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Alec Baldwin hates “coons?”

Written By: Bob - Feb• 19•13
Alec Baldwin's under a white sheet: yeah, we should have seen this coming.

Alec Baldwin under a white sheet: yeah, we should have seen this coming.

I read about Alec Baldwin’s racist rant against a photographer over the weekend, but refrained from commenting to see what would result.

As it turns out, everything and nothing:

Alec Baldwin’s latest squabble with the media may have him in some serious hot water.

An NYPD rep told FOX 411 the 54-year-old actor is being investigated following an altercation he allegedly got into with a New York Post photographer.

“Our hate crimes task force is reviewing the case,” the rep said.

The Post reported the incident on Monday, in an article that detailed their staff’s side of the story.

The story claims reporter Tara Palmeri and photographer G.N. Miller approached Baldwin outside of his East Village residence in an attempt to get a comment from the actor about reports his pregnant wife, Hilaria Thomas, is being sued.

The duo said they encountered an angry Baldwin who told Palmeri “I want you to choke to death” and fired a racial slur at Miller, who is African American.

Miller, who is a retired NYPD detective, told police the actor called him a “coon,” a “drug dealer” and a “crackhead,” according to The Post.

It’s nice hearing the rhetoric, but I’ll believe the hate crime charges when they actually come. Like Barack Obama, Alec Baldwin is a rich white limousine liberal who gets to play by a different set of rules.

What I would like to see—and what any decent company who employed Baldwin would do—is fire Baldwin on the spot. Baldwin’s most well-known employer is Capitol One. Then again, Capitol One hired Baldwin when he was already infamous for verbally abusing his daughter, so perhaps they won’t care.

Alleged child abusers and racists need credit, too.

What’s in your wallet?

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  1. Comrade X says:

    Decades ago when I was on the board of directors of a local NAACP chapter, I remember setting in meetings (& being the only white boy) and listening to comments being made that were clearly racist by other board members and then hearing but “Comrade” (put my real name there), you are the exception.

    In the eyes of some people; racism is a sword that only cuts one way!

    But I will say this, there are black man who have my back just as I theirs!

    Death before slavery!

  2. Klingonwork says:

    Honestly, I would be shocked to see Capital One, let alone anyone, say or do anything about Mr. Baldwin. And make no mistake he will be forgiven by the left regardless. He may even go on Oprah and feign contriteness like Lance Armstrong.

    Hey, I got a buck says the “heartfelt” apology comes by lunch tomorrow…any takers?

    Molon Labe

  3. Neo says:

    I have this racoon that comes to raid my birdfeeders that I wish would just go away.

  4. david7134 says:

    Remember when Jimmy the Greek made an innocent remark that was not racist, but deemed so? He never worked again. Or Howard Cosell, who did as much for equality as anyone being fired for a remark that was equally not offensive?

  5. pat says:

    If what Alec Baldwin said is true, then shame on him. But hate crime charges? Last I checked the first ammendment makes no distinction between speech and “hate” speech. Short of yelling fire in a crowded building (assuming there’s no actual fire), people in this country should be able to say whatever they goddamn please.

    • Klingonwork says:

      I am certain our forefathers wrote the 1st ammendment specificially knowing and realizing to have free speech was to accept some would make an ass out of themselves as so deftly illustrated by Mr. Baldwin. You cannot have one without the other, you cannot have some speech OK and other not despite what the left wing overlords of MSNBC or CNN desire.

      Alec does seem to have a real rage problem though.

      Molon Labe

  6. Publius says:

    I stand with Pat (4:55 pm).

    “Hate crime” is enforcing political correctness through the criminal code. And as Pat notes, I doubt it would survive a 1st-Amendment constitutional challenge.

    Like many (most?) actors, Baldwin’s a self-absorbed jerk, and all decent people should shun him, his movies, and the companies he shills for. (The latter should indeed fire him.)

    But what he said shouldn’t be criminalized. And if he is charged, I hope he (actually his legal team) can help start the unraveling of hate-speech and political-correctness legal codes.

  7. Dr. Win Wong says:

    This notion of “Hate Crimes” or Hate Crime Task Forces were formed by a bunch of narrow minded DumFux. Why should it matter whether a criminal kills or mames in the name of racism. A crime is a crime.