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The saddest truth in politics is that people get the leaders they deserve

While the radical left plots gun control and confiscation, normal Democrats join the run on guns

Written By: Bob - Jan• 08•13

As radical progressives in Washington, D.C. and the bluest of the blue states plot gun control and confiscation in direct violation of Supreme Court decisions, U.S and state laws, and the plain meaning of state and federal constitutions, it is easy to feel isolated as a liberty-loving American.

There are signs, though, that despite the illusion of Democratic unity being provided by the mainstream media, that many rank-and-file Democrats would abandon these radical few on the issue of guns.

In fact, many already have.


The results show that Democrats have been the fastest growing purchasers of firearms, closing the gap to 40%-55% by household ownership compared to Republicans. The New York Times article cited above implies that Democrat ownership by household is no more than 31% and falling; meaning that there is a widening gap with Republicans. Nate Silver writes, “The 2008 poll makes clear that gun ownership is deeply embedded in political identity, and vice versa.” This appears to be the opposite of the case.

More than statistical nitpicking, these gun control issues are high stakes politics. They ultimately determine the relationship of the citizenry and its government. If people are meant to be passive subjects, accepting whatever politicians and bureaucrats dictate to them, then severely restricting and even confiscating their weapons makes perfect sense. On the other hand, if people intend to retain any sense of autonomy or even a shred of representative government, they must insist that their right to self-defense is inviolable.

You don’t see every gun shop in the nation emptied in two weeks because a handful of bitter-clingers decided to go on a buying spree. It is a significant quantity of Americans in both parties that are voting with their wallets and (in states that require them) their purchase permits.

The thousands of new readers this site has picked up over the past two weeks don’t belong to one party, one race, or one religion. The only thing many of us have in common is a deep and abiding love for our liberties, and sincere determination to protect them at any cost for our children’s sake.

We can hope that the volume and depth of our feeling, echoed far and wide, will chill the drive towards tyranny that seems to have overwhelmed the senses of our would-be masters.

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  1. Gayle says:

    One can only hope that they are speaking long and loudly to their legislators. We bitter clingers need all the help we can get ;)

  2. The Duck says:

    I really think a lot of the buying is by new gun owners, the rest of us are sitting back shaking our heads, and dam thankful we stocked up eariler

  3. Denver says:

    Regardless, the “regular” democrats will continue selling the nation down the river.

    • Ward says:

      So will the “regular” republicans. Neither half of the Boot-on-Your-Neck Party is in favor of free and/or armed subjects. Note the the last “assault weapons” ban wasn’t overturned by the elephant people, it merely was allowed to lapse, the next one won’t have a sunset clause and it won’t be overturned even if they (unlikely) ever return to power.

  4. Bill says:

    I would hope this conclusion is accurate, but I think polling for their views might be more enlightening.

  5. Klingonwork says:

    At local Turner’s here in LA the other day, 2.5 hour wait just to view a weapon or talk to a salesman/gal. As TheDuck said dang thankful I took care of this couple of years back when we saw it coming.

    Isn’t the left taking advantage of a horrific event to push their agenda the heighth of hypocrisy? Hey lets ban jet airplanes cuz they crash into buildings and kill people…cars cuz drunks get in and kill people…carrots cuz they get stuck in your throat and you choke to death…stairs cuz you trip and kill yourself…etc.,etc..
    THIS government will NEVER stop.

    Will somebody please walk over to the big Reset over there and let’s try this again?

    Molon Labe

  6. Steven says:

    2 Things come to mind:

    1) I was talking to a wonderful gal I work with. I told her that during “times of crisis” there is a historical pattern she should watch for. I asked her if any of this sounded familiar:

    a) Scapegoating. Blaming “they”, “them”, or “the other” for failures that really came out of the politicians sphere of influence.

    I laugh when I read some who write “when this goes badly / collapses then [other political party] will HAVE to admit in public that their policies don’t work. No they won’t have to – and they won’t. They’d rather eat broken glass.

    b) A Crisis. Ours, like many before it, is economic, but often this is coupled with other crisis’s. In any event, these crisis’s, either natural or manufactured are accompanied by cries from a conditioned populace for “someone to do something”.

    Tons have been written on the speculation of what happens when (not if) we have a partial or total economic collapse. EBT cards going empty and not being filled, SS checks being un-sent, military and federal pensions going unpaid etc – are going to make a stunningly huge impact. And, as we have seen, instead of our gov’t going broke, and allowing itself to dissolve and people to keep their money and their businesses, gov’t will “eat the seed corn” of private ownership (and the value of our currency) to feed the beast.

    c) Which brings us to “gun registration”. Enough talk has also been devoted to this. It will not end well. We’ll see either compliance, some fighting back, or wholesale civil war. None is good, not in the long run.

    Which brings me to point #2

    2) It was pointed out to me last night, and I have not privately verified it, that while our President derides the idea of armed guards at our schools as the answer to the murder of innocents – as he prefers general gun control – that, BESIDES THE SECRET SERVICE, that the school his daughters attends already has 11 armed guards roaming the hallways.

