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New AR-15 lower and a familiar theme

Written By: Bob - Jan• 14•13

I already own a Templar Custom MCWS, dressed-out these days as a .223 Wylde-chambered designated marksman’s rifle (DMR).

It’s an incredibly accurate rifle, .5 MOA or better accurate with factory 55-grain FMJ ammo I’ve thrown at it out to 300 yards. That’s better performance than most hand-tuned bolt-action rifles. I look forward to the day I put higher-powered glass on it, and then I’ll see what it can do with the 77-grain Mk 262 Mod 1 match-grade ammo out to the limits of the cartridge, which I’ve heard can be accurate to 700 yards in good weather conditions.

Currently, I’d guess it’s weighing in around 10 pounds with bipod, sling, and optics. It’s great for me, but I wanted something a little lighter in case my better half and oldest daughter develop an interest in “shooting like a girl” like so many women butt-kicking women at Appleseed tend to do (I’ve mentioned before, I think, that the ladies tend to learn to shoot better, faster, than their menfolk).

Towards that end, I traded for a new AR-15 lower Saturday, which will be built-out as a lightweight carbine and will come in around 6 pounds.

It wasn’t until I looked at it this morning that I noticed the Stars and Bars engraved on the front of the lower.


Put side-by-side with my MCWS (on the left), it reminds me of another blog I used to run.

I’ll post more pictures when the lightweight is completed later this month. It’s a shame both will be lost in a fishing accident over the Marianas Trench next month if any of these absurd gun-grabbing attempts pass.

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  1. Rob Crawford says:

    Yeah, I suspect the entire Mississippi drainage basin will be the new Ironbottom Sound if the tyrants get their wishes.

  2. Klingonwork says:

    Yeah me too…if der Fuehrer’s jackboots (sorry, liberals for those of you without a 2nd grade education), have their way, mine will have sadly been lost to la chupacabra stealing them when I was camping in the High Sierras. I woke up just in time to see the saucer fly him away.

    No really.

    Molon Labe

  3. Mike says:

    BLASPHEMY! That ain’t the Stars and Bars, Bob! Not the real one, it ain’t.


  4. Mike says:

    Oh yeah, as an aside, I do believe you had a pic of an ex-gf of mine in your “Assault weapons and terrorists” post the other day. No, I ain’t telling which one.

  5. HSmith says:

    I had to chuckle when you mentioned “shooting like a girl” in reference to how well women can shoot. My lady friend of many years is one of the best pistol shots I know. We both shoot .40 S&W, hers is a Sig and mine a Glock. I’m not bad but she regularly outshoots me. I’m glad she’s got my back.

  6. Chris Watson says:

    Dude, those sharks will eat *anything*!

  7. thebronze says:

    “It’s a shame both will be lost in a fishing accident over the Marianas Trench next month if any of these absurd gun-grabbing attempts pass.”

    You too?

  8. bgarrett says:

    The Stars and Bars is the First National flag, with two red and one white horizontal bars. It has a blue field with a circle of 7 stars. The flag you show is The Naval Jack.