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Assault weapons and terrorists in America

Written By: Bob - Jan• 11•13

After reading the gun control proposals issued forth from Illinois, New York, and Washington, DC, I’ve taken it upon myself to scour the internet for dangerous terrorists that are using the sort of assault rifles that should be banned according to “common sense” gun control proposals.

If you see these dangerous individuals, or people like them, you are encouraged to call Homeland Security, the FBI, and the Air Force with targeting information.

This terrorist, who goes by the name "Amy," was photographed while learning subversive ideas here.

This terrorist, who goes by the name “Amy,” was photographed while learning subversive ideas.

This dangerous terrorist is approximately 100 pounds of pure, quivering rage, as this photo clearly shows. She is carrying an “assault sniper rifle” according to learned leaders such as NY Governor Andrew Cuomo, U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein, and Vice President Joe Biden. The Ruger 10/22 rifle in her hands is a semi-automatic .22LR rifle capably of using magazines of greater than ten rounds, and no magazines of less than ten rounds are known to be made for this rifle.

Another dangerous terrorist, armed with a Ruger 10/22 "assault weapon" at some sort of militia training.

A senior terrorist, at some sort of militia training.

You’ll note that this experienced terrorist is a master of disguise, and appears to be nothing more than a senior citizen having a “good time.” Don’t be fooled. Her variant of a semi-automatic Ruger 10/22 is just another “assault weapon” under proposed legislation that has “no use other than killing.”

Another subversive. Photograph by agitator/propagandist Oleg Volk.

Another subversive. Photograph by agitator/propagandist Oleg Volk.

This vicious killer is armed with a Marlin 795 “assault sniper rifle,” with a dangerously shiny magazine. Just because he’s adopted the appearance of a 10 year-old learning American history and heritage along with rifle marksmanship, don’t be fooled; he thirsts for your soul.

Yet more bloodthirsty terrorists, using AR-15s, firearms "only used for killing."

Yet more bloodthirsty terrorists, using AR-15s, firearms “only used for killing.”

The bloodlust among these AR-15 shooters dry-firing during a preparation period is obvious. Yes, it looks like they’re only shooting paper targets in some sort of marksmanship program, but there are probably puppies, kittens, and snail darters behind the targets.

Another terrorist with a weapons only used for killing, at a national target shooting competition.

Another terrorist with a weapons only used for killing, at a national target shooting competition.

“AR-15s are only good for killing,” as this terrorist competing in a National Match competition with a standard 30-round magazine plainly shows.

Sadly, even some members of the military have gone rogue and joined this terror cell.

Sadly, even some members of the military have gone rogue and joined this terror cell.

A full line of terrorists murdering innocents with AR-15 “assault weapons” at a place called “Camp Perry.” Note the U.S. Marines and U.S. Army soldiers, who while on duty, have defected to the enemy and are “spraying bullets” indiscriminately, sometimes even providing advice.

Will the madness never stop?

This aging terrorist looks vaguely familiar...

This aging terrorist looks vaguely familiar…

Another terrorist, armed with a powerful semi-automatic M1A “assault weapon” that uses 20-round magazines. The ammunition he shoots is probably of the kind with a Full Metal Jacket.

As the photographic evidence clearly indicates, “assault weapons,” as designated by national politicians, are too dangerous for any American citizen to touch. They are only used for mass murder, and spraying bullets indiscriminately. Through the use of clever photography and cropping, the millions of victims murdered at “Appleseed Project” history and marksmanship clinics, and “National Match Rifle Competitions” every year, have been swept under the rug.


Radical politicians drunk on power and desiring to subvert both natural law and the Constitution of the United States are attempting to demonize and destroy the one thing that prevents them from taking control of the nation over the will of the people, and against the express warnings of the Founding Fathers, who knew Republics always fall after tyrants disarm and enslave the people.

I wonder which is more nearly true?

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  1. Klingonwork says:

    That 100lb terrorist’s smile is deceptive…to me it says kill, kill, kill. And the woman in the chair? Just last week Feinstein swears she saw the woman ripping the beating heart out of a victim, holding it to an Aztec god, then eating it.