    Rules for thee, but not for me. Yea, that always has a happy ending. (note: sarcasm) And, big surprise coming: Our media is silent on the hypocrisy.

    • Al Reasin says:

      I have read that many times that the school has the armed guards as well; this assumes the stories are not all parroting an in-accurate report.

      I have seen reports that 1/3 of all US schools have armed guards; I found out recently that several of our rural county high schools have armed police on duty. I was done quietly and I don’t know what instigated it. See this story:

      Utah, Texas, Kansas and Indiana allow teachers to carry in school, if the have a CCW.

  7. Mike in VA says:

    Found your blog two days ago hyperlinked on the comment section of Massad Ayoobs blog. I’m all in Sir! My Local Gun shop Loudoun Guns cannot get resupplied with AR-15’s high cap mags and Ammo and the consignment ar’s that they still have are selling for $2900.00 and they are not the high end like Noveski or Larue. People are buying everything they can get their hands on as the prospect of Tyranny approaches.

  8. Catseye says:

    They are not “our media” they haven’t been “ours” for a long time, if or when the balloon goes up they are in for a rude awakening.

  9. Glen says:

    My guess? Outright confiscation by the Feds would be stupid. Gun rights will be lost through attrition. There will be no second civil war.

    1. Magazine size and ammunition purchase quantities will be heavily regulated.
    2. Despite Feinstein’ legislation, AR-15 –type rifles will probably be grandfathered for first generation owners. Inheritance of these weapons may be proscribed entirely or heavily taxed.
    3. Discharging AR-15 -type rifles in locations other than those provided by licensed gun ranges will be illegal.
    4. Except for capacity, tubular fed semiautomatic rifles will be left alone until passage of the white baby boomer generation.

    • Steven says:


      I agree. It will be incremental and none of the restrictions, on their face, taken one at a time, will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

      We should never underestimate liberals / progressives / statists – we do so at our peril.

      They are not dumb uneducated people – often, far from it.


  10. Seerak says:

    As any student of the Left knows, you don’t take the Left at its PR face value. Ever. You ignore a Leftist’s professed goals and look instead at the internal logic of their ideas to determine where their road goes, and hold them responsible for that.

    In this case, we know (skipping the evidentiary proof for brevity) that Leftists are all about the use of force. Morality ends where a gun begins, and we know how willing they are to wield guns in the service of their ideas.

    So no, this is not necessarily evidence of any sign of sanity among the Democrat rank and file, as much as I wish it were. It is far more likely explained by the more hardcore Leftists – the Stalins and Gueveras among them – arming up to “protect themselves” against their boogeyman projection of “the right” (currently personified by Alex Jones).

    After all, how long did you think it would take for those types to realize that not having guns meant that the “right” had them outgunned? No, they like their guns just fine. It’s yours they are after.

  11. bitterclinger says:

    What our statist betters in the CPUSA (democrat party) appear to gloss over is that “the consent of the governed” hasn’t been given to changing/amending/burning the document that was put in place to govern us all — esp. the grabbermint, the most foul lawbreaker there is.

    The Constitution has NOT been changed or amended. One wanna-be dictator is NOT who I take orders from as my rights come from God. It is your DUTY as sons and daughters of the patriots who came before us to declare to the gun grabbers that we are within our rights as outlined in the Constitution and they are the lawbreakers. We will not comply.

  12. Rob Crawford says:

    Hey lets ban jet airplanes cuz they crash into buildings and kill people…

    Actually, the lefts’ argument post-9/11 was that the occasional “tragedy” is the price we pay for freedom. Now, however, with 1% of the body count cause by the actions of a handful of lunatics rather than agents of a foreign power pursuing a clear ideology, the left demands the sacrifice of liberty for a little illusory safety (another line they used to cite endlessly).

  13. spiker says:

    Forget the “incremental” loss of our gun rights.

    Time to push for return of “shall not be infringed”.

    • Glen says:

      “Forget the incremental loss…”

      Disregard this at your peril.

      The Republic died 50+ years ago. There will be no mass uprising on the basis of any incremental attack by Leftists on the “shall not be infringed” clause. Sorry. The tiny handful that do “rise up” will be given the Randy Weaver and David Koresh treatment, and then promptly forgotten.

      Should a mass uprising appear to be in the works look for “our” leaders to engineer another “Attack on America.”

  14. PJ says:

    It’s all gun newbies. No long-time gun owner with any sense would buy in a market like this.

    And that’s a good thing. It’s better to have new recruits to our side, than not. And they probably aren’t going to turn in those guns, like some of our Fudds might.

  15. PJ says:

    By the way folks, it’s time to dump the left-right paradigm (beloved by the ruling class). The correct way to split society is ruling class and their cronies and minions vs. the rest of us. There is not a thing wrong with “liberals” or any other political flavor for that matter, as long as they don’t seek to impose their will on you. Likewise, you yourself are a tyrant if you seek to impose on them. The correct answer to the problems we face is called “panarchy” – every person gets the kind of government he wants, similar to how we handle religious freedom (catholics no longer impose on lutherans, and vice versa). I wrote about that here: