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Reality TV star, Obama gun ban critic ends up the victim of a second heavily-armed government raid on non-violent preppers in New Jersey in a month

Written By: Bob - Jan• 22•13

PJ Vinch is a star on reality TV show on TRUTV called “Bear Swamp Recovery”, where he repossesses cars, trucks, buses, and even a Zamboni for finance companies.

He was also recently raided by local cops, a SWAT unit with automatic weapons, federal agents and a helicopter.

What does six squad cars…the Captian of my local police department, SWAT, one Federal Agent and Helicopter have in common? A inspection at my house fearing someone put a bunker full of Guns near a creek that floods every other week next to my house. REALLY? My family has lived there since the 50’s, you could not just ask? Knock on my door? Guns drawn, know what they found? A deer blind..that was made of two pieces of fence bought at Home Depot. And you wonder why people are mistrusting of government. FEDERAL MARSHALS WITH HELICOPTER CALLED FOR A DEER BLIND.

Let me say that again: he was raided with more than a million dollars worth of military hardware, because some junkie informant thought a makeshift deer blind was a bunker.

Hell of police state you’re running there, Chris Christie.

Vinch is also a crusty, acerbic Second Amendment advocate with a Twitter stream full of tweets like these, just days before the raid.



I’m sure his opposition to the President’s assault on the Constitution has nothing to do with the raid. Aren’t you?

This is the second known military-style raid on “preppers” in a little over a month based upon the word of informants, and I hasten to add, “known.” There are quite possibly other raids that haven’t made the news. In neither of these instances are the people raided known to have a violent record.

Update: Terry Porter was raided in MD, not NJ. Last paragraph updated to reflect that.

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  1. Comrade X says:

    Chris Christie national political career is DOA as an R but he could put a ticket together with the traitor Colin Powell on the D side methinks!

  2. Cole says:

    Hey Bob, when these deep blue states ban guns will Obama be able to use the Commerce clause to enforce a federal ban without legislation? If a farmer growing wheat for self-consumption affects interstate commerce why couldn’t they expand that to guns. A state allowing guns affects neighboring states that do. So the Left calls to “regulate” the states. Seems an easy way to sidestep congress.

    • Viktor says:

      Cole, you reference Wickard v Filburn which involved an Act of Congress. So, legally speaking, it wouldn’t set a precedent for Obama to act unilaterally.

      HOWEVER, ..
      a) the act of Congress in Wickard was clearly contrary to the intent of the Commerce Clause and the U.S. Constitution as a whole;
      b) the SCOTUS decision in Wickard was clearly contrary to the intent of the Commerce Clause and the Constitutions;
      c) Obama could only be prevented from doing as you say by Congress or SCOTUS, and neither will do so;
      d) both the U.S. Constitution AND the Rule of Law in America are dead.

      In other words, …. yeah, he (Obama) can basically do as he pleases. No precedent necessary. We now live in a despotic totalitarianism.

  3. Comrade X says:

    Cole there are ten ways to Sunday that the O could try his ban today but does he want an insurrection? Only his actions can answer that question but many democrats running for re-election in two years surely will advise against it.

    • Cole says:

      If they’re ready to confiscate guns they’re ready to suspend elections.

    • Klingonwork says:

      2nd ammendment will/is being eroded…7 rounds in a clip instead of 10, banning certain types. A few years from now it will be…sure you can own a semi-auto but you have to buy it on odd numbered Thursdays in a yellow shirt while singing the Teapot song.

      Cole has it dead on…if they’re willing to confiscate they’re willing to suspend elections and the 1st ammendment.

      They are crossing the Rubicon, gradually and slowly.

      • Comrade X says:

        You know what I fear the most is that they are looking long term and it takes another decade or two before they make their move, I’m not getting any younger!

        However I do have faith in Obama to grind this country down as much as he can over the next four years and the GOP to stand by while he does it, causing a complete collapse allowing Obama to suspend elections, bring us Martial law, gun confiscation et al and the dream come true of every progressive fascist living today!

  4. Neo says:

    I’ve been told that there is a bunker under the House where they control nuclear devices …

    it’s at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave

  5. Jay352 says:

    I can see these raids ramping up around the country. Hold on to your seats,the ride may get rough.

  6. George Semper fi says:

    Good thing he had the cloaking device attenuator turned on so they didn’t discover the Abrams, Apaches and the Nuclear powered Carrier he has.

    Semper fi

  7. elliot says:

    Can someone tell me what part of New Jersey Sharpsburg, MD is located in? I was thinking it was probably near Camden, but for the life of me I can’t find it on a map. :-)