons proven deadly in urban sniping in Europe and Asia.

While the Secret Service will be able to protect the President in the White House, he will not dare leave his gilded cage except in carefully controlled circumstances. Even then he will be forced to move like a criminal. He will never be seen outdoors in public again. Not in this country.

The 535 members of the House and Senate in both parties that allowed such a law to pass would largely be on their own; the Secret Service is too small to protect all of them and their families, the Capitol Police too unskilled, and competent private security not particularly interested in working against their own best interests at any price. The elites will be steadily whittled down, and if they can not be reached directly, the targets will become their staffers, spouses, children, and grandchildren. Grandstanding media figures loyal to the regime would die in droves, executed as enemies of the Republic.

You can expect congressional staffs to disintegrate with just a few shootings, and expect elected officials themselves to resign well before a quarter of their number are eliminated, leaving us with a boxed-in executive, his cabinet loyalists trapped in the same win, die, or flee the country circumstance, military regime loyalists, and whatever State Governors who desire to risk their necks as well.

Here, the President will doubtlessly order the activation of National Guard units and the regular military to impose martial law, setting the largest and most powerful military in the world against its own people. Unfortunately, the tighter the President clinches his tyrannical fist, the more rebels he makes.

Military commands and federal agencies will be whittled down as servicemen and agents will desert or defect. Some may leave as individuals, others may join the Rebellion in squad and larger-sized units with all their weapons, tactics, skills, and insider intelligence. The regime will be unable to trust its own people, and because they cannot trust them, they will lose more in a vicious cycle of collapse.

Some of these defectors will be true “operators,” with the skills and background to turn ragtag militia cells into the kind of forces that decimate loyalist troops, allowing them no rest and no respite, striking them when they are away from their most potent weapons. Military vehicles are formidable, but they are thirsty beasts, in terms of fuel, ammo, time, and maintenance. Tanks and bombers are formidable only when they have gas, guns, and can be maintained. In a war without a front, logistics are incredibly easy to destroy, and mechanics and supply clerks are not particularly adept at defending themselves.

Eventually, the government will turn upon itself. The President will be captured or perhaps killed by his own protectors. A dictatorship will form in the vacuum.

If we’re lucky, the United States of America, or whatever amalgam results, will again try to rebuild. If we’re very lucky, the victors will reinstate the Constitution as the law of the land. Just as likely though, we’ll face fractious civil wars fought over issues we’ve not begun to fathom, and a much diminished state or states will result, perhaps guided by foreign interests.

It will not be pretty. There will be no “winners,” and perhaps hundreds of thousands to millions of dead.

Yet, this is the future we face if the power-mad among us are not soundly defeated at the ballot box before they affect more “change” than  we, the People, are willing to surrender to would-be tyrants.

[author’s note: This article is just one of an evolving series of posts reacting to current events that many are interpreting as possible threats to our Republic and the Constitution. Please proceed to the main page to keep up to date. Thank you.]

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  1. Randy says:

    I am not sure the National Guard will be part of the supression of the rebellion. You also left out the support that the rebellion would receive from foreign organizations who want this country to fail. Good food for thought.

    • Dan says:

      I think your are right, much of the military will go Bravo-5. They will desert with as much supplies as possible to help support the rebellion. If another Bengazi stand down order happens I would not be surprised if the Secret Service revolted and that more senior military people will ignore the order with the support of the vast majority of the troops.

      • Troy says:

        The military will not be the vehicle for this. It will be the DHS and TSA.

      • Catman says:


        I don’t think you’ll have to worry about the DHS and the TSA. The TSA will “evaporate” as soon as a few of them get a fatal case of lead poisoning. From my experience, many of these people probably still have help from mama to get dressed in the morning. Sure, a few are competent and would prove to be a threat if armed, but they are only a few…and considering how many travelers absolutely *HATE* them, they will be vastly outnumbered. The DHS will be drawing from the ranks of Post Office Inspectors and Fish and Wildlife Services to fill out their ranks of armed men and women. Do you really think a guy who got a government job chasing people engaged in mail theft and fraud is going to go out and go toe to toe with a foe that will be unidentifiable? What about poor Ranger Rick? He’s seen what a hillbilly can do with iron sights. No, you won’t have to worry about them. You’ll need to concern yourself with foreign troops. We have agreements with Canada and Mexico. Plus the UN will push for “peace keepers” to be brought to our shores. Within 6 months, areas of this country will look like Somalia. Hell, some of them already do.

    • Pascal says:

      Didn\’t you mean suppress and not support? Thus:

      You also left out the support suppression that the rebellion would receive from foreign organizations who want this country to fail.\”

      The foreign interests and through the UN want the power of this country at their disposal. So they want to eliminate whatever control the citizens of this country have left over US policy.

      Were that to come about, then at that point this country will have failed, having been conquered from within.

      Which takes me to why I came here. See my next comment about why the UN Small Arms Treaty is MORE likely than any gun ban passing both houses. I suspect upon vetting my point, Bob will want to add that scenario to the one he used, plus asking our side to take some precautionary measures.

      • wizardpc says:

        No, he means support. Civil war would weaken America and her enemies know it.

      • Pascal says:

        I agree that civil war would weaken us. I meant once the rebellion started the forces of globalism would favor the Statists who fomented it by their anti-constitutional actions. For instance, the news that China is demanding that Washington disarm Americans suggests that they are looking to foment rebellion ( your point) but to the extent that such a ban was complied with, it would make their invasion (in the name of the UN of course) easier.

        It all comes down to when the support and/or suppression begins. I guess it IS like he said — “good food for thought.” :)

      • stan522 says:

        There will be a steady flow of POTUS “invited” blue helmets during this debacle…. they won’t only use our own against us….

    • ElPolacko says:

      Foreign Organizations…would that include the MILLIONS of illegal aliens that have taken over large sections of this country?
      I am sure that the Fascists that now occupy Washington DC will use Illegals as the scapegoat for the policies that are bankrupting the country.
      They will become the NEW JEWS of the 21st Century and no body will care.
      If I were an illegal…I’d be heading for the border.

      • jay beluomo says:

        just yesterday 25 Americans were caught sneaking into Mexico

      • Catman says:

        El Polacko

        Probably what would happen is Mexico would seize areas of the Southwest to “ensure the safety of their citizens residing there”. They won’t be used as a scapegoat. We’re already way past that point. While in many ways these people have contributed to the problem, attempts to point this out to Americans preoccupied with football and American Idol, fell on deaf ears.

      • Bob says:


        The US border patrol and US military do nothing when Mexican military enter our borders. The politicians in DC won’t let them do anything.

        If the US government falls apart and the Mexican government sent troops into the US, those troops would face an armed US population that would treat them as “targets of opportunity”. Any foreign military or UN troops would face the same fate. There are 80-100 million gun owners in this country. No army on earth can face that many and hope to survive.

      • Catman says:

        Hey Bob,

        I agree with your basic assessment of the situation, but I would remind you of something.

        The USofA is anything but United at this point in time. While a great many of us are America First, and Patriots on the order of those who once defeated England and won our independence, there are a great many who are not.

        Our communities, towns, and cities are filled with Quislings and foreigners who are nothing more than Carpet Baggers.

        Once this revolution starts, it will be a no front war. People will use the opportunity to settle scores. Gangs will be in open warfare with other gangs and people who have refrained from killing gangs simply because it was illegal, will be hunting them relentlessly. The prison doors will open, and communities will be flooded with exiles who have often already shown a disregard for the rules of “civilization”.

