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Savage Mark II FV-SR shooters do some very nice work

Written By: Bob - Jan• 29•13

Savage Mark II FV-SR

Two of the shooters at the Ramseur this past weekend used a Savage Mark II FV-SR to shoot expert “Rifleman” scores. While our course of fire is generally viewed as being best attempted with semi-automatics because of the time constraints, these shooters used the fast bolt-action and excellent Savage AccuTrigger to do some very nice work.

The muzzle on the Mark II FV-SR is also threaded for a suppressor, and I think one of the suppressors I saw a few weeks back at a Templar Custom R&D meeting would be the cat’s pajamas on one of these. With no semi-automatic action to make noise, all I’d expect to here when shooting subsonics with a Templar suppressor is the bullet slapping the target.

I might have to buy one.

It is a very impressive piece of hardware.

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  1. Thomas says:

    Sounds good for the toolbox.

  2. Lazarus Long says:

    Does it come with irons? Or can irons be mounted, like say a Tech-Sight?

  3. smitty says:

    I want one…but for the bolt being on the wrong side…

    Maybe in time such will be offered. I will pester the good folks at Savage.

    Pop-who also shoots southpaw-has a nice Savage .17HMR that serves as his Fall season turkey-shooter.

  4. The first Hi-power rifle I ever shot was a Remington 40X in .308. If the shooter has learned his natural point of aim well, a bolt action is no hindrance.

  5. Chris says:

    I picked on up today, can’t wait to hit the range. For anyone looking these wont last long.

  6. LKNPatriot says:

    Lazarus-no, it doesn’t come w/irons, but i’m sure some could be mounted. Funny you mentioned that, because my son (‘the other shooter’) said he’d rather have irons than the scope that’s currently on ours.
    The combination of the amazing AccuTrigger, smooth bolt action, and wickedly accurate barrel make this one of the most fun-to-shoot .22s available. And for the price (ours was $225) it’s hard to find a better value.