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Savage Mark II FV-SR shooters do some very nice work

Two of the shooters at the Ramseur this past weekend used a Savage Mark II FV-SR to shoot expert “Rifleman” scores. While our course of fire is generally viewed as being best attempted with semi-automatics because of the time constraints, these shooters used the fast bolt-action and excellent Savage AccuTrigger to do some very nice […]

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The White House hasn’t accepted our invitation (yet), but we’d love to have you!

Acting on behalf of the Revolutionary War Veterans Association and the Appleseed Project yesterday, I invited President Obama to come to one of our events celebrating American history and heritage. He’s doubtlessly clearing his schedule and attempting to find a date that will work on his calendar… and so can you! At the moment, Appleseed […]

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They don’t even know what they’re banning; NY SAFE Act web site serially misidentifies firearms

In 30 pictures describing “pistols that are not assault weapons,” the NY SAFE web site incorrectly identifies 6 of 30 handguns presented by name, and 16 of 30 by type. 16 of the 30 handguns presented are revolvers, not pistols. Of the pistols they do include, they can’t get their names right. In the slideshow […]

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What “well-regulated” means

You hear a lot of nimrods opining from time to time that when the Founders wrote the Second Amendment to the Constitution, that “well-regulated” means that laws must govern the use of gun… completely ignore that whole “shall not be infringed” part that makes their contention nonsensical from the start. In reality, here in the […]

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Revolutionary War Veterans Association invites President Obama to share his respect for American tradition of marksmanship at Appleseed

This weekend I was honored to be asked to officially contribute to the Appleseed Project as a member of their public relations team. I was empowered by the Revolutionary War Veterans Association founder Jack Dailey to do what I do best as a writer. As my first official act, I am thrilled this evening to […]

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