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Appleseed: where patriots are born

Written By: Bob - Jan• 14•13


If you like the writing I’ve been presenting on the historical origins of the Second Amendment, and find the work of Ebben Raves such as Dangerous Old Men over at The American Thinker to be stirring, I’d strongly urge you to consider visiting a fount of our shared passion, The Appleseed Project.

Appleseed is branching out to all 50 states, and provides not just marksmanship training good enough to be utilized by legendary 10th Mountain Division, but more importantly, it provides a taste of the history and heritage you have as Americans, a heritage few of us were ever taught in school.

I cannot recommend enough that you seek out an Appleseed near by. We are an all-volunteer cadre of instructors and instructors-in-training that want nothing more than to share our passion and love for this nation’s rich heritage with you while helping you become better shooters.

Time and opportunities, once lost, can never be regained. Please sign up for an Appleseed near you today.

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  1. lcb says:

    Wow…that’s…that’s…a beautiful AR???

    Seriously…I didn’t know you could buy wood hardware for them. Dat’s awesome.

  2. ShallNOTBeInfringed says:

    lcb beat me to it. Where the heck do you get the wood furniture. Is that a Volk photo?

    • Bob says:

      Brownell’s has the wood furniture, both in walnut and in laminate.

      I grabbed the photo off the web, but yes, you can tell a Volk a mile away. Oleg is an incredible talent.

  3. colomtn says:

    I plan on attending one on the western slope of Colorado as long as I can get the magazines I need for my rifle.

    By the way I am a avid reader and have read many books on American history and I am looking forward to learning more.

  4. lcb says:

    I had already looked it up…it’s beautiful…but pricey. I’m sure the wood was “carved” with a CNC router…and Walnut is not THAT expensive. So…I’d pay $100 to 150 for a set like that. But not $300.

    I have “some” woodworking skills, but I’ve never carved. I may have to try my hand at it.

  5. Erik from Seattle says:

    Thanks for the prompt — I’ve been meaning to for years, signing up for a February Appleseed, double duty as it is in Lewiston and we’re looking at moving that way. Thanks also for your excellent writing lately.
    Remember folks, readiness is the whole weapons system. Shoot, Move, Communicate, Sustain. If you want to spend and can’t find an other AR.. buy field rations, bandages, tentage, sandbags, gas cans, field kitchens.