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Next test subject

Finally got this in for review, a week after I wanted it (of course). The handling is nice, though the thickness of the barrel makes the rifle feel a tiny bit muzzle heavy. That may balance out once I put a scope on it, and draw a little of the balance back towards the rear […]

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On personal defense weapons

Politicians tend to develop a mental malady where they think the mere accident of their election renders them as experts on many things. As anyone who has ever worked in a field they’ve attempted to touch can verify, they are far from experts, barely rise to the level of dilettantes, and tend to do more […]

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“A deliberate attempt to bypass the Constitutional process” NY Sheriff’s PBA blasts Cuomo, Legislature over NY SAFE

In an extraordinary January 24 letter directed at New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and top New York state legislators, the Saratoga County Deputy Sheriff’s Police Benevolent Association has ripped into New York’s rogue government for the tactics they used to unconstitutionally ram the NY SAFE Act through the state legislature into law, intentionally subverting the […]

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What air rifle for rifle marksmanship practice?

Reader Peter has an interesting question about rifle practice that I can’t answer. Anyone else want to take a stab at a response? Here’s my question: I could use some help selecting a good air rifle for Appleseed practice, and I suspect others might also be interested in that sort of information.  Whenever I go […]

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Thoughts on the Green Beret Second Amendment letter

Late yesterday I became aware of a statement either extraordinary or obvious, depending upon your point of view. More than 1,000 active duty and retired Green Berets had signed a letter in support of the Second Amendment. The letter itself is measured, matter-of-fact, and echoes many of the themes we’ve covered here before. They find […]

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