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Written By: Bob - Feb• 04•13

For a week or so now Washington Post blogger Greg Sargent and I have been sparring about the Second Amendment on Twitter, and late last week he decided to make “universal background checks for gun owners” the metaphorical hill he would die on.

Nothing else proposed in Feinstein’s bizarre “ban everything” bill has any chance of sticking (even if a magazine ban passed, it would be struck down almost immediately per Heller), but even some Republicans have gone wobbly on the issue of background checks.

It’s a silly “pass something to look like we’re doing something” proposal, as only 10-percent or so of guns are sold via private party sales, and the majority of those are to friends or family members. Private party sales are simply not a statistically significant point of origin for crime guns, the bulk of which are either picked up via “strawman” purchases that the Department of Justice refuses to prosecute (along with the NCIS checks it refuses to prosecute), or are stolen.

In any event, Sargent came out against tonight and challenged me with what Instapundit himself noted was an ad feminam argument.

I responded to Sargent that I’d come around to his way of thinking: photo ID and background checks should be required to exercise all sorts of rights.

You’d be amazed as how well Sargent completely ignored the logical consistency of applying Photo ID and background checks.

In fact, he pretty much disappeared.

The simple fact of the matter is that progressives can’t be consistent or honest on the issues of requiring photo ID/background checks to exercise rights, and they know it.

Requiring government-issued photo/background checks won’t stop or even significantly impede the ability of criminals to acquire firearms, but these same requirements severely cramp the ability of progressives to commit voter fraud, which is one of their greatest strengths.

If the GOP had any sense at all, they’d simply tack on an amendment to any bill pushing private purchase gun sale background checks with language requiring valid government issue photo ID for voting, and background checks for voter registration. No Democrat would allow such a poison pill to pass, as it would hurt them deeply while hardly affecting gun purchasers through dealers, and simply encourage “long term loans” instead of private sales.

As for Sargent, we’re about to organize a search party.

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  1. Orion says:

    We should also require photo ID and background checks before people are allowed to exercise their right to freedom of speech – no more protests until we check to make sure that you’re not some nutjob like Loughner – No attending them either.

    If it saves only one person, it’s worth it.

    Same for worship. No more just being let, willy-nilly into churches, synagogues, mosques, groves, etc. until we’ve made sure that you’re not some sick weirdo!

    Seriously though Bob, you still seem to believe that the Republican Party is somehow different than the Democrats. Let’s be real – Our political system has all the ideological breadth of the Supreme Soviet.

    It’s not a government, it’s a criminal syndicate.


    • Rob Crawford says:

      We should require everyone appearing on TV to have their home address and phone number displayed beneath them for the duration of their appearance. Call it a “background check” or “full disclosure”.

  2. Careful Bob … Next they’ll want another background check for blogging.
    What if they link them all into one universal check for ANY/ALL rights, along with “mental health checks” where they get to decide who’s “mentally ill”? That worked really well for Stalin and Mao … I’ll bet Obama would REALLY like that idea. That way, they would only have to run one rigged background check to have “justification” to revoke all political opponents’ rights and ship us off to the FEMA camps (a.k.a. gulag 2.0) /sarcasm off

  3. Phoenix says:

    It’s an Government run amok….

    The Obama administration, liberal media and last but not least liberal Hollywood….They’re a cult.

    Obstruct the truth and the numbers and force feed it to the “low info voters”.

    Not one damn thing they propose is going to stop a crazy, unstable person from committing a heinous gun related act….And they know it.

  4. Phoenix says:

    Piers Morgan finally met someone he couldn’t talk over….

  5. John says:

    Background checks would give similar information as gun registration. Any one who passes a backgroung would be known to the government and more than likely would have a gun in his possession or at his home.

  6. Chuck says:

    Bob, you’ll also note that liberal/progressive types lament that convicted felons have their voting rights taken and believe this is unfair and undemocratic and racist.

    I wonder if they would be in favor of allowing the same convicted felons to have their 2nd Amendment rights restored along with their voting rights?

  7. JDRush says:

    Voter ID should be your permit to carry. If you can’t be trusted with a gun, you don’t need to be voting anytime soon.

