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The saddest truth in politics is that people get the leaders they deserve

Andrew Coumo’s “victory” over sanity in New York

Written By: Bob - Jan• 16•13

Rushing through a radical gun law law, passing it without reading it, is what Andrew Cuomo wanted, and his legislature gave it to him.

Cuomo signed the unread law full of half-baked ideas, empty rhetoric, and bad policy moments later, turning hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers into criminals.

He did this all for one reason: the right to claim that he was “first” to “do something.”

Andrew Cuomo did “something,” alright. We just don’t know how bad it is in total, not yet.

What we do know is that the law he forced through the legislature in backroom deals did nothing to address the mental illnesses of or defend against the next Adam Lanza, James Holmes, Jared Lougner, Seung-Hui Cho, Eric Harris, or Dylan Klebold.

He didn’t save any lives. He may cost more than a few.

Cuomo and his stooges, Senate leader Dean Skelos and Speaker Sheldon Silver, simply rammed through bad legislation nether read, nor debated, nor reasoned, nor considered. It was a bum’s rush from the Bums of Albany.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo wants more than anything to be President of the United States. He proved tonight he has neither the courage, the temperament, nor intelligence for the office.

May God have mercy upon his victims, the people of the state of New York.

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  1. lurker9876 says:

    How are the New Yorkers reacting to these new laws?

    • Bill says:

      Not well. The gun shop I visited just prior had about 12 people waiting on line. Not insignificant since most deer hunters are already stocked up.
      The man behind the counter joked with me when I asked about a different caliber than 5.56 or .308 that was snatched up in panic buying.

      The store was stocked, but their stock is essentially outlawed.

      The way I read the law I couldn’t buy an M1A if they had it available, even out of state, because they come with 10 or 20 round mags.

      That is some serious BS right there. The complaints are pretty much uniformly negative on the BBS, the comment sections below news articles, etc. Emails are flying fast and furious (Pardon that ill-thought out phrase)

      Pople are pissed. There’s a petition to repeal circulating.

      Many more are actively preparing to move. I’m in that number. I’m waiting to hear what the head Jackoff in charge wants to do nationwide before I do anything, though.

    • Dann W says:

      My family is moving. Some of my clients are planning on moving. I expect over the next 2 or 3 years upstate will lose thousands of people. The only thing keeping us is waiting to see where we can go.Other New England states are considering similar laws. Plus the possiblity of national legislation.

      We’re voting with our feet now.

  2. smitty says:

    “He proved tonight he has neither the courage, the temperament, nor intelligence for the office.”


    But such as Cuomo’s ilk have been the standard sorts of creatures that rule over us for decades…elected and re-elected despite clear indications of their eventual intent, which appears quite clear…now.

    As for the notion that individuals in LE and the military upholding their oaths, maybe some will forego their paychecks, but likely damned few.

    These people have been obeying unconstitutional orders to engage in warfare across the planet, enforcing unconstitutional laws by kicking in the doors of peaceable citizens, often killing them and their dogs, for, again, decades.

    As for *us*, we could have halted all the garbage in it’s tracks had enough of us merely served on Trial and Grand juries and refused to give the government the indictments and convictions needed to enforce their idiocies. But most of us were “too busy” to serve our duty as jurors and avoided it like the plague.

    As it is apparent that SHTF time is likely near, expect trial by jury, already watered down and rare-having been replaced by coerced plea bargaining, a corrupt judicial process unknown to the Founding Fathers-to simply disappear with the probable coming of martial law.

    Collectively, we have brought this on ourselves…

    I think it’s gonna get really ugly, so ugly the living may eventually envy the dead…

  3. Gayle says:

    I think this bears reposting, FWIW:

    A NY state senator is gathering names for a petition to repeal and replace the law just passed.

  4. Gayle says:

    Now is the time for all gun owners to seek out the resources and people within their own state to fight this battle.

    The states are the battleground now, the last stand against the government behemoth. Find your group – republicans, libertarians, secessionists, anyone making a stand, and – Fight!

  5. NYPatriot says:

    I am in NY and now find myself an outlaw due to this stupid law. That being said – I never planned on staying in NY when SHTF. My roots are down south so I would quickly evac down there. I feel bad for the many, many New Yorkers in rural areas who have held true to the original values of this country and will have to stay in NY because they have lived here for generations. To those people I say: my friends and brothers, you are behind enemy lines. Keep your heads down and quietly stock as many supplies as you can … when SHTF those us in the Free States will liberate you, one day.

