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The saddest truth in politics is that people get the leaders they deserve

Congresswoman Ellmers not pleased by Obama’s attacks on the Second Amendment

Written By: Bob - Jan• 17•13

Congresswoman Renee Ellmers (NC-2) let the boy-king have it with both barrels:

“President Obama is once again exploiting a tragedy for political gain and eroding our constitutional rights for the sake of an extreme liberal agenda. We need to have a serious discussion on how we can prevent troubled individuals from carrying out their insane intentions. But attacking our legal rights and liberties through abusive executive orders destroys the very principles that have protected our citizens from oppressive government power for over 236 years.”

Of course he wants “oppressive government power.”

In Obama’s way of thinking, citizens are too stupid to work for their own best interests and must be wards of the state, with every part of their lives guided and controlled like cattle inexorably guided into chutes. When you come from that mindset—that people other than you are stupid—then of course the thought of them being armed with the sort of weapons the Founders intended us to have must be terrifying. My God… the proles could resist our mandates with guns!

It is the mindset that “we know what is best for you.” Obama holds himself as being a superior being, above the people. Sadly, anyone who has been in Washington more than a decade seems to succumb to this intoxicating, self-important view.

Ellmers on the other hand, takes the view that she and other politicians are of the people, as the Founders intended.

It’s too bad we don’t have 10-year service limits on assault politicians.

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  1. WiscoDave says:

    While I respect Congresswoman Ellmers for speaking out like this I withhold my admiration until I see legilators returning to their home States and offering to raise and lead the militia.
    Rhetoric is empty until backed by action.
    Give me a leader – I’m more than ready to follow.

  2. Orion says:

    No one will care.

    No one will do anything to stop him except more empty rhetoric from a government that in all cases supports and enhances the government’s own power grabs.

    You’re expecting the foxes to vote themselves out of the hen house. ‘Aint gonna happen.


  3. Kevin says:

    The rhetoric from both sides is self serving. Libs spout their anti civil right agenda to motivate their base, and Repubs do the same with their position. What seems to be lacking is any type of action, other than words. They govern by public opinion and polls; make a statement and wait for the poll results. If favorable, repeat statement, if unfavorable, retract and reposition. It is done by both sides for one simple reason… job security. To them, it is a career that feeds their family, and understandably they do not want to let that go. This country took a wrong turn when we allowed politician to be a career choice rather than a civic duty. The funny thing is that they kept the best part of a part time political life,the breaks in Congress and the Senate originally intended to allow the citizen politicians time to return home and tend to their fields and other income producing jobs. Now it is used for lengthy vacations on the public dole after they have been forced to vote themselves a raise due to the current economic crisis not allowing them to maintain their standard of living. We often ask our elected leaders what “their” position is on an issue. We should be asking them what their constituents position is, which they should represent regardless of their personal opinions.