        Even as motley a bunch as the Mexican Army would have an advantage after about a month of unrestricted and open warfare in the US. Ammo would at that time be running low, and mobs of people would be more concerned over medical and food supplies.

        It would be fairly easy to occupy the larger population centers at this point. It wouldn’t be easy, but it could be done at a cost. The question remains, are the Mexicans up to paying the price?

        I think the answer is yes, as they already have a loyal population here in this country and they’ve always regretted their decision to sell the land.

        Remember, by this point, the Mexican Army won’t be the only foreign army on our territory.

  2. BillC says:

    On a similar vein, read Tom Kratman\’s \”State of Disobediance.\” In ebook format.

    • iconoclast says:

      One should note how Kratman was extremely careful in the book to avoid directly confronting US military forces. A similar strategy would be for (unarmed) civil disobedience/protests upon passage of this sort of unconstitutional legislation. Maybe tearing up/burning down a few federal buildings where registration/enforcement of these laws were centered would be very effective as well.

      Whatever is done, the notion of an army of Davids performing individual acts of defiance is unrealistic (in my mind). Concentrated force by tens of thousands in a form that cannot be traditionally fought will get more done and intimidate both lawmakers and their bureaucratic henchmen.

      • murph says:

        I haven’t seen this point yet, that the demographics that exist now, in the United States has never existed anywhere in recorded history. There are a huge number of 30-40 year old males who one way or another lost at the ‘Leave it to Beaver’, ‘Brady Bunch’ lottery. They don’t have families to worry about, they have an incredibly high level of disposable income, and a feeling that they were gypped and lied to when the grown-ups where describing the future of “Life, the Universe, and Everything”. How do you coerce the guy who is basically bored with life, parents dead or in a home, no wife, no kids, staring at another 20 to 30 years of Netflix and fast food, wondering WTF he is supposed to do now. Where are his handles? After you find them, how do you know they are applicable to the guy standing next to him. This is an unrecognized powder keg of Biblical Proportion. We live in interesting times

  3. Joe Mama says:

    You had me at \”Let me explain, gun grabbers…\”.

  4. styrgwillidar says:

    Well, I have one suggestion for whoever institutes the follow-on government.

    Get rid of the elected official system for congress which leads to parties, career politicians, the corruption by interest groups of all ilks, and politicians loyalty to a party as the requirement for their careers to move forward. And a congress which passes laws whether they are necessary or not, pointing to the passage of ill-conceived legislation as the only measuring stick for their productivity.

    Draft the representatives similar to how juries are selected. With the exception that representatives can not turn down/avoid/get out of representative duty outside of true mental incompetence.

    Have congress spend the majority of their time monitoring the performance and compliance to the law (no- over-reaching) by the executive agencies.

  5. thebronze says:

    Great post Bob!

    But it needs to be proof-read and corrected before I can post it on facebook.

  6. Cole says:

    Excellent article. My concern is that I doubt we have any elections left before this all occurs. The gun grabbers are already talking about voting on gun ban legislation the first day the new session of congress begins. And even if they can\’t push a ban through Obama has shown a propensity for dictating through Executive Order.

    Also, how far are we as gun owners going to bend? Do we go to war if they ban guns but not if they just ban certain magazines? Where is the line? Why are certain infringements of our liberty bearable and others not? Do we only go from citizens to slaves if the law is too harsh? How many lone wolves will we condemn because their line was crossed sooner than ours? How much are we willing to surrender?

    • Naturalist says:

      How do you boil a frog? Very slowly. Our gun liberties are being slowly eroded. Our government will continue to \’slowly\’ chip away with every new crisis. The \”line\” will never be crossed just as long as it\’s done slowly. It\’s a proven strategy of our government to manipulate the \’sheeple\’ and have them call for a ban, rather than our politicians. God save us.

      • Cole says:

        If that\’s the case our only option is to start the second War of Independence now before it\’s too late to fight back. But I\’m skeptical. Because as plausible as the \”frog in the pot\” theory is, in the heart of every fabian socialist is a bomb-throwing radical communist. We can sense how close they are. So can they. The urge to confiscate all the guns right this second must be overwhelming for them. How long will they take the slow and steady approach? Obama seems far too cocky to wait. And his record so far has been of pushing unpopular stuff through and getting his way. I think they make the big play and trigger Lexington & Concord. Either way, we\’re quickly approaching zero hour.

      • marie rich says:

        We think along similar lines. Please read?

    • Catman says:

      The Second Amendment does not say anything about “guns”. What it does say is “arms”. How many armaments are already prohibited? Knives, nunchucks, shuriken, saps, asps, 105 mm Howitzer, etc? They took away your right along time ago by concentrating on things that most people didn’t really care about. Now it is the final push. There is no line to be drawn. You’re fighting the final battle.

  7. shall not be infringed says:

    I get the feeling that a scenario such as this is EXACTLY what the obama is hoping for.


  8. MunDane says:

    You left out the part where they start with some high profile people \”shot while resisting arrest\”.

    It is funny that the general public thinks that the .22LR is non-lethal. But I blame Hollywood for that.

    • WhiteFalcon1 says:

      A 22. is a high velocity, high impact round, hollow point it and its now about the size of a solid .38 blowing a hole through…. a barrett .50 is sweet but hard to handle for the average person, but a .22 is about as effective and goes off like an air gun!

      • Anon says:

        I have a semi-auto .22 rifle with 20-plus capacity magazines. With almost no recoil, I can put all those rounds on the same silhouette target within 5-6 seconds, a cyclic rate of fire of more than 250 rounds per minute.

        As John Garand said when he demonstrated a 900-RPM machine gun in .22 caliber before WW2, “It’s like dodging rain.” It doesn’t matter that one .22 round will rarely have lethal effects because 10 or more will work just fine.

  9. david7134 says:

    What people don\’t understant is that there are parts of the US and most cities where the cops will not go. I used to dispatch ambulances in NO in the 70\’s and the cops would not even dream of entering a project. It has only become worse with time.
    As to people rebelling, I am not so sure. Americans have become nothing but sheep. As long as they seem content with the economics, they will do nothing on principal. Take away the economics and you might get their attention. Is this Obama\’s true desire?

    • Ellen K says:

      This is true of Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore and LA as well. When my sister in law was registered in a fine downtown Baltimore hotel, the police were there investigating a gang hit in the lobby. She was told not to go anywhere near downtown and frankly they suggested she move to a suburban location. Chicago has some truly scary areas that are essential run by gangs and it\’s not just the projects. The old guard Irish and Italians still run big areas, but the Mexicans, MS13, Zetas, Crips and Bloods are all in evidence. New York has it\’s zones where no police or firefighters dare to go without SWAT backup. It\’s getting to be like Escape from New York in many of the liberal run cities and states. This is why many law-abiding citizens are getting armed~because we cannot count for the police to be there in time.

      • david7134 says:

        I can assure you, first hand, that the cops do very little to help in a violent situation. Most of the time, they don’t come.

      • Marlen F says:

        Omaha is not considered a “big city” but north Omaha is like you describe, my son says even the police do not go there unless having a big force in numbers, on the average, at least one killing a day happens there, and this is small town America

  10. William of Ottawa says:

    An interesting distopian speculation that Algis Budrys, a science fiction writer, might have written. Apart from a few shootouts between federal agencies and \”come and get me\” gun nuts defending their arsenals, the gun grab will amount to nothing like an insurrection, much less a \”civil war.\” What a thigh-slapper that is.