    We should all get behind Feinstein and Biden because next week they want to legislate what arm bands to wear and flags to hang from our balconies.

  2. Locks says:

    From FBI statistics for 2011:

    Number of murders by rifles: 323
    Number of murders by knives: 1694
    Number of murders by hammers: 496
    Number of murders by Personal weapons (hands, fists, feet, etc.): 728

    Solution? Cut people’s hand off.

  3. david7134 says:

    A question, if Obama moves to restrict the 2nd Amendment, does that mean he has violated his oath to uphold the Constitution? If so, does that mean we can get rid of him?

  4. Bill says:

    Out of the park, Mr. Owens.

  5. steve says:


    I’ve got mixed feelings. On one hand, banning ‘assault weapons’ will do nothing. On the other, I don’t think anyone’s rights will be impaired if they can’t buy a weapon with the cosmetic features that define an assault weapon. Are they really less able to defend themselves if they can’t buy a rifle that looks like something smuggled out of the US Army (as opposed to a weapon that was functionally the same but didn’t look so mean)?

    Along those lines, and given how easy it is to swap magazines, why does anyone need a 30+ cartridge magazine? Are my rights curtailed if I can’t buy a rifle with a bayonet mount? Or a folding stock?

    Care to comment?

    • Bill says:

      The argument isn’t “need”. Once this becomes about “need” we can easily expand that to needing the internet. Or computers, or electricity or clean drinking water or free healthcare…

      Rights are rights. Naturally posessed, regardless of need. Freedom of choice is freedom.

      I don’t need a vehicle with an 18 gallon tank, but it sure is handy. I don’t need an SUV, but they sure are great to have around.

      I’m using these as examples to make a point, I really have no desire to debate the individual parts and their merits.

    • Bob says:

      The Second Amendment was written so that citizens would have access to weapons of contemporary military utility for the purpose of deposing tyrants. There is no other reason.

      Towards that end, citizens should have access to the same features, accessories and accoutrements on their firearms as the military.

    • chowthen says:

      Look, you can think for yourself but this time there’s no more debates nor compromises we’ve done that in the past to erode our natural rights slowly. You think for yourself from now on because explaining things to people like you over and over just doesn’t go through you thick skull. I know that you’ve chosen a side and no one can change your way of thinking so go home and subscribe to people with the same interest. You’re just in sites like this to clutter.

    • david7134 says:

      The concept is “precedent”. IF they can control the look of a gun or any other aspect, they can do what they want in any manner they desire. You don’t allow the government any more control than is necessary. If it isn’t necessary, don’t allow them the authority.

  6. The NRA, despite it’s faults, remains the No. 1 pro-gun/
    pro-Second Amendment institution of America. However, bear
    in mind these others who have no NRA affiliation who remain
    useful to voters, gun owners, and free thinking citizens.
    They include: On the net

    1. JPFO, Inc. at
    2. The John Birch Society in
    Appleton, Wisconsin (
    3. The New American is the bi-weekly periodical
    of The John Birch Society (
    4. Gun Owners of America (
    5. Constitution Party of Oregon

    Check them out today.

  7. Lazarus Long says:

    Been to Camp Perry many times. The Mrs. is quite chatty with R. Lee when he is behind the firing line. Lots of fun to be there sweating with gunnies from all over the land. You meet the most politest people there.
    And they have great barbeque.

  8. Elisheva says:

    One of those pictures reminds me of my Appleseed Shoot at Withington Center in Raton, New Mexico. The whole piece reminds me of the sign I held at one of the Tea Party rallies in Albuquerque:

    Last night, I went to bed a peace-loving, homeschooling, tax-paying, Libertarian, New Mexico mom. This morning I woke up to find out I was a terrorist.

  9. Mike says:

    Great article! I was pleasantly surprised to see a picture with me in it. In the picture of the “senior terrorist” I am at the far end of the line. All you can see is my tan colored pants. I was training with my weapon of mass destruction at my first Appleseed shoot in Hastings Nebraska. I am proud to have qualified as rifleman and am nows an instructor in training.