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The saddest truth in politics is that people get the leaders they deserve


Written By: Bob - Jan• 03•13

At great personal cost, the Founding Father purchased a precious gift for us. They risked their lives, their homes, and their reputations and endured becoming traitors. They did so in order to throw off the chains of monarchy in order to preserve the freedoms given by God, which should never be constrained by man. After years of famine, defeat, and hardship after a war against the best military of its day, the Colonials defeated the Regulars and established our right to three boxes.

Many of you know the boxes of of which I speak. They are the soap box (freedom of speech), the ballot box (freedom to elect out own leaders), and the cartridge box (right to bear arms against enemies foreign and domestic). When treated with the seriousness and reverence they deserve, this political trinity has served this nation well.

The soap box has resulted in a chaotic, sometimes messy and profane, but always important airing of thoughts and opinions about the state of our union, the preservation of our rights, and future direction of our Republic.

The ballot box, which is used to elect the leaders we see fit to represent us in governments on the local, state, and federal level, is our tool to pick representatives in legislatures and executives of towns, states, and the nation.

The cartridge box, so essential to the seizing of our natural rights from a tyranny that did not respect them, serves as check now, as then, on those who would overwhelm the soap box and corrupt the ballot box.

To many, we seem to be on the cusp of the darkest of times.

Sober and reflective men who have seen the horrors of combat in far away nations are grimly preparing their kit for a conflict within the borders of our Republic. They do this not because they desire an interruption of our domestic tranquility, but because they’ve already seen it shattered.

A relatively small group of self-proclaimed elites have infiltrated our most sacred institutions. They have attempted to limit our free speech by rewriting our history and burying our heritage, challenging the very language we write and speak. They are corroding and fragmenting our culture, and have already successfully established easily-controlled subgroups that think of themselves not as Americans, but “-Americans” first.

It is quite the coup d’etat. Just days ago, a noted scholar from the halls of a major university took to the “paper of record” to call for an end to the Constitution, to our our entire way of life. No denunciation from the poli-media class came. Why would it? He was, after all, espousing their views. Their goal was to shrink the soap box and limit the ideas allowed to be presented by it, and they have been shockingly effective.

The ballot box has been eroded by the same poli-media class. I need not describe in detail what you can see with your own eyes. Power corrupts and creates a hunger for more power. Generations of carefully cultivated voters have culled themselves from the American Dream, becoming dependents of the state, ensuring the eventual downfall of the Republic. It is now fiscally impossible to save the Republic, not that any current politician in either party has any desire to do so. That ballot box has been corrupted, and is now being used to extort the work of our best and brightest and most productive to serve the ill-informed, lazy, entitled, and profane for as long as the circus continues.

Two legs of the trinity corrupted and verging upon collapse, those who would see our Republic reduced to a memory of greatness and mediocrity are using a series of isolated crimes to condemn the last threat to their dreams of becoming a true ruling class.

The two bills that passed out of committee in Illinois last night are nothing more or less than a headlong assault on the right to keep and bear arms. One bill would criminalize the ownership of standard capacity magazines. The other seeks to outlaw all semi-automatic pistols, shotguns, and rifles, along with pump-action shotguns.

[Update: New York’s legislature has also taken steps down the path to infamy, where merely owning an AR-15 would be a crime on par with rape.]

A powerful legislator in Iowa made a similar impassioned call for not just criminalization, but the forced confiscation of semi-automatic firearms. These proposals echo calls from New York governor Andrew Cuomo, U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein, and President Barack Obama.

All of the actors and acting parties are well aware of the explicit, contextual meaning of the Second Amendment to our Constitution.

They are cognizant of the fact that it was written to ensure that the People would remain armed with weapons of contemporary military utility.

They are aware it was written by men who had just won a  long and bloody war against tyrants, so that any attempt at tyranny would be met with bloody resistance and the forfeiture of the would-be tyrant’s lives. Weapons of war are specifically the arms the Second Amendment was meant to protect.

The cartridge box is the last true threat to the lesser state and the downfall of our Republic. They will come at it, and us, with the ferocity of true believers.

Tread carefully.

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  1. Cole says:

    It’s a lame duck session and those heading out the door feel safe to push through a ban. So this has a good chance of passing. Looks like Illinois is going to be ground zero and I’ve got a front row seat. Who knew Lexington and Concord were in Illinois? Good luck and God bless.

  2. Tino Feld says:

    The Capitol of Minnesota is going for AWB; no doubt the rest of the state will follow.

    We posses great carry laws due to pro-gun lawyers drafting them. There has never been a problem with legal firearm in MN, especially with the 112,091 current carry-permit holders.

    Freaking idiots. It’s the gangs in St. Paul and Minneapolis that are committing all the gun crimes, but due to PC we’re not allowed to disclose that fact.

    I once contacted a well-known journalist after her asinine article and provided both statistics and facts on the some 50 yearly murders in Minneapolis. She declined to believe the statistics of the MPD.

    Minnesota newspapers never divulge fact relating to the gun-related murders. It’s as if we gun owners just decide to out and shoot poor black, Hispanic and Asian youths.

    Whatever, I’m too old and sick to care, especially when PTB are stupid.

    I’m waiting.


  3. DPS says:

    Mr Owens,

    I find your web site just a few days ago and would like to say Sir I am a huge fan, keep up the great work. And I will do my part to get this info out to the rural areas of the TX panhandle.


  4. Adena says:

    Don’t forget the forth box, the jury box (the right to a trial by a jury of your peers.) Pay close attention to the grievances against the King during the Revolution. The injuries included such offenses against justice as “depriving us, in many cases, of the benefit of Trial by Jury” and “transporting us beyond Seas to be tried for pretended offenses.” How soon will we loose this right and be tried for pretend offenses and disappear?

    • Adena says:

      With the signing of the National Defense Authorization Act yesterday you can bet that reality will happen sooner rather than later.

  5. Bill says:

    So if NY is hell-bent on criminalizing all of my weapons just for owning them, I might as well carry them with me.

  6. Expat says:

    What about some form of Cloward-Piven-type civil disobedience?

    If they enact bans and demand confiscation, make them come to us. Do not willingly surrender anything. Tino Field mentions in his comment that MN has 112,091 current carry-permit holders. What would that do to the system if all of them did this together; if all 100+ million of us united and did this nationally?

  7. Pii says:

    You forgot a box… The Jury box – largely neutered today, but originally conceived as a means not just of weighing the facts of the case, but indeed of the justice of the law itself. Essentially, the jury has/had the power of nullification.

  8. 1911A1 says:

    The ballot boxes have been stuffed, the soap boxes been drowned out by the leftist mass media, the jury boxes have been rendered largely useless by leftist judges who legislate from the bench instead of applying the rule of existing law.

    Irresistible force is preparing for a meeting with immovable object.