    True, the state will never harvest anywhere near the total of firearms now \”out there.\” Those with arms on a registry anywhere can expect to be investigated and/or their homes ransacked, drug enforcement style, if don\’t comply with new laws. (Hard to do anything about that while cuffed to a cruiser or the back end of a Bradley — or worse.)

    Unregistered guns will remain so, and their owners will remain very quiet about them and not protest or otherwise attract unwanted attention to themselves. They won\’t even do blogs, so don\’t look to them for action or support.

    It will turn out that, in spite of paranoid speculation, the state will not want all the guns out there, or even bother to insist on registering all of them. Exemptions will be made for firearms designed for sport, farming and competition, i.e., hunting rifles, and non-militarized shotguns.

    Everything else will be restricted or banned outright and apart from the NRA, now cornered, there will be general ambivalence or even approval. Remember: the media is totally onside with such measures, and the mantra, \”It\’s for the children of Newtown,\” will be invoked for every restriction, by every speaker.

    Remember too: Obama won. Obama does not need to seek re-election. Obama has a lock on America\’s most important demographics: Blacks, Latinos, women, metrosexuals, the green cohorts, youth, unions, government employees, the moochers, morons and the college zombies and other dependents. They vastly outnumber individualists, gun owners, mavericks and the rest who think for themselves. Any way you dice it, we lose.

    By the way, Hillary is up next. It\’s her turn, and I don\’t think she likes guns.

    • You REALLY have no knowledge of how a REAL American thinks do you Mr. Canadian? We share a border but we are VASTLY different in spirit and constitution. It\’s not an indictment against against you or Canadians, it\’s just an illustration of the differences of people who otherwise look the same yet share a very different pedigree.

      • Naturalist says:

        @Troubadourpatriot, I am on your side 110%, but unfortunately I not convinced William of Ottawa is entirely wrong. Our government will ask for the sky but get a smaller win, and so on and so on. Look how the smoking laws have changed. Not an exact analogy, but close enough.

    • iconoclast says:

      You are depressingly accurate in your prognostication, I believe. However, there is a way around that if people so choose. Massive, unarmed civil protest and disobedience will accomplish quite a bit. Individuals cannot fight back very well against organized force (though individual shootouts will force government forces to proceed much more carefully). But massive demonstrations combined with acts of property destruction will have much more influence on decision-makers and their bureaucrats than the inevitably propagandized individual actions.

    • Iuventius says:

      You\’re right. The majority of Americans are sheep who just want their entitlements.

      As long as the FED can print money, the entitlement system will continue to work.

      The major cities, especially the really \’diverse\’ ones will be the first to erupt in violence when inflation comes and those people don\’t have but two or three days of food in their homes.

      It\’s not going to be the country folk who take up arms, it\’s going to be all of those A-holes in the city who already have their weapons illegally, and when law enforcement fails to show up because they\’re busy evacuating their families, the waves of refugees will spill out into the suburbs like a swarm of locusts, overwhelming the abilities of people to take care of them, and that\’s what they\’re going to demand.

      They\’re not going to offer to work, but they\’re just going to put their hands out and say \”gimme\” until there\’s no more to give.

      That\’s when we\’re really in danger of losing our country and Constitution.

      • rhcrest says:

        You are assuming that people in the suburbs are going to want to “take care” of the locusts and give them stuff? They are going to want to “take care of them allright but in a different way

      • Bob says:

        When the refugees/mobs come to my neighborhood, I intend to give generously. I’ll give them all the ammo they want.

    • towerclimber says:

      No, here’s how it will likely go.
      Police/military/national guard from another state will be used to confiscate weapons at gunpoint.
      At some point in time, folks will start resisting. for each resistance, more cops/soldiers will die.
      after the first 1000, you won’t find anyone willing to confiscate anything. they will either refuse and quit or simply NOT carry out the order.
      I will not allow armed confiscation.
      They may kill me, but I’ll have company when I knock on hells hinges. That I swear.

    • Brad says:

      You are right and wrong.

      True enough there will be no huge outbreak of violence or a violent overthrow of the U.S. Government. But that’s only because the next round of Congressional elections would be a slaughter to rival the slaughter of 1994.

      You see the United States has been down this road before. When the anti-gunners over-reached in 1994 they paid the consequences in the next election. That is how the Democratic Party lost the majority they had held for 42 years in the powerful House of Representatives.

    • Colorado Patriot says:

      I believe, Sir William, you’ve misunderstood the “gun nuts defending their arsenals”.

      The Second Amendment isn’t about hunting, it’s not about sports shooting or target shooting. It’s not even, truly about the guns. It’s about the defense of American’s liberties.

      We have something called the Bill of Rights, which I won’t do a dissertation on at the moment due to space and time, I’m sure you can read.

      We aren’t “defending guns” – we are defending our RIGHTS. God given, unalienable rights that shall never be taken from Americans by a government of any sort.

      My “arsenal” of weapons as you call it is there for me to defend myself, my family and my property without a doubt. But also, the doubt is on your side when you place yourself in the position of believing the nonsense you wrote above.

      In fact… our guns, all of them are tools. Nothing more. Our bill of Rights I mentioned allows us freedom of speech, of the press, of religion (not from religion). Those guns defend all of those rights and in particular the first.

      Somehow it is believed by the left in this country that Freedom of Speech is sacrosanct – can’t be touched in any way and yet, the words of the Second Amendment are debated ad nauseum, day in and day out explaining it this way and that.

      Whereas for some reason the only debate in the First is “Freedom from Religion” (which isn’t even in there).

      No, Sir, the militia is me, my sons, and my grandsons. It’s all the men in this country by law from 17-45 and those who volunteer. If you READ the law and stop putting words into the mouths of the old dead fellas that wrote it, you will actually perceive that our guns – whatever they might be – are not to be touched by any government.

      We won’t give them up.

      We won’t hand them over.

      The Progressives are NOT going to win this one.

      The time for talk is through. The moment they press a major ban on us nothing that the Progressives do will stem the tide.

      • GeorgiaBelle says:

        I agree with you Colorado Patriot. The media gives the impression that all of our youth are like the OWS bunch but that is NOT the case. And as for women? Sorry, I am a woman and I will stand with you along with all of the women I know. The Progessives live in a very myopic bubble, I don’t see them making it out of the cities, maybe the suburbs in the blue states but America is NOT represented the Blue States.

      • Colorado Patriot, being a grampy doesn’t negate anything about one’s ability to defend the Bill of Rights. I’m in fact in the same boat you are and could not have said it better. I’m a little late to this party as i just now read it but let me just add that not only is the 2nd Ammendment guaranteed by the Bill of Rights but it is demanded by God. I also won’t take the time to edify folks on the Bible but it is in both the Old and New Testament. Anyway, thanks for your post.

      • Chuck Norris a la Delta Force says:

        Amen Colorado Patriot,

        The progressive establishment has no fricking clue the hell storm they are going to enter!

    • Catman says:

      William, your words express why Canada still has a Queen….and we don’t.

  11. Elee Owen says:

    Apart from the fact that a bill on arm control violates the second amendment and the philosophy of the American spirit,such bill will strip the law abiding citizens from the self defense chance and will give criminals not only an advantage but an incentive to commit their crimes.Criminals can always acquire guns and nothing more do they wish than stripping off the clean-handed people from their tools of self defense.Cling to the power of the constitution.

  12. MM2Nuke says:

    Can you forward this to please?
    I think the only thing missed is the govt asking for UN assistance to fight the \”insurgents\”, but that won\’t end well either for them.

  13. Philippa Chapman says:

    A second Revolution? Really?

    Mark 3:24 If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand. (I know, the USA isn\’t anywhere close to a kingdom, but the analogy stand, I believe).

    \”During the Civil War, Lincoln appropriated powers no previous President had wielded: he used his war powers to proclaim a blockade, suspended the writ of habeas corpus, spent money without congressional authorization, and imprisoned 18,000 suspected Confederate sympathizers without trial. Nearly all of his actions, although vehemently denounced by the Copperheads, were subsequently upheld by Congress and the Courts.\”

    I earnestly pray all will think carefully before taking up arms, either for or against. A second civil war will almost certainly tear America apart and have many, many more casualties.

    • Cole says:

      The article points out how horrible a civil war will be. And it will be horrible. But many, myself included, would rather die on a battlefield than in some death camp. Sure Obama will assert dictatorial powers if we rebel. But he will do the same if he gets our guns. The minute they are gone we are subject to the whims of evil men. Without guns all our other liberties are lost. Better to die a free man than live as a slave.

      • Panchoslipwater says:

        Amen brother … we as Americans need to remember what the founding fathers did when they signed the Declaration of Independence.
        They knew that they would be wanted dead or alive but they signed KNOWING that they were doing what was RIGHT. We can also look at Nazi Germany where it was reported that if the Jews had fought from the beginning the Germans probably would not have succeeded.
        It is better to die a free man than to live as a slave.
        All of this that is going on is leading up to a World Government which someday soon (?) will be led by the Antichrist. We may not be able to stop it but we still need to fight for what is right and let Satan know that we will not surrender without a fight
        Abraham Lincoln was a traitor and so is Obama as well as the vast majority of our elected officials who swear that they will defend the Constitution which the personally hold in contempt. Obama, Clinton, Pelosi, Reid etc. should all be tried for treason and either hung or shot by a firing squad and have it shown on every station in this country. That would send a message to these luciferian minions that we will not tolerate this. But … that will not happen. America is damned and beyond the point of no return. But we are still accountable to do what is right and that my friends is to fight for what is right

    • mike says:

      Your prayer is the prayer of all of us yet here\’s a simple question to ask:

      Will we rise and seize the opportunity, expending great effort to stop federal government usurpation of our rights and live as free men, and bequeath a free nation, or would we rather live as slaves, and condemn our grandchildren to the darkness of unbridled tyranny?

      The time to act is not now, it is a time to think, and to prepare. But I hear a lot of both going on now. I am mentally \’there\’ with regard to the scenario above and I\’ve never wanted anything to do with guns since my Army days.

      Our founding forefathers were some smart guys and they risked all so WE could have the freedoms we\’ve enjoyed until recently. If I were to have to sacrifice all now in the effort to keep our beloved Constitution, I cannot imagine a more worthy cause than that of preserving freedom for future generations.

    • WhiteFalcon1 says:

      America is already torn apart….and the casualties are mounting as I type, do you suggest we allow them to enslave us? NOT going to happen, but think of this irony: A black “president” re-imposing slavery on a mostly white population”! obama swore an Oath, if he fails to execute that Oath, Faithfully, out him and his people and start over…if he refuses to leave, THAT’S where the problems will begin…

    • Catman says:

      Phillipa, the same thing happened under Bush and is continuing under Obama. Americans have been assassinated (Anwar Awlaki and son). Denied due process. The NDAA and Patriot Act. Spending money? I’m laughing at how much has been misappropriated. The courts remain silent or side with the criminal element in power.

      If it comes to pass, this will be the first civil war. The one that Lincoln prosecuted was an un-Constitutional vendetta against States attempting to exercise their rights.

  14. Pascal says:

    Mark Alger brought your post to my attention with his laudatory \”Bob Owens: What You’ll See in the Rebellion.\” In it he called out the several senators most actively seeking to deny us our rights.

    My comment to him was as follows.

    You are precisely correct to focus on Bummer and the senators. Few people are aware of how our Constitution honors treaties above our Bill of Rights (or anything else in the Constitution for that matter).

    Look for Harry Reid to pull a fast one. It takes as few as 34 votes by a rump Senate (and maybe less if he really doesn’t even care to come close to a quorum to get his technical \”2/3 of senators present\”) for the Senate to ratify a treaty. Thus those who think the Small Arms Treaty is dead had better think again.

    It behooves us to keep a constant ear to the ground so that when the time comes we will alert whomever we believe to be reliable senators to get their butts over to the upper chamber.

    Not only that.

    Those of us who have access to the various “reliable” senators need to check the communication alleys ahead of time. Make sure we have backups. And should that day come, and one or more of those senators proves to be unreliable, and later tries to pull their practiced and polished “plausible deniability” routine, those who Bob identified in his post will know who they are.

    • Jake says:

      Pascal stated; Few people are aware of how our Constitution honors treaties above our Bill of Rights (or anything else in the Constitution for that matter).

      I’m afraid you’ve been misinformed regarding treaties taking precedent over the Constitution, but don’t feel bad. The ‘machine’ would like for us to believe that.

      The Supreme Court ruled, in Reid vs Covert, that no treaty can supercede the Constitution. This has been the law since 1791.

      The ruling states:

      “It would be manifestly contrary to the objectives of those who created the Constitution, as well as those who were responsible for the Bill of Rights — let alone alien to our entire constitutional history and tradition — to construe Article VI as permitting the United States to exercise power under an international agreement without observing constitutional prohibitions. [n32] In effect, such construction would permit amendment of that document in a manner not sanctioned by Article V. The prohibitions of the Constitution were designed to apply to all branches of the National Government, and they cannot be nullified by the Executive or by the Executive and the Senate combined.

      There is nothing new or unique about what we say here. This Court has regularly and uniformly recognized the supremacy of the Constitution over a treaty. [n33] For example, in Geofroy v. Riggs, 133 U.S. 258, 267, it declared:

      The treaty power, as expressed in the Constitution, is in terms unlimited except by those restraints which are found in that instrument against the action of the government or of its departments, and those arising from the nature of the government itself and of that of the States. It would not be contended that it extends so far as to authorize what the Constitution forbids, or a change in the character of the [p18] government, or in that of one of the States, or a cession of any portion of the territory of the latter, without its consent.”

      “No agreement with a foreign nation can confer power on the Congress or on any other branch of Government, which is free from the restraints of the Constitution.” “The prohibitions of the federal constitution are designed to apply to all branches of the national government and cannot be nullified by the executive or by the executive and senate combined.” Reid v. Covert, 354 U.S. 1, 1 L. Ed 2nd 1148 (1951)

      Can’t do it. Not Constitutionally, anyway. The Constitution is the Land of the Land.

  15. Hank says:

    Bob left out a few attack vectors. Federal offices will probably be set on fire. Imagine if the fire fighters refused or were convinced to not work the fire but only contain it. What if federal agents could not eat at a restaurant or order pizza for fear of being poisoned? Fear gnaws at a person. Makes them think of a new line of work.

    • A Texan says:

      The press, media and Hollywood boosters of gun control/confiscation will (and should) be made to feel the heat from any fires that they have helped to create and fan over the years. The good thing is that the members of the first 2 groups live in every city and town out there, so target acquisition won’t be a problem for anyone so inclined.

  16. SiGraybeard says:

    Linked back from my place.

  17. Yank lll says:

    I\’m not convinced of the NG\’s reliability after seeing the OKNG violate constitutional law in Katrina.. and law enforcement will probably go with their pay master at least in the beginning.
    The quislings in media and politicos don\’t stand a chance and I was disappointed to see the most effective enemy camp completely left out of this scenario.. The Educators,at every level, who have laid the foundation and ground work of marxist and socialist ideology for this treason for the last 50 years.. and dont forget Union activists both here and abroad since they are all in the same bed..