  6. A says:

    It’s frightening. The rights of Law Abiding Citizens in New York State have been gutted in one midnight law session. Can you imagine if you went back in time and told some trooper from the 10th Mountain Division, dying on some mountain in Italy, what would become of his state? Senator Ball served as a military officer. That is clearly evident in his persona – he knows something is wrong here.

    At this point, everyone in New York should be rallying together, meeting up, figuring what is next in the short term.

    In the medium term, New York and the United States have been betrayed by those legislators who voted for this legislation. What needs to happen now is that a concrete plan must be put together so that these elected officials lose their seats in 2014. You must realize these men and women only understand two things: money and power. They understand Money only has it benefits them and they only understand power as they force New Yorkers to fear it.

    What needs to happen is they need to fear the power of the Citizens of New York.

    • NYPatriot says:

      A – New York is, an has been, lost. The numbers are against us. Can we make an impact in low-turnout mid-term elections? Probably. But these gains are always just temporary stop-loss. New York, like most “blue” states, has a demographics problem. The majority of the population (and growing) are centered in urban areas that vote overwhelmingly against us. These peons in the urban areas are so blinded and oppressed by a combination of their own laziness and government handouts that they will vote however they are told to by their Socialist bosses. The wealthy in the urban areas vote for anything to perpetuate the system, regardless of who it tramples upon – anything to keep the unwashed masses dumb, blind, oppressed, stupid, and hooked on credit cards.

      New York is a lost cause – as are other nearby states that have the same issues. These are already Police States which will crush any signs of organized resistance. The best course of action is to plan a “bug out” location to a friendly states, and being stocking supplies there. I think, one day, these “blue states” will be liberated by the free states – but it will take take.

      • westie says:

        Agree NY Patriot…look at the Obama votes in NYState. Come to the South, we in SC plan to fight the feral Federal beast once again!

  7. scituate_tgr says:

    I just came across this link for a class action case being developed by a Buffalo lawyer:

    This case is pro-bono for all the gun owners of New York.

  8. Mt Top Patriot says:

    You realize what just happened in NY?

    They just shut off the northeast corridor. You can not get in or out of New England with your arms without traveling through NY state.

    You see the set up here?

    Tactical and strategic choke point. With rolling VIPR teams on the roads they can ambush at will whomever they wish looking for persons, arms, and materiel.

    Along with it being an outright strategic act of war on our Liberty to defend from tyranny, a litany of acts of treachery, treason, and tyranny, this is in direct contravention of Article 10 of the US Constitution-Powers Prohibited States. Of course it is in direct violation of the 2nd, 4th, 9th, Amendments.

    It’s begun.

  9. Bill says:

    There’s a rumor going around by some attorneys reviewing the bill that there is a massive typo that may invalidate the whole thing.

    We’ll see on this.

    • NYPatriot says:

      … I hope that is true However, they will just pass it again … and maybe throw in the microstamping this time. I was quite surprised to see it left out. The media is not fully reporting how pervasive the “ammo rules” are now. The language of the bill implies that ALL ammo sales require a background check. All ammo sales records have to be electronically maintained and transmitted to the state. So, maybe you have a semi-auto/bolt rifle that is still “legal,” but now the State knows that you are buying ammo for that. You think the troopers are going to come knocking on your door because you bought a few hundred rounds of .223 for your legal weapon? or maybe you bought a 1,000 round box of .22LR – you are now flagged as an extremist, gun-loving criminal. ALL GUN OWNERS IN THIS STATE ARE NOW ENEMIES OF THE STATE.

      The second amendment has been fully eradicated in this State. As soon as there is a flare-up somewhere else in the country (as there is bound to be), we can all bet that any names they have from ammo purchases will be cross referenced with their lists of NRA members, Tea Party members, donations to political groups, etc … and the roundups will begin.


      • Bill says:

        I’m not too keen on ceding territory, but it may be time to let NY run its course.

        I was eyeballing Vermont, but it sounds like Lehey is about to torpedo that, too.