  8. Comrade X says:

    I really like the link of ID and background checks because it’s totally shows their hypocrisy. It’s like with immigration; the left wants more laws but yet they don’t enforce the current laws which is the same with gun laws it seems.

    I am for responsible gun laws but it seems we pass and pass responsible laws; over and over, the left does everything they can to not enforce them even in my opinion to make the laws a failure(also in associated areas like mental health) because with so many on the left their goal is not responsible gun laws but their real goal is confiscation of all guns from everyone which is mostly the law abiding.

    Another good example is health care, they want single payer but they can’t get it so they pass a law that is so screwed up that our health care system is going to be a disaster because of it, not better, thus paving the way for their ultimate goal; single payer and complete government control.

    The same place we are headed with gun laws until we say “No mas”!

    Negotiating with the left on guns laws on a federal basis will bring just about as much success as Boehner gets when he negotiates with Obama about the budget or spending, you know why, because Obama and the left are not interested in fixing anything; only in promoting an agenda, at all cost even to the detriment of our people and country.

    I have come to respect the “not one more inch” stand because our side trying to be responsible in agreeing to this or that is really only denying/delaying what would be the most responsible things we should be doing about crime & violence.

  9. Treker says:

    The ammo and firearms you have now are part of your legacy . Gone are the days of blazing 500 rounds at the range.The US is backed up 9 months on ammo production if everything stays calm. The Zimmerman trial is scheduled for June this year . Could be exciting.
    The value of firearms will be directly related to ,are they in the ATF computer or not . The ones in the ATF file will have a significantly lower value , because they can be traced and taxed.

  10. Kevin says:

    Can we require a Photo ID and background check before someone illegally immigrates to this country? A lot of criminals and wack jobs cross the boarder without so much as a hello. It is quite disconcerting to know that we are allowing criminals into our country without proper identification. Remember, it’s for the children.

    • Phoenix says:

      Agreed, and every single person I know feels this same way. Immigration reform is going to be another king Obama fiasco…right alongside Obamacare, credit card reform….and on and on.

      God help us.

  11. Klingonwork says:

    I am not going to take ANY more laws. After reading and thinking on what Remus said this AM on Woodpile report, I must confess I have been wrong in saying not one more inch. In fact, I want all the other inches back. He is right to say “not one more inch” means we’re satisfified with existing laws. I am not satisfied. Remus correctly states all compromises and reasonable laws always go one direction and that is to the left.

    We need to go on the offensive.

    If I go down, I have 70 million behind me who will stand up.

    Molon Labe

    • Treker says:

      Great comments Klingon , but it will take far less than 70 million people . The Irish Republican Army was just 750 people with 250 arms between them . I have more pissed off folks in my zip code .
      Obama is pissing into the wind and he has no idea what he is unleashing. The last gun show I attended had 15,000 people shoulder to shoulder paying outrageous prices . I could count the number of “If I had a son” people on one hand. He thinks he is going to Travoning an entire race of people he has miscalculated .

  12. Comrade X says:

    I reckon you and Remus are right, how many more compromises do we make before we have nothing else to compromise?

    Death to slavery!

    • Klingonwork says:

      You have it right my friend. This must stop, we need to go on the offensive.

      Alexander did not wait to cross in Issus, and Ceasar did not wait to cross the Rubicon. If they did not cross first, the enemy would. Slowly step by step the left has been crossing with compromises being approved by our “conservative” reps. We must go on the offensive.

      Have your back…

      Molon Labe

      • Comrade X says:

        Same here!

        Maybe we need to be more like George and cross our Delaware! No more retreats, no more defeats, no more compromises, let’s take it to them!

        Death before slavery!

  13. Billy Colman says:

    Maybe with background checks for all rights we can keep violent felons and the severely mentally ill from voting, public speaking, owning firearms, reproducing… Then there would be no politicians left. Problem solved.

  14. Comrade X says:

    Ted Nugent Attacks Piers Morgan For His ‘Obsession’ With Guns: ‘Will You Leave Us alone….

    Death before slavery!

  15. Troll Feeder says:

    Because they intend to make every gun owner responsible for confirming the eligibility of prospective buyers, then — to make the symmetry complete — any voter must be able to challenge the authenticity of anyone else trying to vote.