    Yank lll

    • Kevin Kehoeq says:

      It would have been interesting to see some resistance, but that’s why the never enter the swamps.

      Kill a few of them and us and the Dynamic might change for the Better.

    • SDN says:

      Yank, the difference between what was gotten away with in Katrina and in the scenario Bob describes was the minor distraction of a hurricane in progress. They won’t be that lucky twice, and without a handy excuse the focus will be on them.

  18. Ed Foster says:

    As an enlisted man, I took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies domestic and foreign, but also to obey the orders of officers legally appointed above me.

    My brother, as an officer, only swore to defend the constitution. Not the U.S., not the President, or Congress, or the Supreme Court. His definition of the Constitution.

    That\’s why Judah P. Benjamin, Treasury Secretary for the Confederacy, went to jail for treason, but Jefferson Davis and Robert E. Lee didn\’t. Benjamin had never been an officer in the military.

    So, essentially it is the officer corps of the American military that is the final arbiter of what is legal and what is not. And the UCMJ doesn\’t allow the government to force any military person to commit an act they personally feel is repugnant.

    When Congressman Rangel stated three or four years ago that military service was killing blacks at a rate higher than whites, \”Sending black men to die in white man\’s wars\”, it was pointed out that African-Americans made up less than one percent of any of our combat units, and the African-American enlistment rate essentially disappeared after September 11th. Said units are recruited overwhelmingly in the deep south, the Rocky Mountain west, and among blue collar urban Irish-Americans. As one liberal wit put it, \”Crackers, Cowboys, and Cops\”.

    I suspect it would only take a few conservative soldiers lawfully refusing and sucessfully quoting the UCMJ before most if not all combat units stood down. That would leave any punitive raids to poorly motivated support troops, disproportionately minorities.

    American hunters constitutes by far the largest army on earth, and I can\’t see the Air Force or Navy bombing every suburb and small town to kill the adult male population. They take the same oath too.

    I can\’t see the army sending in armored units for the same reason(s). And even NBC might think a few dozen 120mm tank rounds excessive for putting down occasional harrassing fire.

    In a series of mostly infantry meeting engagements, I suspect the cooks, plumbers, and clerks sent into harm\’s way would quickly evaporate, probably after committing a number of atrocities, leaving Washington looking very weak and probably forced to offer a general amnesty.

    What bothers me more is a state grab, especially here in Connecticut. I come from a four generation police family and I\’m not shooting at any cops, most of whom are probably more conservative than I am.

    What I will do is wait until after the deadline for surrendering weapons has expired, then surrender myself for trial. I suspect that damn near every male shooter and some of the female shooters at or near retirement age would do so as well.

    With almost all of us having pistol permits and clean records, I imagine we would get minimum security somewhere. The normal number of prisoners in CT jails is about 18,000 at any given time. I suspect the Governor would end up giving three hots and a cot plus free medical care to four or five times that many shooters within a few weeks, with tens of thousands of families outside the wire and totally outraged.

    There\’s little or no profit from dairy operations in CT, with people just about breaking even and continuing in the business as a hobby or family tradition. Perhaps a week without milk or cream might bring things home to the lumpen proletariat, plus whatever slowdowns and stoppages pro-gun folks in the service and trucking industries might concoct.

    I would hope there would be no violence, but if there was, perhaps it would be directed at the politicians and news people who pushed for confiscatory laws, and I would also hope that few or no firearms were used. I really do think that the gun owner\’s best (discrete) friend would be the police and National Guard.It\’s always best to have friends on the inside.

    • mark says:

      Holy Shitske… you’d “surrender yourself”? What is wrong with you Easterners? Your very act of submission is the OK that the supporters of this unlawfull regime look for. You seriously need to look into your heart and figure out what is just and constitutionally protected rights that really matter. You think that if a million act such as yourself that you’ll somehow break the system? What an infantile thought process. You have been dependent on government too long. Time to exersize some personal responsibilty and fight for your rights. Doing this sends a message that we will keep our rights and not forfeit them to an unjust government.

      • Justinian says:

        The liberals will be laughing at him as he gets raped in prison.

        What is it with so many conservatives….they have become so civilized that they now believe that violence even in response to the most egregious tyranny is illegitimate?

        Its people like that poster that have bound the hands of justice for so long.

        A little resistance when this was all getting started would have stopped in its tracks.

        But no… they always argued with each violation of our rights that “cooler heads must prevail” and meekly threatened to vote for someone else in the next election (which they never did anyway).

        I think its probably an effect of the corruption and degradation of Christianity into an effeminate, pacifist religion that has turned them all into sniveling cowards.

    • Colorado Patriot says:

      I was enlisted… for a longer time than some people here have been alive I suspect.

      I took that oath, at least six times and it never expired – and while it does say “obey the orders of the President and those appointed over me” I don’t recall that when I retired I was being held to any part of that oath – OTHER than my own moral beliefs. And I don’t answer to anyone, other than God now and my own conscious.

      Turning yourself in, I suppose is noble to the cause. But in so doing you’re also placing yourself at the mercy of a State that might not be as lenient as you believe.

      Best wishes for however that works out.

      • Cargosquid says:

        I was in for 25 years. And throughout that time, I was told that I had a duty to obey LAWFUL orders. If I felt that an order was UNLAWFUL, I was to disobey it. Of course, then, I would be arrested…etc. So I had better have my ducks all in a row.

        Unconstitutional orders are just that. Always. Period. I believe that the majority of military members would quickly stop obeying any tyrannical orders.

    • Now that is NUTS. Brother, i was with you right up to the point of surrender. Just a bit of sage advice: Grow a pair.

    • As a lone wolf marauder, which is the direction I would take during ML, they wouldn’t have good odds against me in the deep woods of northern MN. Our hunting league has already constructed survival and ammo caches in our collective hunting areas. Unless of course they go nam style and nape or even nuke the whole area. I DO NOT love the smell of gasoline in the morning.

    • mikecris says:

      Jury nullification should eliminate any jail time…

  19. Seer says:

    Eerily similar to which is the most important essay on gun control in the last decade at least. That, and this, are must-reads.

  20. Daybrother says:

    “Can we stop with the rebellion stuff? It’s an unrealistic fantasy.”

    How old are you? Have you ever lived in a place where soldiers routinely walk around with weapons and citizens try to avoid them. Where you walk quickly in another direction because the military can DO ANYTHING they want to almost anyone they want?
    You are a fool who thinks he lives in a fixed and safe world.
    You don’t. So don’t go around shooting your stupid mouth off.

  21. carlito says:

    Sounds like a wingnut’s wet dream!

    Two words for you, Bob: Remember Waco.

    • Troy Riser says:

      By all means yes, let’s remember Waco, where the federal government managed to screw up a simple arrest and ended up burning 76 people to death, including a number of children–children whose safety and lives were ostensibly the reason for the arrest in the first place, not to mention the senseless loss of a number of its own agents in an ill-considered rooftop assault.

      You might consider providing another example of federal invincibility. This one isn’t working.

    • Brad says:

      Three words for you, carlito: Remember Oklahoma City

      Seriously, do you really want to unleash a small army of lone wolf types like Timothy McVeigh upon the nation?

    • SDN says:

      Except we won’t be in isolated compunds; we’ll be in your neighborhood when the tanks and other heavy weaponry get called.