      • JD says:

        We need to act swiftly right now and strike with some non violent civil disobedience to let the rest of the country know we wont sit on our hands, it would encourage our allies to step it up as well, we need to gather all the momentum we can get to fascilitate resistance. Just as the marxists capitalize on emotion we need to fuel this anger and defiance and fan the flames of liberty that are starting to ignite all across New York State, Ive never whitnesed so many normal law abiding citizens talking the way they are talking, never have I seen such a rebelious spirit sring forth from even the most docile of people. For God’s sake people are actually talking about liberty and freedom and are waking up to what this government is doing to us. We need to act now while these sentiments are growing and take hold of this before its evil roots get too deep. Yes, lets petition and sue and protest but we need to do more than that and now. The enemy needs to know we will not sit down. And lets send a message to the patriots around the country that are watching us now that the time is here!

      • NY Patriot says:

        Bill – I was considering VT or NH for a long time. Even made some tentative plans. After some consideration, however, I didn’t see much advantage to being another “tourist” in NH. NH is already 65% tourists from MA. Not to mention being surrounded by blue states, and being at a significant disadvantage population and resource-wise. I could see hold-outs in the mountains of NH for years and years … but the rest of the state would be wiped clear. And who wants to suffer through NH winters, in the mountains, year after year? Not to mention NH land is expensive and difficult to develop.

        Reluctantly, I came to the decision that I needed to effect a full retreat into friendly territory. The distance stinks, but land & labor is cheap, winters are mild, and, most importantly, your neighbor is your ally.

        I just keep saying in the back of my head that, one day, God willing, I will be able to return to my beautiful North East when it is liberated.

  10. NY Patriot says:

    I completely agree about ceding territory. Especially the hallowed ground of NY where our forefathers bled mightily during the Revolution.

    That being said, I do not believe any “split up” of the US into separate entities would sustain itself for very long … and I expect that NY, and the rest of the USA, with a few exceptions, could be brought back into the fold over time.

    I wish I could agree with you, JD. However, I liken it to starting a fire: a fire doesn’t ignite, sustain, and flourish in an atmosphere that is overly hostile. NY is pretty much the most hostile place in the country for a “fire” – the massive federal, state, and local police presence (unequaled even in DC), the sensitivity here to “terrorists” due to 9/11, the lack of a vocal conservative majority, the demographics … etc, etc.

    Using up energy and momentum in a place like NY seems, to me, to be unwise – and I rest my head in NY and have substantial investments in NY. To me, NY is where the “seriousness” of a movement can be illustrated – a movement that is already self-sustaining elsewhere (i.e. “You want to mess with us – look how easily we can shut down Chicago, New York, LA, and DC/Balt through civil disobedience/sit downs/strikes/etc … now leave us alone.”)

    Again, it pains me to write off NY, for now. I just do not see any way around it. I would rather the people who are right-minded in NY keep their heads down and wait for relief, rather than be crushed outright – property and assets seized, etc.

    • JD says:

      Your points are well taken, and in the back of my mind I know you are right at least from a long term standpoint. I have no delusions about saving or fixing my home state but I cannot stay and do nothing, if NY falls without a wimper I will have denied everything I hold dear. Even if all i could do is piss on robocop’s shoe, it has to be done.

      • NYPatriot says:

        JD – Right on, brother. I can definitely relate to that sentiment. When the time comes, the hundreds of thousands like yourself, and the threat “behind enemy lines” you represent, will be one of the major deciding factors to end it all as quickly and bloodlessly as possible.

  11. AaronW says:

    My favorite LGS is run by a police officer. He’s in Westchester County, NY.
    He couldn’t sell ammo at all until he received guidance from the State Police, and because the new laws for NYS don’t carry a law enforcement exemption, he was selling pistols to cops last night without magazines (he had to hold on to them).

  12. Viktor says:

    He did this all for one reason: the right to claim that he was “first” to “do something.”

    You know, gun control is only one of the “solutions” that have been proposed “to do something” about events like the Newtown massacre. There’s banning “violent” video games; banning “violent” television and movies; banning anti-depressants or other pharmaceuticals; banning mental illness via permanent institutionalization; banning bad parents; banning this, and banning that.

    For Cuomo, the anti-gun crowd, and everyone else with a proposed “solution” to “do something” to, allegedly, stop evil people from doing evil things, … why can’t THIS:

    be the “something” that you do?

    I PROMISE you that it will be just as rational, logical, and effective as all of the other “solutions” combined.

  13. Joe Doakes says:

    Liberals fume about sample legislation offered by ALEC or NRA, then pass something like this? Who drafted it?