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Talking guns with Glenn Reynolds

Written By: Bob - Jan• 03•13

Bob Owens on InstaVision with host Glenn Reynolds

Glenn had me on InstaVision to talk about the progressive calls for gun control. I completely whiffed on a chance to plug my related eBook. I need to fire my publicist, right after I fire my stylist, makeup artist, and yogi.

Update: Now on Youtube as well.

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  1. Ryan Dobson says:

    Thank you Bob. I’ve got lots of guns. Bought your book anyway. Keep up the good work.

  2. Timothy Murray says:

    Mr. Owens,

    Thank you for your reporting. I have had the same, “we are at war” feeling for a long time and I appreciate you having the courage to blog what you see.

    Grace and Peace,

    Timothy Murray

  3. Erik Martin says:

    Great interview Mr. Owens! Spot on.