  22. Troy Riser says:

    No one can say with any certainty what might happen if the federal government attempts a midnight knock-at-the-door mass confiscation of privately owned firearms, so I’m leery of detailed scenarios such as the one spelled out here. War is, after all, an uncertain business. You can play out the possibilities as a kind of war-gaming exercise but once things start and the causal chain begins playing out, events take on a life, logic, and momentum of their own, which is impossible to predict.

    I’m frightened for my country, frankly, since the last Civil War tore us apart and cost hundreds of thousands of lives (including two of my great-great uncles, one at Gettysburg and one at Andersonville prison camp). It took generations to heal and wasn’t truly over until the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

    So the big question right now is whether or not the hardcore, old-school authoritarian radicals currently in charge of the federal government truly think they can pull it off. Since Progressive elites view themselves as our enlightened betters and envision we happy, bitterly clinging few as a pack of gap-toothed idiot bigots in camouflage, full of beer and bluster, I’m guessing yes, they probably think they can.

    Hard times coming, I think.

    • I think certain lone wolf types are already sending bullet votes to the power elite. You’ll just never hear about any of them. You may here something like- someone falling down and getting a concussion, when in fact, it was an attempt on their life.

    • Jim Cumber says:

      TO all you ex-military and police: I took the same Oath you did, and it had NO expiration date! I am now 63 years old, and I am an OATH KEEPER! Unfortunately, we have a POTUS and many politicians who are OATH BREAKERS! Look up OATH KEEPERS and note the 10 Orders We Will Not Obey! FIRST POINT: be sure to REMIND OUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS OF THEIR OATHS BEFORE OPENING FIRE! Let’s nip this in the bud before the shooting starts. As I understand it, the TSA and DHS do NOT take the same Oath, nor are they actual “Peace Officers.” What we can do with them, I am NOT sure…

  23. agpilot66 says:

    Whatever scenario you can imagine throw in a strategic product, electricity. Whichever side shuts it off doesn’t matter, whoever gets the blame will matter. Shut off the juice & in 3 days everything comes to a screeching halt. No juice, no diesel pumped, then no trucks, no more groceries & the silly little baubles at Wally World. No juice, no fresh water & no sewage pumps. Think of people used to being warm when it’s cold & being cool when it’s hot. What ever revolt action is taken, be prepared to end it in 3 days or all the “comfortable” civilians will blame who they think turned it off.

    • DNME says:

      Take it one step further.

      The electricity goes out, the Internet goes down and your cell phone dies. The only source of news you’ve got is a portable radio but there’s nobody transmitting.

      Three days later, when everything comes back on, lots of people are missing.

      Do you have a backup communications plan? Like a meeting place?

  24. StukaPilot says:

    I suspect the recent spate of domestic massacres, culminating in the slaughter of 20 children at Sandy Hook school, are regime false flags – Holder’s bloody handprints are all over them – aimed at enabling the gun grab. These creatures, from Soros through Bloomberg, Obama, Schumer, Feinstein et al & on down to the local collaborators – cf. that newspaper outing gun permit owners – are cold-blooded globalist-Stalinist killers who must be rendered harmless. But let’s not underestimate them either. Until the Ponziconomy collapses, they can dispose tremendous force against us. So, short of a physical gun confiscation move – i.e., another Waco/Ruby Ridge – let’s have no anarchic acts on our part.

  25. Unfortunately I feel you are being too optimistic. People are sheep and will gladly give up their freedom. Haven’t we done so already?

  26. wws says:

    agree with the scenario, although I think there’s one really big factor that’s been ignored so far, because to all of us it is unthinkable – and yet it’s far from impossible. Yes, an insurrection will start, and many military and ex-military with lots of hands on experience would be involved.

    The real wild card here is when some lone wolf or more likely, some paramilitary cell gets hold of a Nuke. Not as hard to do for the people who know where they are as you think it would be. The biggest ssafeguards are desigmed to prevent one from being smuggled into the country, but once it’s already here – you can load it up in a semi and truck it to any city you feel like. Talk about the ultimate truck bomb! And really kind of easy to hide – put it in a cement truck, or a garbage truck, packed in sheets of lead. It would never be detected.

    Once the nukes start to go off, that’s when the real hell on earth begins.

  27. Armed Citizen says:

    See, I think it would play out much faster. The President is the Commander and Chief but our soldiers love this country much more than he does and they are not required to follow an unconstitutional order. While he will have his followers, I believe that you would see most of both the military and federal/state police agencies turn much quicker. We should do EVERYTHING we can to avoid this but be prepared for it if it does reach this point.

  28. GoldenToe says:

    I got banned from a few sites for suggesting similar tactics.
    The founding fathers put together this nation so it was to work from the ground up, not top down like it is now.
    So many people look to the federal government for answers even for the slightest problems.
    The Sheriff of your county is the highest public represenative in all of America in you respective county. It starts with him/her. City council, County Commission..etc
    If tyranny ever did come to America. Then you deal with it at the local level.
    The Sheriff is dealing with the federal government? You deal with him/her.City council, so and and so forth.
    You work from the bottom up. It’s awesome how the Founders looked at the big picture. There is no easy road for tyranny if you follow the Founders map.

  29. Warren Bonesteel says:

    Mr. Owens, I’ve been banned from conservative sites for saying less than half of what you’ve said in this article. At other sites, I’ve been personally attacked and even threatened for saying less than a quarter of what you’ve said, here.

    Then again, if you had seriously mentioned this scenario ten years ago, anywhere in America, you were dismissed as a nutcase…no matter the references and resources you provided. There was plenty of evidence, even if you ignored anything and everything the right-wing militias and conspiracy theorists were saying.

    That said, your scenario is very close to one I worked out almost a decade ago. My own research tells me that
    – in the end – freedom-lovin’ fools will win. It won’t be easy and it won’t be w/o significant cost. (Lots of screaming, running and dying.) We’ll also get a litle foreign aid from parts overseas. That’s a given, really.

    We do need about 2% – 3% of the population actively engaged in resistance and another 30% – 35% actively supporting them in order to ensure success.

    However, as you’ve also said, it won’t be America as we know it. In many ways, it’ll be better. People who are independent and self-sufficient will have a marked advantage.

    Freedom-lovin fools -eventually- win. We just have to show up.

    We do need to avoid certain mistakes often seen in variations of The Vanguard Theory. Direct attacks against the general population and un-armed civilians absolutely must be avoided.

  30. theBuckWheat says:

    While it is useful to explore this kind of bloody and ugly future, at what point is the trajectory of tyranny of the federal government more of a threat to what liberties that are left than the threat posed to liberty of calling for a Constitutional Convention? This is especially true because we now have 30/50 Republican governors and almost as many majority conservative state legislatures.

    Moreover, whatever such Convention produces will have to be ratified by a supermajority of remaining States.

    A Convention could dissolve the existing federal government. The key question must be: What must be different in order to preclude the decent into socialism and tyranny that we are suffering from now?

    For example, how would one rephrase “shall not be infringed” to ensure that a right will not? How would one rephrase the Tenth Amendment so that the People truly remain sovereign and the federal government subservient instead of being able to become a self-funding Leviathan?

    The downside of just repatriating the Constitution in Exile (you know, the original one), is that the instant the federal government is “reset”, the historical record of the present regime becomes a roadmap for how to restore tyranny.

    That is the discussion we must have! A side benefit will be that I hope the more people rise these issues, the more it will be a threat to Congress and the Executive to reconsider they present tyranny.

