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Two injured in negligent discharge at Raleigh gun show

Written By: Bob - Jan• 19•13

Here’s a sad example of compounded stupidity:

Two people were injured when a shotgun accidentally discharged at the Dixie Gun and Knife Show at the State Fairgrounds in Raleigh.

State Agricultural Department spokesman Brian Long said a 12-gauge shotgun discharged while its owner unzipped its case. A law enforcement officer was to check it at a security entrance.

Witness Daniel Peadan told WNCN that a deputy was unloading the weapon at a security check-in area. “I was actually getting ready to step inside the building. I was at the door when I heard a loud pop,” Peadan said.

Mistake #1: Never case a loaded firearm.
If you are going to transport a weapon, unload it, verify the chamber is clear, and insert a chamber flag. In the long history of firearms, no-one has been shot with a gun that had an empty chamber verified by a chamber flag. You should have one (or more) for every gun you own.

Mistake #2: make sure the safety is on.
Unless it malfunctioned, it was off.

Mistake #3: Never point a firearm at anything you aren’t willing to destroy.
Rather obviously, this firearm was not pointed in a safe direction.

Mistake #4: Never pull the trigger until you are on target.
We’re not told if this firearm had the trigger pulled by the person or by material inside the case, but unless there was a mechanical failure, the trigger was pulled when it shouldn’t have been.

Let’s all pray that the persons injured recover quickly and fully, with no last damage.

As for the person(s) responsible for this negligent discharge, they need to face charges. I’ve never encountered a real gun “accident,” just negligent gun handling.

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  1. Steve in TN (@sdo1) says:

    Keep your booger hook off the go bang switch.

  2. Chas says:

    Guns aren’t as safe as hand grenades, because you can always keep a hand grenade pointed in a safe direction. Did I get that right?

  3. 1911A1 says:

    “Witness Daniel Peadan told WNCN that a deputy was unloading the weapon at a security check-in area.”

    I’ve always considered this procedure to be problematic. Although these deputies probably work gun shows on a regular basis (at least I seem to see the same faces frequently around here), they can’t be familiar with the operation of EVERY firearm ever made, and as such they introduce a level of danger by trying to open the actions of unfamiliar arms. Apparently this guy couldn’t even get it out of the case without dropping the hammer….

    The sign on the door should read: “Firearms shall be brought in uncased, actions open, magazines removed. Revolvers shall be brought in with cylinders swung out or loading gates open.”

  4. twolaneflash says:

    When I took my young son for hunter safety classes after he got his first shotgun, the instructor for the class had a noticeable limp from an accidental discharge. He’d grabbed his shotgun by the barrel and pulled it toward him out the back door of his car. When the gun bounced across the hump in the floor, it fired. He felt fortunate not to have been killed, and was able to ever after make gun safety a never forgotten lesson for his students. My son is now a senior weapons sergeant on a Special Forces A-team and is teacher to the teacher.

    By the way, how many millions of lawful American gun owners did not shoot anyone today, accidentally or otherwise? Probably over 100 million.

    • Robert says:

      In The Plains Across, John Unruh’s fine book about the overland migrations of the 1800s, he notes that many an overlander, newbie to firearms or at least to carrying them in wagons, did exactly as described above.

      I’m glad this guy survived; many of those overlanders didn’t.

      That said, Unruh notes that the greatest killers of migrants were drowning (in plains rivers that lacked bridges or good fords) and cholera.

  5. Chas says:

    Regardless of the complexity of the action, muzzle control isn’t rocket science. Just keep it pointed in the safest direction, and keep it pointed that way, and keep it pointed that way. A gun fires in only one direction. It’s really not that hard to keep it safe. Hand grenade safety is more challenging.

  6. Catseye says:

    Ok just stopped back in to H?T IMAO for the link above.
    He also is a satire site that’s why wasn’t sure.

    • Man-Bear-Pig says:


      You are just now getting it, that it was a satire piece?