    We still have many peaceful avenues to walk down before we must resort to hard resistance.

    My ideas?

    At the very least: The federal government must not be allowed to spend more than it takes in. It must not be allowed to have fiat money or to borrow without intending to repay. Perpetual debt (in the form of fiat money and sovereign debt instruments) is an avenue to debt serfdom, which we have placed our children in without their consent.
    Voting must be limited to people who do not receive any direct compensation from government. Only natural persons can donate to political campaigns. Government employees cannot unionize. Government employees commit a crime if they lie to any citizen (18 USC 1001 must apply to everyone or to no one). Government cannot exempt itself from an rule or law except upon super-super-supermajority vote of Congress. (We will only allow undercover law enforcement to lie but nobody else)

    The present Constitution enumerates 13 powers. How do we put Leviathan back in its cage? Maybe the first step is that we must break out of the cage Leviathan is putting us in.

    • theBuckWheat says:

      Sorry, I could go on for a long time.

      I lay much of the present tyranny at the feet of the Judicial Branch. The Roberts vote on the recent AbominationCare case is just as good an example as any. While I am opposed to electing judges, we must have a way for the People to fire a judge who will not be restrained by the Constitution. The bar of impeachment is obviously too high as presently structured.

      Some states put each judge to a “knock-out” vote or a “retain” vote periodically. That might address the problem we have. But we have many interleaved problems, don’t we?

      • Kevin J J Kehoe says:

        No it is our fault no matter how Treasonous the judicial is we allowed it to happen since the civil war.
        They should have been tarred and feathered a long time ago.

        Yes it all goes and we start again after we are moral.
        But the Declaration of Independence Proceeds all of it.
        It also authorizes us to do our Duty and gives us all the power and authority we will ever Need.

        Kevin from lake ronkonkoma

  31. NM Patriot says:

    Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.

  32. WhiteFalcon1 says:

    barry will run off to the Big Island where he’ll be virtually untouchable and has a navy base to protect him, anyone popping him, and I DO NOT advocate that, will come from inside his own security! History has shown us how a paranoid dictator responds to such a situation and its never been positive for the people…this entire fiasco was caused by BOTH sides giving in far too many times when standing their ground would have worked far better, not their BOTH, dems and repubs, in this up to their eye teeth and they KNOW it, which is why I believe the repubs WILL concede and cave to the taking firearms away, self-preservation is a humans strongest instinct, and they have a lot more than us,to lose, and their NOT going to give up what the believe themselves entitled to, not going to happen!
    They’ll lose, but the entire country will lose its spirit right along with them, we have to get back to the Founders principles and God, positive character traits, honor, character, integrity, morality, they cannot be legislated by men, men don’t have the power to take what God has given good and righteous men, good men can only give those rights away!
    I hope and pray the above doesn’t happen, for all of us as a nation, but those who created this mess have to be outed and its not likely they’ll go on their own…the smell of hanging corpses in DC from all those pretty cherry trees, is unfortunately, a powerful motivator…let’s all pray it never comes to that!
    Though I fear it will, I have to pray it doesn’t….OUT them ALL, both sides and start over with the core values of the The Declaration, Constitution, Bill of Rights and their intent, which was men were to be led by God, and God fearing men, those in DC today, with very few exceptions, haven’t talked to God in decades!
    Good luck, and God bless!

  33. ERIK ASHER says:

    I agree with every word of this article. We must stop the gun bill from passing if we are to have any chance to save our republic.

  34. SandyHook says:

    Now that your website has come to my attention, I feel the need to ensure that it is kept under surveillance, and that anonymous URL registration pierced.

    • LaughingAtMoonbats says:

      Quote: “Now that your website has come to my attention, I feel the need to ensure that it is kept under surveillance, and that anonymous URL registration pierced.”

      Hey moonbat… you do realize he has YOUR ip address as well, and could simply post it up in a similar fashion to what those Commies over at the journal news got – eh? Speaking personally, I could track you to your doorstep inside 45 minutes if I had your ip.

      We surround YOU statist. Remember that.

    • LaughingAtMoonbats says:

      PS: We feed you too.

      Mull that to it’s logical conclusion next time you chow down on your veggie-burger with pureed soybean whip.

  35. robins111 says:

    I don’t believe Billy and I’m Canadian, I think it’ll get real ugly soon, and if even 1% of the gun owners rebel, there’s gonna be real problems. Remember the vast majority of the metrosexuals are urban dwellers, as such dependant on electricity and water.. Any self respecting anarchist would mess with the grid, thereupon turning the cities into perpetual riots, when there’s no water ( needs electricity) no power, and the ebt cards won’t work.. they’ll feed off themselves, and any or all the LE and military will be needed to semi-control the situation.

    • Mike James says:

      They’d start moving out from the urban areas to the countryside after about a week’s time, looking for food, I’d say. Bad time to be a yuppie in the suburban areas, then.

  36. The INFIDEL says:

    What firearm, a single shot rifle is if not more accurate, more lethal and more powerful as any other sniper rifle….

    I leave this as food for thought

    The Infidel!
    2nd Generation Military Shooting Team

  37. R7 Rocket says:

    Note also that the fed govt is $16T in debt and rapidly rising, with $71.6T in unfunded liabilities. A logistical nightmare for the tyrants.

    • Weisshaupt says:

      They Tyrants are running out of time. They can’t just run out the clock, chip away at our rights, and expect to maintain control of the country. When the dollar goes, so does much of their power. That event will originate outside the country, as foreigners stop using the dollar for international trade and reserve. It may be sudden overnight event or a slow migration over 3-5 years, but with continuous printing it MUST happen, and in fact, is already happening. As arrogant as they are, the tyrants must know this. They are going to be forced to attempt a mass gun confiscation and a full on police state. Time is NOT on their side. Sadly this probably means we are waiting for Princip – the international event that will allow them to start WWIII. This justifies the draft and deportation of young, dissatisfied, unemployed adults, the rationing of needed resources such as food and fuel, the establishment of interment camps, the deployment of military personnel to guard the streets and any number of liberty killing edicts. There is nothing like a (Genuine) outside threat to the country to keep those Military outfits in line. Think this is unlikely? Read the history leading up to WWI. WWII has many of the same attributes. This does not need to be a false flag. We have plenty of enemies that can be goaded into picking a fight, as FDR goaded the Japanese prior to WWII. Research it. Research FDRs economic measures both during and before the war ( look at the “Blue Eagle” laws and wonder how those were left out of your public “education”) WWIII will be used as the excuse to declare martial law and seize complete economic control. and if you resist you will be assumed to be a spy. FDR was the first fascist president, and Obumbles is here to finish the job.

  38. Philo says:

    I think you’re putting too much faith in the military and law enforcement. Only one unit refused the order to unconstitutionally confiscate firearms in the wake of Katrina. When faced with making a moral stand with the Constitution for a bunch of people largely unknown to them, risk losing their paycheck and pension, and possibly become targets themselves, many, if not most in law enforcement will take the easy route and just follow orders. These are organizations filled with people trained to follow orders. Most will do so.

    If, (and I pray it doesn’t happen) some form of national confiscation takes place, I wouldn’t count on massive resistance. The demographics of modern America alone paint a terrifying picture when it comes to resistance, and the federal government is largely integrated into every aspect of the citizens life.

    I’m not saying there won’t be fierce resistance – there will be. I’m just holding out hope that suddenly, a population that’s been sliding into the abyss for the last few generations is going to suddenly do an about face.

    • knutsaac says:

      Just to say…the National Guard IS NOT the active duty military…no shape, form, or fashion.

  39. Philo says:

    ‘I’m just NOT holding out hope…’

  40. Franco Zerilli says:

    Sorry Bob, maybe picket signs on a corner but I suspect those folks won’t be willing to use up their sick days or vacation time to participate in the revolution.

    After all, there’s mortgages and new vehicles to pay for, kids to shuttle to and from soccer, football, baseball, etc…….They just won’t have the time.

    But they’ll boast online about it or even write blogs about it like you do………

    There will be no revolution, life is too comfortable to get involved in those things…..

    • magnacarta says:

      W R O N G !!!!!!

    • DNME says:

      Exactly wrong.

      How about militia drills every Saturday afternoon, followed by a free meal?

      I’ll bet there are plenty of unemployed 17-45 year olds with nothing else do to on Saturdays who would love a good meal. (Tell them NOT to bring their rifles … yet.) Just an afternoon of marching drills, classes on tactics and American history and discussions about the Constitution, then a hearty meal before breaking up for the day. Any bets there wouldn’t be hundreds willing to join up, in each and every small town in America?

      Marksmanship classes can start next week, or maybe the week after.

      Anybody interested?

      • Your on the right track but train every night of the week and parade in mass with other groups on Sunday fully kitted out! Then let the the church women feed ya in the pews. If a predator strikes a church it will draw God into the fight and he has deacons! (deconstruction experts)

  41. whitehall says:

    As someone pointed out, 30 of the 50 governors are Republicans.

    I suspect that the real resistance will come at the state level. Think Rick Perry is going to let Texas roll-over for a clearly unconstitutional gun control law and its enforcement?

    Each state’s National Guard can be called up by the President but what if a governor says “No way!” The feds pay most of the Guards’ expenses but with the funny money being debased by the Federal Reserve, that will be a weak incentive.

    I’ve long suspected that a desired goal for our country’s competitors (Russia and China, mainly) is for the United States to be come disunited. Splitting into red and blue clusters would greatly weaken and impoverish all Americans except perhaps some of the elites.

    After the last election, my first thought was there is nothing to stop Obama now. He has shown little respect for Congress or the courts and will increasingly rule by Executive Order.

    Another pressure point against him are the Democrats in Congress. Why are they so solid behind Reid and Pelosi? At some point their constituants have to be able to get their attention. Like Manchin from WV – he came on as an independent Democrat but seemed to fold at the first Democratic leadership pressure.

  42. Veritas says:

    History demonstrates that true revolutions never produce what they promise the public. They may preach about freedom but they usually provide an orgy of blood letting. The French Revolution produced Napoleon. The Russian Revolution produced Stain. The Mexican Revolution produced not democracy but a series of facists and oligarchs. The English Revolution produced Cromwell.

    What the communists in America are aiming for is unlike to result in what the claim anymore than Rosa Luxembough’s activities could have been foreseen to produce the Hitler Regime.

    The author is correct in stating the future for the USA is unclear but if a civil war results it will be far, far worse than the Civil War because Obama has divided across every possible measure. Civility is dead, the rule of law is dead, the Constitution is dead.

    All that remains is to prepare and take your stand.

    • Weisshaupt says:

      The American Revolution produced America. Why? Because the participants were not French, Russian, or Mexican. Most of the revolutions in the 20ths century preached redistributionist Marxism- where “freedom” means freedom FROM responsibility and freed TO steal from your neighbor. Americans ( the real kind) know the taste and benefit of freedom and that made all of the difference. Washington DID NOT become King. He didn’t want the job.

  43. Dimetrodon says:

    You are wrong on the sheeple thing historically speaking.

    During the original American Rvolutionary War about one percent of the population were Patriots. Another one percent were Loyalists to King George III and the remaining 80 percent were “sheeple” who simply waited the war out to side with the winning side. This is pretty much the situation we have today.

  44. Michael says:

    Take it to Hollywood Bob, Its very well thought out I think your on to something, however that being said, Americans are sheeple and I seriously doubt they’d let go of the grip they have on their Cheetos to take up arms

    Love to see it on the big screen though

  45. azmtnman says:

    Can I have the TV series rights?

  46. I wrote a book called FOE available on my site. My interest here is one of a researcher on the coming unpleasantness!

    There is allot of good information here to mull over. In an attempt to gather Intel for a personal sitrep I am amazed by the almost complete lack of confiscation support. Citizens seem to be stocking up, digging in, and setting their houses in order; ie prepare to march!

    The elites seem to have a plan long played that would give them complete dictatorship. I’m getting the feeling that millions of hunters just found a new game animal drinking tea in mansions and pushing pawns around a big table like some kinda sadistic game of risk. This situation only occurred one time in history that I am aware of and that being the French Revolution! But will they call it a revolution this time or a turkey shoot?

    “pro-action is far more effective than reaction!”

    Will the elite go underground? Probably, but what will they do down there when the lights go out and the water begins to rise? Like shooting fish in a barrel!

    • sootsme says:

      Nah, America has just spontaneously decided to take up plinking, en masse. Cable and satellite are just getting so costly, don’tcha know…

  47. Marlene says:

    I agree. A militia is encouraged by our Constitution at that point. Funny how our forefathers knew this would happen 200 years ago!

  48. Debbie Banta says:

    This is perfectly written. How can I find this in an email format?

  49. Well, nice try, Bob. But here is what will really happen. Congress passes the law, the NRA et. al. scream about it and then … nothing happens.

    Some people affected (no more than 20 percent) comply with the turn-in order. The rest don’t comply.

    And they don’t organize, they don’t form insurgent groups, they don’t start assassinating politicians. They just hide their guns and continue with daily life as before.

    Another American revolution over such a law? Not a chance. Not for this reason nor any other. The American people decided beginning in the 1930s that we would surrender our sovereignty to the federal government and we have been doing so fervently and devotedly since then. Obama is merely running the end game. The vast majority – let me repeat, the vast majority – of Americans are fully sheepled now and will not forcefully resist any additional oppressive measure by this administration nor any other to follow.

    A better bet would be for the remaining liberty lovers to start now to take over selected state legislatures and governorships, preferably of adjoining states, and lay the political groundwork for interstate unity and the revival of nullification doctrine, dead though Andrew Jackson made it.

    This makes the federals the reactor rather than pro-actor and places them more publicly in the lawless role.

    Remember that the Supreme Court ruled in the 1870s that the Constitutional question of secession was moot because events had shown that secession was a matter settled by force or arms, not courts. However, nullification was never tested either by the courts nor by force of arms. It was ended purely by President Jackson’s threat personally to hang members of the South Carolina legislature. As S.C. was not being backed by other states, nullification soon withered away.

    But what if today only four or five states united in declaring null and void certain federal enactments, based on common legislative acts passed by their legislatures and signed by their governors? What exactly can or would Obama do about it?

    They most important thing to remember about beginning a revolution, whether peaceful or not, is that the King’s Dominion must be, and must be seen as, the initiating actor. That’s the position to put the federals in: opponents of the rule of law in which the states position themselves as its protector.

    • Bimbam says:

      Your contingency thinking that the sheeple will go along is correct to a CERTAIN POINT!

      This point is how the government WILL TAKE YOUR GUNS.

      Who will come after them?
      Will they comply?
      Will they use force?
      How strict will they really be?

      If all of the above involves violence on THEIR part there will be a rebellion.

      Besides there are many unknowns. Something like this never happened in OUR country. Truly this devil lady is messing with fire!

      Just remember a woman brought evil into the world because Adam was asleep at the wheel.