      What clued you in — the part about Army Rangers and UN Peace Keepers being partnered up in platoons? Or the part about the NRA, and Diane Feinstein teaming up?

      Do us all a favor and quit shooting from the hip. READ what you are linking to, and then ask yourself: “Is this an inconvenient truth?”



  7. Jake says:

    Bob—so TRUE!! All people out there who are responsible gun owners—run your weapons correctly or not at all. We certainly don’t need the bad press of stupid people….let the gungrabers be caught with their pants down and hands in the cookie jar—-not us!

  8. kerry says:

    Has the shotgun been arrested? Was bail posted for it, and if so, by what caliber of gun? Was it charged with assault with a deadly weapon?

  9. “Gun show loophole” closed without a single executive order or law being passed.

    Quite convenient, don’t you think?

    If you don’t think the Left is looking at this event and salivating, perhaps even in the White Hut itself, you are deluding yourself.

    • eddd7 says:

      “If you don’t think the Left is looking at this event and salivating, perhaps even in the White Hut itself, you are deluding yourself.”

      I’m certainly expecting “agents” of the left or mind-controlled Barrybots to cause incidents’ at gun shows, and elsewhere. The Reichstag worked so well for Hitler, so why not?

      What do we know about the

      Of course, any incident like this will be ginned up by a complicit media.

      What do we know about the “deputy” who was supposedly unloading the gun? Has he made any large deposits into his personal checking account recently? Just askin’

  10. The problem isn’t the gun: it’s that some people are too irresponsible.

    Meanwhile, several people died in North Carolina and scores were hurt from automobiles yesterday.

  11. Klingonwork says:

    Speaking of accidental discharge, how about accidentally leaving around a deadly weapon? We hold responsible car owners whose vehicles are used in deadly accidents, shouldn’t the penalties have been more severe for Nancy Lamza? Perahps we as lawful weapon owners speak out for severe penalties and police our own, would that not blunt the debate somewhat? What are your thoughts on this?

    I’m wondering had Adam Lamza’s mother lived, I believe she should have been prosecuted for:
    a. Being stupid
    b. Leaving her weapons in a place her mentally ill child could get to them

    I keep going over in my mind what her thought processes were in leaving them like that. Everything I have is trigger or chamber locked when not at the range, and when my kids were growing up, they were far more afraid of me than cops or guns…they had a respectful fear and we are very close today, and they were taught a respectful fear of the weapon…and called it a WEAPON.

    It is a tool, a very useful and efficient tool for finding dinner, defending freedom, or educating tyrants. You wouldn’t leave your blow torch or buzz saw laying around the front room and on when not in use, why would Nancy Lamza do this with her ARs? Because of her mindlessness, we defenders of freedom and tyrant educators are regarded as the fringe because of emotion.

    OK, I’m done ranting…still wanna punch Nancy Lamza, but done ranting.

    • juliesa says:

      Good points, but what I wonder is: has it been reported how she stored her guns? It’s been said that her son was very intelligent, and he was home all day with nothing to do. IF the guns were locked away, I wouldn’t be surprised if he found the combo or figured out how to crack the lock.

      Maybe she should’ve gotten rid of the guns entirely knowing how sick her son was, but after what happened to the Petit women in a nearby town, perhaps she didn’t want to be without a gun.

      I’m just speculating, and there’s still a lot we don’t know about this case.

      • Klingonwork says:

        True, perhaps he did have time to figure the combo on the safe or find hidden keys, I also wonder if knowing how her son was, he should have been left alone. It is sad for him, I’ll bet he felt completely alone in the world.

        I still can’t rectify the left’s extreme reactions to this one issue. Again I bring up drunk drivers and terrorists flying planes…to remain intellectually honest, they would have to advocate banning cars and airplanes.

  12. emdfl says:

    Considering that her son KILLED HER AND THEN TOOK THE KEY TO HER SAFE OFF HER DEAD BODY, I suspect that Nancy Lanza would much rather be alive to contest any charges…